2024 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

2024 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

While more content will be slowly updated with more detailed guides, Auxiliary Stars, and how to read your Astrology chart guides here.

Here is an early preview for 2024 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope forecast and predictions to help you in designing your new strategy in welcoming the Wood Dragon year.

There are some major shift in term of the Grand-Duke of Wood Dragon (Jia Chen) which signifies the transition to Period 9 which brings major new shift of market, global phenomenon, industry evolution and more.

Meanwhile you can visit the 2023 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope guide here or you can watch the summary in this video in my Youtube channel.

2024 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (Video)

For those who prefer to watch and hear then this is your 2024 Chinese Zodiac Forecast in video form to gain the initial preview and glimpse upcoming Wood Dragon year and what you still can do in this last quarter of 2023.

2024 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Here is your 2024 Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Prediction & Forecast with overview guide to help you gain clarity with Chinese Astrology 2024 and Bazi Destiny …

12 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Forecast For 2024

Below are the 12 Chinese Zodiacs forecast for 2024. This summary gives you an idea of your luck and opportunities for the upcoming year.

Rat zodiac in 2024
Rat zodiac in 2024

Rat zodiac in 2024

Rat zodiac sign have the General star. This presents an opportunity for you to learn how to take the lead and embrace your potential as influential leaders. The Sky Bright star will provide support in academic pursuits and learning, propelling you towards fame and popularity.

To fully harness this potential, you must focus on developing your leadership skills and mastering effective communication. By observing and uncovering talents and resources from others, you can become formidable leaders who leave a lasting impact.

By acquiring both of these skills, you will have the ability to improve your wealth opportunities. This can be done through collaborating with others, networking, and reaching out to new markets. The Rat zodiac forms a Three Harmony with the Dragon and Monkey zodiac which further amplify your outreach which also increase more opportunities.

Pay attention over your emotion and self-compose as this year you are heavily influenced by both the White Tiger and Sky Warrior star which may causes you over-reactive over external provocation.

Ox zodiac in 2024
Ox zodiac in 2024

Ox zodiac in 2024

Ox zodiac in 2024 will regain a bigger and bolder momentum as you are blessed with Fortune Virtue plus Prosperity Star which attracts more wealth opportunities and the Heavenly Virtue bring positive blessing in dissolving the impact of negative stars.

By now I wish you would have already mastered and became the expert in particular skillset, this year is the year for you to showcase your expertise to the market and further strengthening your positioning in your market/industry with the support of Sky Noble and Pulling Saddle (where you need to prepare to launch yourself out there this year strategically).

Despite the Ox and Dragon form the Destruction interaction which bring internal politic, disagreement of ideas, which may lead to separation or argument.

There are some hidden feeling of loneliness, feeling beaten down over the massive competition out there. These are just merely some emotional issue which can be easily solved by hanging out with new group of exciting friends and peers, going for cleansing and detox.

Tiger zodiac in 2024
Tiger zodiac in 2024

Tiger zodiac in 2024

Tiger zodiac in 2024 will shows it’s regaining own power and energy as the Thriving star is shining on you, this star promotes raise in term of ranking, position, role, accreditation, achievement and milestone.

For those who are working for others then this star is highly regarded as the power star to help you in gaining the recognition you’ve been wanting. Take the opportunity to polish and set your goal towards the next level in your career ladder or business establishment.

While the second star of Sky Horse which are well known to increase more travel and mobility opportunity this year. Perhaps you may gain recognition and acknowledgement over your achievements or perhaps this brings more opportunity to travel and explore more life experience.

Becareful though as there are few negative stars trailing behind you such as the Sky Dog which brings injury, accidents and the Sky Cry would affect you emotionally. And lastly the Funeral Guest may bring some sad events such as funeral, or visiting the sick one in hospital.

Rabbit zodiac in 2024
Rabbit zodiac in 2024

Rabbit zodiac in 2024

In 2024, the Rabbit zodiac will pass the Grand-duke position to the Dragon, and this is the time where you can really take a break with the Rest God star. This star brings the opportunity to take a proper rest, rejuvenate your overall wellbeing especially after taking the role of Grand-duke which bring huge amount of energy losses.

Rabbit zodiac will experience the Harm interaction during the Dragon year. This may lead to problems like betrayal, being taken advantage of, and mental stress if not managed properly. It is important to stay strong, defend yourself, and make the right choices. You need to practise more logical analysis and keep your emotion behind when it comes to major decision making.

There is a Sickness star trailing behind you where this brings the sign of illnesses, low immunity, so you need to focus back on healing and recuperation more for this year.

Lastly the Goat Blade star makes you more competitive, impatient, and impulsive. It motivates you to fight and push through challenges, but you should calm down and rest your mind first. This will help you be aware of your emotions and make wiser decisions.

Dragon zodiac in 2024
Dragon zodiac in 2024

Dragon zodiac in 2024

Dragon zodiac is taking on the Grand-duke role in 2024. Embracing this powerful position, you may find yourself adopting a more aggressive approach in championing your novel concepts and groundbreaking inventions. The presence of the Elegant Seal star will greatly enhance your creative juice.

