Tiger Zodiac in 2022

Tiger zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022
Tiger zodiac in 2022

For those who were born with the Tiger zodiac in Chinese Horoscope in their Bazi Destiny Chart, this is your year on duty as The Grand Duke. This mean you will feel more stronger energy vibration and suddenly the urge to take action increased. For those who are pro-active, this is great for you as you may wanting to charge ahead and take things into hand instead of waiting, meanwhile for those who are in for a play-safe game, this year you may accidentally hurt others or offend your superior if this energy flow uncontrollably.

Tiger Zodiac in 2021

For those who were born with the Tiger Zodiac in their Bazi Destiny Chart this is your year in charge being the Grand Duke in 2022. Before we get started with 2022 let’s recap what energy your 2021 forecast here to find 2021 prediction and guide here.

Tiger Zodiac in 2022

Tiger zodiac 2022
Auxiliary Stars influencing Tiger zodiac in 2022

Being the Grand Duke this year you’re gaining bigger momentum and higher energy vibration amplifying your energy which boost you energetically, here are the stars which highly influencing you in this brand new year of 2022.

太歲 Grand Duke

Being the Grand Duke this year you are in position as holds the strongest vibration among 12 zodiac sign, thus during this journey you may need to handle more obstacles, challenges, and bigger important decision making. You would also be feel tremendous as problem, obstacles and challenges present itself waiting to be solved by you. Be the opportunists to take on these and turn it into fruitful rewards. Avoid Southwest direction/sector as Southwest is the clashing animal sign which may cause bodily harm, accidents and worst may lead to scars.

文昌 Intelligent

Increase your intelligence, where your ability to understand and deciphering certain subject. This is the best time to study or learn something new to upgrade your career or personal endeavor.

天罡 Sky Bright

The SKY BRIGHT is the star of creative, analytical to not only master particular subject but as well as to rediscover your talent and find out how to amplify your talent and turn it into monetary.

With both Sky Bright and Intelligent Star you shall take this advantage to learn something new or analyze your past milestone to create a new breakthrough. Because in the end of the day we wanted to earn more and the best way to build a sustainable income we shall learn. Get yourself a professional certificate to increase your reputation and authority.

天官贵人 Heavenly Officer

The Heavenly Officer brings good luck at academic, intelligence, gain good results in academic or certification study. Important star for career climber where you may gain opportunity for a raise or career advancement. Opportunity to receive help from noble officer from advice, tips, and inspiration.

天厨贵人 Heavenly Chef

The Heavenly Chef star brings you a smooth sailing journey with good food, great feast and wonderful experience.

披頭 Pealing Head

The Pealing Head star brings emotional, depression issue which caused by unease of happening around you. This star would causes you felt stressed and easily triggered.

指背 Back Poking

Back Poking star basically reveal you petty people who back poking at you, talking bad about you and worst may start gossiping and making up stories to pull you back. Take note these petty people will always exists around, and they are always stood behind you, so makesure you have interesting stories to be told and be willing to flip the game to your advantage.

劍鋒 Sword Edge

The Sword Edge star comes in both good and bad together as the edge of sword, it can be use to fight and kill, but would also hurt you if handed wrongly. Thus you shall be decisive to take action, ensure every single action shall hit the goal. Indecisive would hurt you yourself if handled wrongly or uncertain. Ensure your kill swiftly every time you pull your sword.

伏屍 Hidden Corpse

As the name sounds pretty bad the Hidden Corpse it basically mean you have to be aware and conscious with wherever you go as you may land yourself into some unhygienic places and during this pandemic, take extra precaution as it may cause you easily fall ill due to bacteria or virus infection.

地煞 Earth Sha

Having the Earth Sha lingering around, you need to pay attention to the health of your family, and potential of natural disaster like flood, earthquake and environment which may affect your plan and activities arrangement.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Tiger Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Tiger zodiac in your Year Pillar

Being this is your external pillar you need to ensure you kickstart your brand new level up by learning something new, be it to expand your expertise or sharpen your expertise to the whole new level. Join group of study group, and expand your network through academic and mentorship. This is also a great time to meet highly reputable people. officers and authority to gain better insights on how to get approval for your projects.

Tiger zodiac in your Month Pillar

Your career would demand a lot from you this year as you are the center of attention. Workload and responsibilities arises to a state where you would felt astounding and also lonely at the same time. Make you you have figure out which are you need to level up via academic, learn something new to ensure you develop a better skillset be it soft or hard skill depends on your work requirements.

Tiger zodiac in your Day Pillar

This is the most important part when it comes to relationship, perhaps this is the best year to learn more about increasing your relationship bonding and develop brand new relationship goal together and craft your relationship goal together.

Tiger zodiac in your Hour Pillar

If you have been relying on smart money, this is the best time for you to learn something new perhaps such as investment, additional income pipeline and how to turn your knowledge into monetary gain. Increase your reputation and authority in your field by becoming the train the trainer to build a stronger aspiration and legacy.


For Tiger zodiac in 2022 being the Grand Duke of the year received huge vibration energy boost which may cause you feeling overwhelmed but once you understand why and how these sense of overwhelming is coming together then you shall be able to take note to charge ahead with clear direction.

In the old days people who’s zodiac took the seat being the Grand Duke would feel this is a negative sign as they don’t like being taking charge of making change instead people in the old days prefer to play safe, earn a simple income would be good enough to live happily ever after. Grand Duke’s energy vibrate so strong which some may even need to release these energy through physical activities like sports. Therefore if you felt hyped up, then do some exercise to burn away these excessive energy. Avoid sitting in the Southwest direction again for the Tiger Zodiac in 2022.

However in modern days, when your zodiac animal sign in turn to take on the seat of the Grand Duke, this is the year you shall take charge and be bold towards your goal, as the auspicious and inauspicious stars are both affecting you, thus being the Tiger this year you shall activate your Intelligence and Sky Bright star to amplify your credibility, be knowledgeable enough to understand the big picture of how things work and how you can innovate and guide your team to reach your goal.

For business owner this year read all above properly then chart out to plan out your monthly action as each month you are blessed with different stars and time your action to get a smooth sailing journey.

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As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Tiger Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Learn to Earn more
    Increase your value by becoming a more knowledgeable and ever growing authority in your field
  • Be Bold
    If you have been waiting for the time to shine and be known to have the real deal, this is the best year to take the lead and charge ahead
  • Intelligence and Academic increased
    To earn more you shall LEARN more, this is the best sustainable way to establish yourself for the long run


  • Gossip and annoyance
    Successful people would always be surrounded by some little people, makesure you have something good for them to talk about
  • Mishandling
    Knowledge and ability to execute are powerful but also disastrous if not handled well, make sure you have mastered your main skill to ensure hitting the goal in one shot
  • Nature’s call
    Take notice of environment topic in your planning to ensure your planning are flexible around with the environmental changes (bigger issue if you’re dealing with earth related industries)

Marvelous Alliances with;

  • Tiger zodiac in 2022
  • tiger animal sign in 2022
  • Tiger in 2022
  • Tiger Zodiac Career 2022

This year you have marvelous alliances with Horse and Dog to form the 3-harmony combination of Fire Frame. This brings great network, expand your reach and gain connection to helpful people to make bigger things happen easier.

Now that you have discovered almost 10% answer of your year 2022, you shall start to convert these information into propelling your life. Every year, every month we are given with different sets of energy for free, get in touch with me to help you craft your personalized 2022 annual plan to maximize all these given energy in transforming your life.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

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