2022 Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Dates and Guides

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Dates in 2022 with Guides
Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Dates in 2022 with Guides

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Dates in 2022, for those who are planning for their spring cleaning here are the good dates for the annual “clean dust” or 年二十八,洗邋遢. In Chinese terminology it’s literally mean “clean dust”, in Chinese custom, their annual house cleaning are performed on the 28th day (last month of the spring) as part of family’s tradition or activities.

Spring cleaning is one of an important family activities as it symbolizes a few meaning;

  1. Throwing or sending away old negative qi and inviting brand new good energy.
  2. Review and reflect what we have achieved throughout the year (from the items we invited into our house).
  3. Your sense of responsibilities and participation in family’s presence.
  4. Gratefulness with everything the family has established.
  5. Some may even use the relevant auspicious dates to remove the old Feng Shui Cures.

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Dates in 2022

DateClashing Zodiac
Wednesday – December 15, 2021
Ding You (Fire Rooster) – Receive Day
Sunday – December 19, 2021
Xin Chou (Metal Ox) – Remove Day
Sunday – December 26, 2021
Wu Shen (Earth Monkey) – Success Day
Friday – December 31, 2021
Gui Chou (Water Ox) – Remove
Thursday – January 13, 2022
Bing Shen (Fire Tiger) – Remove
Sunday – January 22, 2022
Yi Hai (Wood Monkey) – Open Day
Tuesday – January 25, 2022
Wu Yin (Earth Tiger) – Remove Day
Saturday – January 29, 2022
Ren WU (Water Horse) – Initiate Day
Monday- January 31, 2022
Jia SHEN (Wood Monkey) – Danger Day

Once you have selected a good date which doesn’t clash with your family member’s Bazi Chart, then you can start your spring cleaning but first, let’s get the preparation checklist go as;

Things To Prepare / To Do Before Spring Cleaning Days

Prior to the spring cleaning days, here are some of the checklist you may want to get yourself prep up such as;

  1. Cleaning water mix with;
    1. 7 types of different colored flowers (no thorny leaves)
    2. Kaffir Lime
    3. Pomelo leaves
    4. Cleaning liquid
    5. Optional : Smoke cleansing (kemenyan, sage leave)
    6. Garbage bag
  2. Checklist for items to be;
    1. Thrown away
    2. Donated
    3. Recycle
    4. Archived in store

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Guides

Now that you have prepared all the necessities, here are some of the general Spring Cleaning Guides for your reference, each family have their own way such as;

  1. New cleaning necessities such as pail, broom, wiping cloth, and etc.
  2. For Chinese Altar cleaning, please follow based on your family’s tradition or any defined rules this is since every family would have different workflow.
  3. Wash all major 4 corners and 8 sectors, makesure no rusty items, no negative items in auspicious sector (refer to my upcoming Flying Star Feng Shui Guide).
  4. Open all the windows, doors, and cabinet, drawers and etc to breath new fresh air.
  5. Change the blinds, curtains, window protector layers.
  6. Throw away unwanted, expired food especially in store room and fridge (especially for Asian moms).
  7. Change bed cover, sofa cover, bedding related.
  8. Clean the gas stoves as this is mainly affecting the health of the family.
  9. Ensure all corner, grooves, under sofa and important areas are well cleaned.
  10. Toilet and kitchen area is a must, clean away potential unwanted dirt especially insects’ droppings.
  11. Clean the exterior of the house as well to makesure the sun can shine into the house.
  12. Trim plants if necessary to ensure good energy or qi can easily enter the house.
  13. De-clutter your wardrobe, shoe cabinet, makesure to allow the cabinet internal are exposed for new fresh air.
  14. Fan, air-conditioner, air-filter required equipment which easily subjected to the accumulation of dusts.
  15. Throw or donate old clothing or items, find donation centre to arrange for this.
  16. Ensure all thrash are well wrapped in garbage bag, rusted or broken items can be wrapped with old newspapers.
  17. Old antiques are recommended to be cleaned as well, to prevent them from attracting negative qi.
  18. Sweep and mop the floor (before the actual Chinese New Year day.
  19. Putting up Chinese New Year decoration such as red lanterns, paper cut out, plant’s decoration and etc.
  20. You may add kum quat or golden lime plant with decorative as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the box below so I could assist you in addressing your concern or if you found I may have missed something, please do let me know by messaging me through Facebook, WhatsApp or Contact me via the form here, I would include your name as credit for your contribution as we hope to help more people not to missed out anything important during such a wonderful day.

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