There are some negative stars trailing behind such as the Year Punishment or better known as “Self-punishment” which may lead to self-sabotage because of stubbornness and a lack of determination to persevere until achieving results.

While the Hidden Corpse would affect your health, immunity issue, past hidden issue somehow suddenly expose which is normal for those thos suddenly taking in such an important role of being the Grand-duke.

Next is the Yellow Flag star which would stressed you up with tonnes of emotional fluctuation, emotion distraction due to emotion extortion, inability to focus on carrying out your duty. But basically this is just emotional issue.

If you manage the above mentioned risk effectively, you will be able to attain the greatest reward through the Golden Carriage star, also known as the wealth star. This star will bring forth increased wealth and opportunities for growth in the current year.

Snake zodiac in 2024
Snake zodiac in 2024

Snake zodiac in 2024

Snake zodiac in 2024 will be taking a higher shift as you are blessed with the Sun Nobleman which bring you a magnanimous helpful nobleman in building a more meaningful plan and direction.

And next the Five Prosperity grants an advantage to entrepreneurs, providing you with increased opportunities and supporting the creation of multiple income streams, thereby enhancing your wealth aspect.

The combination of Bright Hall offers you the chance to shine and become more popular, but you must also learn how to navigate the world of popularity with the help of Intelligent star, which enhances your learning and mastery in specific subjects.

Additionally, it is important to note that there are also negative forces lurking in the background, which can greatly impact you in various ways. For instance, the presence of Robbery Sha increases the likelihood of being robbed of your belongings. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant and keep a close eye on your personal possessions.

Some minor inauspicious stars such as the Sky Emptiness star can redirect your attention towards taking action rather than simply indulging in excessive self-promotion, as this may lead to your opportunities and ideas being taken away (Robbery Sha). Consequently, you might find yourself expressing dissatisfaction and opting for solitude due to a lack of recognition and difficulty in establishing meaningful connections with others caused by trust issues.

Horse zodiac in 2024
Horse zodiac in 2024

Horse zodiac in 2024

Horse zodiac in 2024 can expect a fluctuation of momentum due to these inauspicious stars such as Calamity Sha together with Blood Knife, which brings the risk of injuries and accidents resulting from environmental disasters.

Additionally, the presence of Earth Funeral and Funeral Door stars indicates a potential for attending funerals or visiting the sick. Therefore you need to pay more attention to your family, loved ones and relatives.

Issues such as miscommunication and boycotts may also increase due to the influence of Prison Inmates and Separating Edge stars. This would requires you to pre-inform people who you’re working with to have a periodical meetup to aligning communication and get the facts right from both party.

Then there are Red Chamber star which will intensify your desires, particularly of a sexual nature, and ignite a powerful sense of romance. Love at first sight may become more prevalent, as individuals find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. However, it is crucial to be cautious as this intense passion also has the potential to lead to negative romantic encounters, which could harm your reputation. If not handled with care, these matters could result in emotional fluctuations and ultimately contribute to an overall state of emotional instability due to the influence of Instability Star.

Despite the numerous negative influences, you are blessed with the Relief God star, this star attracts nobleman who are willing to assist you in resolving the majority of the aforementioned matters. Additionally, you are supported by the Sky Relief, which has the power to transform adversity into opportunity. This remarkable ability is a true game changer, as it can turn any negative issue into a positive one.

Lastly the Eight Seats and Phoenix Pavilion not only enhance your reputation and recognition, but also position you in a position of authority or assign you an influential role in important projects. These opportunities are essential for success in today’s business world, where reputation, popularity, and fame are highly valued.

Goat zodiac in 2024
Goat zodiac in 2024

Goat zodiac in 2024

The Goat zodiac in 2024 will continue to receive strong support from numerous positive stars, building on the momentum from the previous year. However, it is important to be aware of certain negative stars that may pose challenges. In particular, the combination of Disaster Sha and Sky Sha could bring setbacks and obstacles throughout your life journey. Additionally, there is a potential for health issues that may impact your family members and consequently affect the entire family.

Next these inauspicious stars such as the Hook star and Piercing Rope can make you feel compelled to constantly work, leading to exhaustion, lack of concentration, and vulnerability to rumors or gossip that can harm your personal and professional life. It is important for you to prioritize rest and avoid unnecessary conflicts in order to maintain focus and protect your well-being.

In spite of the numerous negative stars, there are two positive and supportive nobleman stars that can bring you assistance. The Moon star, for instance, can connect you with a helpful and somewhat unconventional nobleman who will indirectly provide lending support. Additionally, the Heavenly Yi nobleman is a well-known auspicious figure who can help you overcome most of the challenges mentioned above, as long as you are open to receiving help.

