2023 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

2023 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

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2023 Chinese zodiac horoscope forecast, guide and strategy and guide to help you discover the luck and navigate the Water Rabbit or 癸卯(Gui Mao in Chinese).

In Water Rabbit year there’ll be loads of changes or better term is the metamorphosis or major life transformation begins to happen prior stepping into a new era of Period 9. This is the year for everyone to learn and seek wisdom on how to manage your own emotion as well as ability to seek for own liberty & spiritual pursuit. I will be adding more progressively meanwhile you can follow my updates through Telegram using the link below;

First! Find-out All Your Chinese Zodiacs

Before we get started you need to find out which zodiac in your chart influencing different aspect in your life. Yep, you may have up to 4 different zodiac which affecting different areas of life such as personal growth, career, relationship, network, entrepreneurship and investment. For more detail find out here.

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Bazi Astrology Chart
Each Bazi Astrology Chart will shows basic 4 pillar influencing different areas in life.

2023 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

Here is the initial summary for 2023 Chinese Zodiac Predictions to help you in gaining insights prior hitting the year 2023. I will be updating each zodiac with a more detailed forecast, guides, tips and analysis in my upcoming post.

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Rat Zodiac in 2023

Rat Zodiac in 2023

Rat and Rabbit form the Uncivilized Punishment which evoke unhealthy desires, disharmony relationship with people and easily being taken advantage of. These will indirectly activate other negative stars which bring bad romance, flamboyant which normally affect your relationship matter.

Other issues to lookout for are legal entanglement, disagreement, arguments, disputes which may lead to legal issue, what agreement you have made prior will drag you further into bigger issue.

However fret not as the Rat zodiac is one of the top 4 major zodiac which are supported with huge amount great stars from Heavenly Fortune, Fortune Virtue combined with Prosperity which brings you a major success in financial, wealth, career, business opportunity. On top of that you have both the Peach Blossom and Red Matchmaker start which further boost your relationship matter and potentially meet the right partner which could lead to marriage, for those who married you may have chances to be parent as well. Your likability increased, attention increased and overall personal branding increased as well.

Ox Zodiac in 2023

Ox Zodiac in 2023

The Ox zodiac in 2023 would need to slow down their progress and focus more on defending their existing ground. This due to influence of various combination of negative stars such as Leopard Tail, Pealing Head which increased your worriedness, impatient, aggressive and unease.

With support from Heavenly Relief star will attract solutions to most of your problem plus together with the Sky Bright star and also the Moon Sha, this is one unique combo which give further boost in learning, analytical, gaining knowledge insights and sharpen you intuition(you may even consider to study non-conventional studies such as spiritual, energy healing, meditation or etc).

Therefore for the Ox, this is the year of self-mastery and cultivation, spend more time in living at the moment and appreciate the lives of people around you especially your parents and the elderly.

Tiger Zodiac in 2023

Tiger in 2023

As you are transferring the Grand-duke position to the Rabbit, this is the year you shall focus more on self recovery and settling minor paperwork as your health has been weakened, easily forgetful due to the influence of Sickness Charm and lethargic (normal for being the grand-duke to overwork until drained). Therefore this is the year for you to focus more on health, transit out to rebuild yourself and changing environment for a slow-paced life, however this transition would still bring you increased of social status with minor discomfort in changing atmosphere.

However you are still blessed wealth, financial growth, prosperity and acumen value increased(especially if you have work hard to grab any major opportunities during your reign in 2022). There are still minor legal, documentation, paperwork dragging you around but this is normal and won’t be too overwhelming to you. So overall this Rabbit year will still be a good year for a retired Grand-duke where you would finally have to time to enjoy life, buying the stuff you’ve always been wanting, upgrade your lifestyle as well.

Rabbit Zodiac in 2023

Rabbit in 2023

Rabbit in 2023 will be more energetic and could be a little aggressive as they are pumped-up with more vibrant and active energy this year being the Grand-duke this year. Being one of the Peach Blossom star your energy would be radiate likability and attractive energy which boost your fame, popularity as well.

With the highly active General Star and Heavenly Noble supporting you, you should start plan as early as possible as this energy will bring forward you the resources, helpful people into getting your dream materialized.

