Pig Zodiac in 2022, Chinese Horoscope 2022

Pig Zodiac in 2022

For those who are born with the Pig Zodiac in 2022 in their Bazi Destiny Chart, 2022 is the year you’ve been waiting for as you are blessed with huge amount of great auspicious stars, this is your year of brand new adventure, pursuit and become value added to important success. Before that let’s review […]

Dog Zodiac Sign in 2022

Dog Zodiac in 2022

For those who are born with the Dog Zodiac in 2022 in their Bazi Destiny Chart, 2022 is all about innovation, creative work be it for writing, designing, advertising or creators. This is where you should allocate more time in creative work.Start to plan out areas required your innovative or critical design thinking skill to […]

Rooster Zodiac in 2022

Rooster Zodiac in 2022

The Rooster zodiac in 2022 would continue to thrive, after taking on the role of a General Star, this year your journey would be a lot smoother with 2 ultimate auspicious stars plus with 2 smooth sailing star. Before we get started, let’s review your 2021 awesomeness first. Rooster Zodiac in 2021 Rooster zodiac in […]

Monkey zodiac in 2022

Monkey Zodiac in 2022

The Monkey zodiac in 2022 is facing the direct clashes or offending the Tiger Zodiac – The Grand Duke of 2022. As the monkey’s nature to jump around and exploring new territories, well this is a good year for those with Monkey zodiac to plan for this new change, change is imminent and as Sadhguru […]

Goat zodiac in 2022

Goat Zodiac in 2022

The Goat Zodiac in 2022 experience a big comeback year after massive changes, boosted with Jade Hall, Monthly Virtue, Sky Happiness and etc. Goat Zodiac in 2021 For those who have the Goat zodiac in their Chinese Horoscope or Bazi Chart, you may have experienced changes due to the clash year of the Ox in […]

Horse zodiac in 2022

Horse Zodiac in 2022

After went through a massive clash in 2020, and emotional year of the Ox, the Horse zodiac in 2022 sees itself transforming and taking lead to charge forward with powerful support from the Grand Duke Tiger, now get ready to craft your annual planner with this guide. Horse Zodiac in 2021 First of all, the […]

2022 Snake Zodiac prediction

Snake Zodiac in 2022

This year the Snake Zodiac in 2022 would keep on thriving as they are blessed with 5 auspicious stars which of course you have to keep your momentum up and spirit high to push your way through all the way towards the thriver’s group. Be sure to read more on predictions, guides, strategies and more […]

Chinese Zodiac Dragon in 2022

Dragon Zodiac in 2022

The Dragon zodiac in 2022 were known to have no auspicious star but fret not, underlying these auspicious stars brings crucial life transformation experience which would strengthen the future you in many ways. Let’s dig in to the most well-known zodiac among all under Chinese Horoscope 2022 especially for those with the Fire Dragon horoscope […]

Rabbit zodiac in 2022

Rabbit Zodiac in 2022

This year the Rabbit Zodiac in 2022 fare pretty well as you only have 1 small star the Sky bright last year(2021), this year you are blessed with 4 major good stars as well as 4 inauspicious stars, therefore this year you need to take note not to missed out activate these good stars to […]

Tiger zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022

Tiger Zodiac in 2022

For those who were born with the Tiger zodiac in Chinese Horoscope in their Bazi Destiny Chart, this is your year on duty as The Grand Duke. This mean you will feel more stronger energy vibration and suddenly the urge to take action increased. For those who are pro-active, this is great for you as […]

Ox zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022

Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2022

For those who were born with the OX / Cow zodiac horoscope in their Bazi Destiny Chart, this year is all about shining in the hall of fame. Before we get started I would advice you to do a self reflection and review last year’s 2021 prediction and guide here. Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for […]

Rat zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022

Rat Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2022

Before we get started with 2022, I would recommend you to review your Rat zodiac in 2021 to recap what stars and energy which boosts and retract you so you have a better idea on how to navigate your life this year as the rat doesn’t supported by any good stars. But there are amounts […]