Lastly both Sky Gracious and Heavenly Officer stars will enhance your ability to attract nobleman luck and increase your likability. This will be particularly beneficial when you are pursuing new studies or learning new courses, as it will help you attract the right kind of helpful nobleman. Additionally, these stars will also improve your academic luck, authority, and accreditation.

Monkey zodiac in 2024
Monkey zodiac in 2024

Monkey zodiac in 2024

In 2024, the Monkey zodiac will be part of the Three Harmony alongside the Dragon and Rat zodiac signs. This alignment will provide you with increased opportunities for collaboration, expanding your network and outreach. Additionally, the presence of the Dragon Pool star will facilitate meaningful connections with influential individuals, making it easier for you to find the right support or solution providers.

However, be cautious these inauspicious stars such as Officer Charm, Year Charm, and Flying Charm may bring legal entanglements, litigation, penalties, fines, summonses, and issues with government authorities. Pay close attention to these matters from now on.

Rooster zodiac in 2024
Rooster zodiac in 2024

Rooster zodiac in 2024

In 2024, the Rooster zodiac will regain its momentum after facing challenges in the Rabbit Year. However, there are still some issues to be aware of. The Cascading Cloud may bring vengeful people who may try to give you more challenges. The Lesser Consumer star may affect your wealth, so be mindful of your spending. The Death Charm may make you feel helpless and unable to move on from a struggle. The Flying Blade star could cause unexpected harm due to other people’s actions, and you may be influenced into taking the wrong actions.

The Peach Blossom increases attraction and likability. The Salty Pool intensifies desire and neediness. This is good news for married people, but may cause short-term attraction for those in relationships. There are auspicious stars that can help reduce the negative impact. Monthly Virtue and Earth Relief increase problem-solving abilities. Heavenly Advisor improves mentorship luck and attract potential helpful mentor, nobleman, coach or someone who can teach or mentor you.

Lastly the Sky Fortune enhances social status, increase your popularity, fame and opportunity to build meaningful relationship.

Dog zodiac in 2024
Dog zodiac in 2024

Dog zodiac in 2024

Dog in 2024 will be experiencing the clash with the Dragon Grand-duke, clash bring changes. Here are some of the main influence during this clash, first of all the the Great Consumer star which is well known as the wallet breaker, so you need to prepare your budgeting when it come to spending. 

Watch out for your speech, be more mindful during communication this year as you may have tendency offend other people due to the influence from the Leopard Tail star. With both Obstacle and Moon Sha combined together bring more hurdles and obstacles this year which required you to do more self-reflections. 

Despite the challenges mentioned earlier, there are some positive factors supporting you. The Month Emptiness star helps you find inner stability and overcome these challenges. It is important to prioritize mindfulness and live in the present moment. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the many changes this year, the Sky Horse star brings opportunities for travel and movement. Consider changing your environment or going on a retreat to improve your mental well-being.

Lastly the National Treasure star brings you the opportunity to get promotion, raise in ranking, authority and given more important role or position. Therefore prepare yourself to level up your self or raise your stake in this brand new game.

Pig zodiac in 2024
Pig zodiac in 2024

Pig zodiac in 2024

Pig zodiac in 2024 is making a comeback after going through a tough challenge, now it’s time to to pack your network, connections, and all the tough experience in building your new authority. Let’s start with the inauspicious stars, first of all you have the Death God which make you feel drained, lethargic due to high workload which eventually taken a toll on your health & immunity, plus with the Dark Sky star which will further aggravate the low energy till start to getting more suspicious, may affect your mental and conscious ability until you may feel over-stress till easily let go or give up due tot he Brutal Defeat star

Despite all the challenge above, you are blessed with the ultimate combo of Emperor Star plus Dragon Virtue which boost your authority, ranking, good leadership, and attract powerful nobleman and problem solving ability which can mitigate and reduce the most of the negative influence of the inauspicious stars mentioned above. 

When it come to relationship matter the Red Matchmaker the ultimate relationship star which brings good tidings, perhaps meeting your potential life partner, getting married, bring your relationship to a whole new level. Lastly the Study Hall of course boost your academic pursue, you would somehow able to master particular subject, so take this opportunity to learn leadership matter, ability to take on new role, ranking, and even relationship matter.

Plan Your 2024 Today!

You deserved to know what’s given to you based on your birth chart in term of your skillset, abilities, strength, strategy or perhaps even your spiritual life path & your guardian spirit.

2024 Chinese New Year Auspicious Dates

2024 Chinese New Year Break for Companies

DatesClashing ZodiacRating
February 9, 2024RoosterBest
February 8, 2024MonkeyGood
February 7, 2024GoatGood
2024 Chinese New Year Break For Companies Dates, used to for discontinuation of work.

2024 Chinese New Year Recommence of Work for Companies

DatesClashing ZodiacRating
February 12, 2024 @ 9:00amRatGood
February 13, 2024 @ 9:00amOxBest
February 15, 2024 @ 11:30amRabbitGood
February 18, 2024 @ 9:30amHorseBest
2024 Chinese New Year Recommence of Work For Companies Dates

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