However with such a strong and advancing energy you need to find your time to cool down, otherwise these strong energy would causes you falling into argument, dispute which can lead towards legal entanglement. Your immune system are slightly weak this year, therefore avoid unhygienic places or high risk of health issue areas.

Despite being pressured as the Grand-duke, you are blessed with academic and intelligent which help you a lot in learning how to take charge, make your move, be decisive. Throughout this process you are blessed with nobleman assist you in advising you in advancing and growing with more wisdom.

Dragon Zodiac in 2023

Dragon in 2023

The Dragon and Rabbit form the Harm interaction where you may be taken advantage due to your lightheaded behavior. Do not be a guarantor or involved in any document, filing, agreement signing without truly understand the consequences. Set boundary in term of how much you can help, avoid taking part in any major or high risk events or activities.

Another star trailing behind is the Sky Emptiness and Bad Qi, both these stars show the signs of you showing off and boasting around with your ideas which subsequently may your plan being jeopardized. This year you have to plan your goal well, and amplify more on showing results rather than showing off your ideas.

However this year you are blessed with The Sun star, this is one of the top major nobleman star where you will easily received help & support from senior nobleman(most probably male as this is a yang star). So take advantage from these helps and support into planning your goal with clarity then activate the Pulling Saddle to speedup and charge towards your goal. So overall, despite there are few drawback, you will still have chances to get reach your goal this year.

Snake Zodiac in 2023

Snake in 2023

Snake may suffered from hindrances, challenges, robbery and setback which can affecting people you loves or even your relatives. There could be sad news or unhappy events in the family which required more attention from you. Avoid gambling, un-calculated risk or taking part high-risk investment or financial related matter, make-sure you know what you are getting yourself into, study well. Take extra note over your health as your immunity reduced, avoid going to unhygienic or negative places.

Despite so much challenges mentioned above, this year you are blessed with Heavenly blessing like Sky Gracious and Sky Fortune which brings helpful people who can assist you in managing your financial matters and also growing your wealth opportunities and increase chances of promotion for career builder. Another major star is the Sky Horse which brings you more opportunity by exploring new market or travel to other abroad. Grow your business and outreach this year.

Horse Zodiac in 2023

Horse in 2023

The Horse and Rabbit forms the Destruction interaction which may cost high-expenditure, unhealthy negative desires, and craving for short-term excitement could cost you losing all your past effort. You may also experience pressured, instability and uncontrollable mishap which may causes physical injury. Increase your mental alertness and stay away from politic, rumors or gossip.

This year you are blessed with the The Moon with Heavenly Officer star which brings help and support from female nobleman and or influential officer or even with the authorities. Both brings auspicious luck in both academic, examination, license application, tender and also promotion for those employees and good reputation for business owner. Lastly surround with Sky Happiness star there will be celebration, and happy events, chances to win lucky draw or happy tiding in relationship or marriage.

Goat Zodiac in 2023

Goat in 2023

The Goat is one of Rabbit’s best partner as they form the 3-Harmony combination which brings good partnership, join-venture and collaboration opportunities which subsequently also increase your fame, popularity and promotion luck for the employees.

You may however be affected by instability, legal or issue with the authority which could be caused by summonses, documents, income tax or agreements related. Other more serious risk such as fights, argument, disputes and potential physical injury and bleeding. These damage could affect you both physical and emotionally self-doubt or suspicious.

However fret not as you are blessed with great Relief Stars to help you overcome and dissolve problem into small matter. Uplift yourself and keep yourself hang-tight with both the Pig and Rabbit well then you will gain and share positive blessing in overcome any obstacles.

Monkey Zodiac in 2023

Monkey in 2023

After going through a major clashing and changing in the year of Tiger, the Monkey may still be affected with some negative stars which left some negative impact such as feeling despair, misalignment from team members. Other trailing side effect stars such as the Lesser Consumer Star and Robbery star which both show the tale tell sign of wealth issue, high expenses, opportunities, asset or belong being stolen.

Despite these negative impact were still trailing, this year you will still have the Earth Relief star and Monthly Virtue which brings helpful nobleman into assisting you in solving various issues. These positive support stars could even turn the negative to positive, therefore you shall always keep your eye on how to turn problem into solution and best if you’re an entrepreneur you can take advantage to spot potential market gap and turn it into a business.

