Bazi Consultation

Seek first to understand
then to be understood

Bazi Consultation could help you answer most of your question in your life such as relationship, career, opportunities, academic pursuits, opportunities and how external influence affects you.

A little history

Bazi or better known as 4 pillars of destiny reading is basically a statistical studies where we can find out one’s personality, opportunities, talents and modes of operation based on alignment of stars. It is totally irrelevant to any religious practice. With just your birthday (year, month, day and time of birth), we can find out what potential lies inside one’s destiny with Bazi.


Our destiny is not fixed, as a matter of fact this is the first layer of information we should be seeking in our life. We could be fated to faced certain challenges or events, however being aware and able to discover the potential lesson from the challenge, leads you into taking the next right action would allow you to change your destiny.

Therefore, gain more insights into yourself to understood more about yourself, potential opportunities and how we can co-create our own destiny with what we were born with.

Bazi Consultation & Chart Analysis

Business or Career

Feeling stuck in career or business is common norm. Most of the time we may fall into blind spot where we barely can see what could potentially happening.

Gain more insights to understand what you need and what you already good at to craft your career or business success & fulfillment.

Direction of Pursuit

Feeling lost, uncertainty and stuck in confusing? We may stumble these kind of dilemma and uncertainties. Rediscover what is holding you back or blind your vision of your future by revisit your inborn nature.

Sometime all you need is someone who can see your life from a different perspective to help you analyze the condition, finding clarity to move forward.

Love & Relationship

Knowing your own love language, pattern, how you treat your partners, how to communicate, what kind of person you attract and the potential timing on finding your love one.

What is your expectation, how you and your partner could overcome potential issue and what could be the potential obstacles worth learning from.

Study & Academic

Learning and studying are part of our growth, however at time like these we are bombarded with huge amount of information, knowing what resonance with your own needs, potential growth direction would improve your growth with clarity.

Understand what resonance with your inborn ability, shifting your mindset to move forward in creating life fulfillment is crucial..

Let's get unstuck now