Dog Zodiac in 2022

Dog Zodiac Sign in 2022
Dog Zodiac Sign in 2022

For those who are born with the Dog Zodiac in 2022 in their Bazi Destiny Chart, 2022 is all about innovation, creative work be it for writing, designing, advertising or creators. This is where you should allocate more time in creative work.
Start to plan out areas required your innovative or critical design thinking skill to upgrade or mix the trend with your execution for this entire year. But first let us review;

Dog Zodiac in 2021

Dog Zodiac in 2021 were blessed with Fortune Virtue, Heavenly Virtue and Prosperity Star which boost your overall performance with financial growth luck.  Despite the Triple Punishment and few other inauspicious stars, those wouldn’t be strong enough to hold you back. Read the details here;

Dog Zodiac in 2022

dog zodiac sign in 2022 with Elegant Seal, Heavenly Officer, Three Harmony, White tiger, Sky warrior, Great Sha, Fly Chaste, Yellow Flag stars
Dog Chinese Horoscope luck in 2022

For this year the Dog Zodiac in 2022 would focus more about creation, connection with the authority. After all the awesome stars boost your received last year, you shall gain a lot of insights to solve market’s need. Well this is the year to do so where you are blessed with;

Theme : Connecting The Dots

Let’s dive into the Bazi Shen Sha or Auxiliary Stars for the Dog Zodiac as you have both auxiliary stars such as;

華蓋 Elegant Seal

Elegant Seal is the artist’s star where it’ll boost your creativity (especially if your output energy increased) where you shall connect all the past knowledge to craft a brand new innovative design. This star would boost those who are in the creative fields such as designer, copywriter, author, producer, artistic performer and etc. 

天官 Heavenly Officer

The Heavenly Officer star brings opportunity to meet helpful officer be it exam officer, authority, certification bodies and etc. This would boost and smoother your learning, academic pursuit, level up through examination. Secondly the star would boost those who are seeking for approval, accreditation, acknowledgement, approval. 

三和 Three Harmony

The Dog would form a Three Harmony of Fire Frame combination with the Horse and Tiger. Activate this to create bonding, networking, collaboration with influential people especially the Tiger who happen to be the Grand Duke in 2022.

白虎 White Tiger

The White Tiger denote you would are reactive towards incidences be it from verbal argument or physical argument. Once started or triggered, the fight would be a long rough battle which may leads to bleeding or emotional tearing.

天雄 Sky Warrior

The Sky Warrior Star brings competitiveness and increase your momentum to make thing happen. If you are competitive enough you may have the opportunity to win, else you would not only loss the battle but may experience robbery or financial loss.

飛廉 Flying Chaste

The Flying Chaste star means you may be hurt by falling objects, falling trap or objects which suddenly landed on you, which if serious would causes serious injury.

黃幡 Yellow Flag

The Yellow Flag star basically bring the feeling of miserable, emotional distraught which stir away your focus, and you may be operating at the auto-run state (subconsciously).


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Dog Zodiac Sign in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Year Pillar

For those who are born in the year of Dog you need to take care of who you hang around with, stop paying attention to those critics, haters, rumor mongers. Learn how to filter out people who added value to you. You may have opportunity to meet more artistic, creative people and if you always been wanting to tap into this group then tap into this network to influence or inspire you to create your own stuff.

With the Three Harmony you should start to widen your network, peers, make new friends gain new perspective from these new group of people. Who knows what value they can add into your life. Be receptive, just stay away from drama or haters.

Month Pillar

Three Harmony this time would bring you career growth, new progression, professional growth, connection with highly influential people, gain additional help through collaboration, network, partnership or affiliates. If you always been wanting to increase your authority, gain accreditation, acknowledgement then this is the year to go. 

Take this time to re-innovate, revamp or improve your offerings(products, services), go back to your drawing board to rework something new, or new presentation or expression. Or perhaps you can use create your intellectual properties and can turn that into additional passive income.

Day Pillar

For those who are both with the Dog zodiac sign in their Day Pillar then this is the year for you to create something with your loved one. Plan something where the both of you could spend more time in art related activities, to spark your creative juice together.

For those who are single, you may have the opportunities to find your potential partner, could be through the creative art process. You may however have difficulties to express your thoughts, feeling and may causes some misunderstanding, thus write down your message, take some time to review it prior sending out, have some margin of time for your thoughts to cool down, then use the logic side to make your message clear.

Hour Pillar

For those who have the Dog zodiac sign in their hour pillar, as this pillar governs your thought, aspiration, ideas then activating the Elegant Seal would help you in get creative to redesign, crafting something new or materialize your creation. 

For investment you may found new opportunities, tap into new network or investment groups to learn and find new opportunities.

For those who are in the creative industry, try to create something to turn it into something you can monetize for example creating design templates, system, guideline, workflow, and market it with a unique message.


Overall the Dog zodiac would should spend more time in their workspace to create something, write a book, Youtube video, performance, any creative stuff that you have been holding back or perhaps NFT is something you can consider. Focus in improving your own creation, no time for other people’s drama. 

However don’t forget that you have many other areas of life that you shall not neglected it. Your ability to went into the “zone” would heightened which is good for those who are in the creative process, the side effect is that you will experience over obsessive and detached away from reality. 

Makesure you have a deadline to deliver, routine and arrangements to break your pattern to make you stay grounded. 
Be receptive when potential help arrived, or help coming to help you. Don’t let your own ego or self-pride take over your decision and reasoning.

Although there are minor aggressive or external drama affliction but don’t let those taunted you to be so reactive. Stay focus in creative space, stop replying those drama makers or haters. 

If you experience any drawback which triggers you emotionally, find someone to talk with, since you have the Three Harmony, make use of this powerful connection, highly usable especially if you need the fire element to amplify the energy of hope in you.


Best friend with : Rabbit
Best alliance with : Tiger and Horse
Disharmony: Dragon
*Auspicious month : February, March, June
*Inauspicious month : April, July, September
*The month mentioned here are in referring to the 12 zodiac earthly branches month with transition on 5th to 6th every month. Please refer to this cheatsheet.


As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Dog Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 or use the Hack 2022 Annual Planner as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Creative Boost / Intellectual
    Spend more time in creative work, innovate, craft something new to align with the brand new market demand, content creation, start your own Youtube channel, write your book.
  • Meeting Person with Authority
    Opportunity to meet authority people who may give you a boost, accreditation, acknowledgement, certification.
  • Powerful Connection
    The Dog, Horse, and Tiger would form a three harmony fire frame, allocate time to expand and materialize your creation, be open and receptive for help or assistant when it appear.


  • Lonely & Eccentric
    May felt lonely, disconnected with the external world. Use time-block to plan your own “my zone” time versus friends and family time.
  • Taunted
    Stay away from arguments, fights, confrontation to prevent yourself from being dragged into unnecessary turmoil.
  • Blind Fight
    Have a plan or direction to keep you on course, as you may easily swayed due to external factor which drawn you to go out to explain and please others.
  • Watch Your Ego
    Don’t let your ego or overly confidence and reserved perspective which may kill your or hold you back.

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