Rooster Zodiac in 2023

Rooster Zodiac in 2023

Rooster zodiac is the opposing zodiac against the Grand-duke Rabbit zodiac especially for the Fire Rooster – Ding You(丁酉). Therefore you may experience uncomfortable changes, things turn out to be not as what you have expected. This would also bring issue such as loss of betrayal, inability to make decision with clarity. Your desire to be outspoken may even being by-passed and put into silent.

With so much uncertainties for the Rooster, you have to plan your activities and do your research thoroughly, stay constantly up-to-date in work, business or career pursuit. Makesure you got everything under your control as there may be changes in environment, communication breakdown, your authority being taken away and also potential of wealth loss or high-expenditure this year.

Despite everything seems to be detrimental however this year can be seen as the year to make changes for those who have been thriving and picking up positive momentum. However for those who are struggling or survivors I would advise you to remain to defend your ground as it may be challenging to get help or support. You are blessed with the power of imagination to turn adversity into opportunities as you are also blessed with a small Jade Hall star which brings increase of wealth and value (asset or intellectual properties), however you need to keep growing slowly, defending your ground and play it safe this year.

Dog Zodiac in 2023

Dog Zodiac in 2023

The Dog is the best friend of the Rabbit (Grand-duke) which of course the Dog zodiac will blessed with powerful Dragon Virtue and Emperor star which brings increase of powerful connection, grow in network, boost in leadership and authority as well. This year is your best comeback year with tonnes of collaboration, join-venture or even partnership opportunities to turn your ideas into reality. Those who have Dog zodiac in their relationship palace may have high opportunity to find a partner this year, this is also a good year to get married.

There are some negative stars lurking around you which may come to challenge your credibility, capacity and how you handling stress and performance. These challenges are norm as we all know the word “high-risk high-reward”, great potential normally surrounded by challenges and this is the test on how worthy are you. Despite you’re thriving in your career and pursuit, do not forget to take care over your family members and people you love as their health and well being would requires your attention.

But overall with strong network and blessing, you won’t be tackling these challenges alone. This is the great year for you to thrive!

Pig Zodiac in 2023

Pig Zodiac in 2023

This is a good news for those who born with the Pig/Boar zodiac and the Goat zodiac, in this Rabbit year you are going to form the Three Harmony of Wood element which bring partnership to turn your imagination into execution which can be materialized into massive growth.

This year your inner-drive motivation will run higher in attempt to create your own personal breakthrough. This comes with both good and bad, the good thing is your execution power increased and being able to overcome challenges. The negative side is there would be setback, challenges and various types of obstacles which mainly come from external influence which may causes you trapped in entanglement. These entanglement could cost you monetary losses, boycott, arguments and miscommunication/mis-alignment from others.

You have to set your boundary and clear goal, not easily falling into risky situation especially when it comes to monetary gain due to greediness. Watch out for potential scam as your risk his higher this year.

Overall the Pig zodiac in 2023 can be one of the best partner with the Goat and Rabbit as they have strong execution power and tactful. Bear in mind not to let your ego, hastiness causes you trouble, lie-low and execute your plan silently where is this your true power.

Detailed Guide Will Be Released Progressively

Detailed forecast and guides for each zodiac will be released progressively, so bookmark this page as this will be your Ultimate Life Transformation Guide in 2023 with Chinese Metaphysics. Meanwhile checkout the 2022 Chinese Zodiac guides to know how this work, or Follow me for updates through my Telegram Channel here : https://t.me/renerqi

2023 Chinese New Year Auspicious Dates

2023 Chinese New Year Break for Companies

DatesClashing ZodiacRating
January 12, 2023Rat zodiacBest
January 17, 2023Snake zodiacBest
January 18, 2023Horse zodiacModerate
January 19, 2023Goat zodiacGood
2023 Chinese New Year Break For Companies Dates

2023 Chinese New Year Recommence of Work for Companies

DatesClashing ZodiacRating
January 24, 2023Rat zodiacBest
January 27, 2023Rabbit zodiacGood
January 29, 2023Snake zodiacBest
February 1, 2023Monkey zodiacGood
2023 Chinese New Year Recommence of Work For Companies Dates

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