Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2022

Ox zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022
Ox zodiac horoscope prediction for 2022

For those who were born with the OX / Cow zodiac horoscope in their Bazi Destiny Chart, this year is all about shining in the hall of fame. Before we get started I would advice you to do a self reflection and review last year’s 2021 prediction and guide here.

Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2021

Being the Grand Duke of 2021, I hope you have reviewed and gained sufficient strategies, game changer by reviewing your complete guide here. As this year you’re passing your Grand Duke baton to the Tiger, you shall maintain your influence by uplifting those who you have helped, your own group of alliances to make more wealth gain this year.

For Ox you may have been tired bearing the tough load being the Grand Duke however this year it is your time to shine and grow your capacity and earning, read more.

Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2022

Ox in 2022
Chinese Horoscope : Ox in 2022

Check out the zodiac prediction for the Ox Zodiac in 2022, this year you are blessed with sets of good auxiliary stars such as;

明堂 Bright Hall

The bright hall star represent the hall of fame or walking the red carpet, makesure you are famous with substance to be invited to such a magnanimous event this year. This is where your fame and popularity are well presented.

紅鸞 Red Matchmaker

This is one of the best relationship star or peach blossom group. Activate this star to increase your magnetism and attraction to grow your network, market and peers.

陌越 Surpassing Path

The Surpassing Path mean you are changing your environment, due to the end of passing the baton of Grand Duke to the Tiger Zodiac where it’s time for you moving into a brand new environment. During this process you may feel alienated, discomfort and required some time to adjusting yourself. Overall this star would bring you fame and social status star which brings both good and bad together.

The good side is your social status enhanced, visibility increased, more people noticing you, you may also turn your haters into friends. However if not well understood of this circumstances you would start to fall into self-blamed, self-doubt, emotional instability and uncertainties.

金輿 Golden Carriage

Once you have activate your likeability star and being shine on the lime light, keep yourself moving forward to bring value in exchange you will be attracting more wealth opportunities, growing your wealth through your journey. The more you move the more you can earn.

天煞 Sky Sha or Heaven Sha

Sky Sha or Heaven Sha star denote important people around you would fall sick, couldn’t support you and worst you would feel you are dealing with challenges and obstacles all alone.

歲煞 Disaster Sha

The Disaster Sha brings setbacks, hindrances which may hold you down from making further progress. Be aware with the condition of people around you, from their health and overall wellness as well.

寡宿 Lonesome

This lonesome star would influence you to feel lonely, no one understand the battle you’re struggling with and this will amplify the Sky / Heaven Sha as you would be feeling fighting a tough battle all alone, which subsequently render you to rather be left alone more.

病符 Sickness Charm

The Sickness Charm is one of a small little illness star which denote potential hidden illnesses throughout your battle, low in immunity and anti-body. Thus your self healing may slightly reduced, take time to rejuvenate to ensure you are at your tip top condition prior fighting next battle.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Ox Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Ox zodiac in your Year Pillar

When the Ox appear in your year pillar then you may be surrounded with famous and popular group of people, thus you have to prepare yourself to be riding this wave, keep yourself qualify and aligned being presented on the limelight, activating likeability star would increase your sense of magnetism but not without substance (as you’ve been the Grand Duke in 2021)

Ox zodiac in your Month Pillar

With both likeability and social fame star, be willing to take on the role to present your career or industry to go out networking, expand your horizon and be knowledgeable to take on potential wealth opportunities as the Golden Carriage star sits right on the best pillar!

Ox zodiac in your Day Pillar

For those who are single then this year you may discover your potential life partner (in classic this is known as one of the attraction to bring you the love at first sight), and for those who were single this year is the time to tie the knots.

Ox zodiac in your Hour Pillar

You may be positioned in the limelight among your subordinate and people who are under your care. Plus another good news is the Golden Carriage would give you additional boost in your investment, be willing to connect with those knowledgeable to help you gain investment growth.


Being the Grand Duke in 2021 would have level you up in whole new different way, some would consider the Grand Duke Star brought you heavy load of trouble, those who aware what I shared took the advantage to be bold to grow above their mean.

As you’re passing the baton to the Tiger zodiac in 2022, you shall maintain your connections with important people and makesure yourself really worth to be invited to the hall of fame this year, sharing your capacity and results subsequently monetize on top of this journey with the Golden Carriage star.

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As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Ox Zodiac Horoscope Prediction for 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Hall of Fame
    Get ready to be shining on the hall of fame, tap into the group of socialites and present your value
  • Reputation increase
    Be the authority of your industry, present the professional side of you in your endeavor
  • Attraction & Likeability
    Uplift yourself with the energy to increase your likeability, potential found long term partner
  • Wealth & Opportunities increased
    Your wealth and opportunities increased pretty well this year so go out to create and tap into more opportunities


  • Disastrous & Obstacles
    Dramatic challenges and difficulties waiting for your to be solved and pulling you down
  • Loneliness
    Emotionally felt lonely, prefer to have your own me time
  • Immunity Reduced
    Old wound or un-noticed illness may bring you down, get yourself well nourished
  • Lust Charm
    Too much likeability may bring havoc to your self control and makesure you can handle unnecessary temptations

Now that you have discovered almost 10% answer of your year 2022, you shall start to convert these information into propelling your life. Every year, every month we are given with different sets of energy for free, get in touch with me to help you craft your personalized 2022 annual plan to maximize all these given energy in transforming your life.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

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