12 earthly branches animal signs cheatsheet

Finally after the long wait, here I have updated the latest revision on the Chinese zodiac 12 earthly branches animal signs cheatsheet. After a long period studying Chinese Metaphysics I decided to create this 12 earthly branches animal signs cheatsheet to guide everyone who have been working hard studying such a wonderful subject to be less painful with all the separated source of information.

This is the ultimate cheatsheet for all Chinese Metaphysics studies be it under Bazi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia and may others. This is a brand new cheatsheet with more additional information compare to the previous version here.

A little progress video via Facebook Live;

My latest progress on Chinese Metaphysics cheatsheet, let me bring u a glimps into the cheatsheet

Posted by Jonath Lee on Ahad, 12 April 2020

Contents inside this ultimate cheatsheet

Currently this is by far with more detailed visual guides such as;

  1. 12 animal signs with both English and Chinese name
  2. All 4 seasons properly color defined respectively
  3. Element’s strength based on each season
  4. Which month does each animal signs represents
  5. Hour defined by each animal sign
  6. The 4 Growths, Cardinals and Graveyards or Tombs
  7. Hidden Stems for each animal signs
  8. Hidden stem’s storage and graveyard/tomb elements
  9. Peach blossom star’s connection
  10. Sky Horse traveling stars
  11. Major animal signs interaction such as;
    1. Clashes
    2. Combination
    3. Direction / Seasonal Combination
    4. Harm
    5. 3 Harmony combination
    6. Self Punishment
    7. Destruction

And there will be whole lot more will be explained in upcoming post, meanwhile enjoy this wonderful cheatsheet. This post will be periodically update or additional new post to explain each of these interactions and how to use this ultimate Chinese zodiac 12 earthly branches animal signs cheatsheet.

Ultimate Chinese zodiac 12 earthly branches animal signs Cheatsheet r06
Ultimate Chinese zodiac 12 earthly branches animal signs Cheatsheet r06


It took me a huge amount of time from research, draft, design and finally this visual guide. I hope you all would found this cheatsheet solve most of your challenge in understanding the 12 earthly branches or the Chinese 12 animal zodiac.

The best Bazi Cheatsheet

For those who were studying Bazi Astrology system, this would be a MUST have for your study and reference as this has simplified your entire workflow in memorizing the interaction for each animal signs, the hidden stems, the condition of each stem, strength of each element’s in all 4 seasons, graveyard and storage. This is the crucial foundation for you to get started while studying Bazi and even Feng Shui under Chinese Metaphysics or Chinese Astrology system.

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11 thoughts on “12 earthly branches animal signs cheatsheet

  1. What’s difference between storage and graveyard in the hidden stems?

    Take Dog for example. I have Bing Xu in my hour pillar but I’m born in the Winter season :(‘.

    Thanks Jonath Lee :))

    1. Hi Don,
      My apologize for oversee your message.
      Storage and graveyard basically means the energy of both stems energy influenced differently, it can be awakened via clash and reveal where that particular stem appear in heavenly stem.

    1. Each month the day would keep changing based on the 60 Jia Zi, thus you must have the 10 thousand calendar or just use any bazi plotter, which is easier.

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