Monkey Zodiac in 2022

Monkey zodiac in 2022
Monkey zodiac in 2022

The Monkey zodiac in 2022 is facing the direct clashes or offending the Tiger Zodiac – The Grand Duke of 2022. As the monkey’s nature to jump around and exploring new territories, well this is a good year for those with Monkey zodiac to plan for this new change, change is imminent and as Sadhguru said;

If you resist change, you resist life


Monkey Zodiac in 2021

But first take a look at the monkey horoscope in 2021, last year you were blessed with a powerful star of leader the Emperor Star or Zi Wei Star, Sky Happiness, Nobleman, and also one of the ultimate star of Dragon Virtue, It should been a blast with all these great stars which is sufficiently to make stronger impact in life transformation if activate accordingly, click here to read more.

Monkey Zodiac in 2022

Monkey horoscope in 2022
Monkey horoscope in 2022

The Monkey Zodiac in 2022 shall start planning for the change, to finally materialize their vision with a brand new environment. As the Monkey Zodiac’s nature is Yang Metal element chopping the Yang Wood Tiger, this is what we call the clashing out effect. Therefore you need to set your vision right to start chopping, trimming, and carve the block of big tree into a refined piece of artwork.

This kind of clashing effect is highly impacting those with the the Fire Monkey 丙申 (Bing Shen) Pillar. Those who with this pillar would experienced drainage and potential discomfort especially for those who are introverted (based on the 5 elements). Therefore the theme of your life this year is;

Theme : Venture into the new horizon

However this clash is not that detrimental compared to other zodiac’s clash as you are blessed with 7 auspicious stars, time the activation based on the monthly chart would easily help dissipate the other 6 inauspicious stars namely;

驛馬 Sky Horse

The Sky Horse is a well-known travelling star, for the monkey zodiac this is your nature ability to broaden your mind through travelling and gain wider experience through physical travelling.

解神 Relief God

Relief God is one of the best problem solving, thus start to write down all the problems you had in mind to get it resolved.

天解 Sky Relief

The Sky Relief star the other way is a game changer star where this will turn problem into opportunities, inauspicious into blessing.

地解 Earth Relief

The Earth Relief star is another problem dissolver where this will turn the negative obstacles into positive energy to amplify your momentum to charge forward. This is good for repair or renovate house as well.

月空 Month Emptiness

The Month Emptiness is similar like a black hole where it would suck away all the nativities into the void. This star is also good for those who wanted to make a spiritual breakthrough.

八座 Eight Seats

The Eight Seats is one of the favourite star for those who wanted to gain fame, popularity, however there are minor drawback, if you are not someone who love to be seen then the negative side effect would be amplified.

學堂 Study Hall

As it sounds, the Study Hall is good for academic, for those who wanted to learn something, gain intelligence to understand complex subjects.

歲破 Year Breaker

Monkey is the Year Breaker star to the Tiger zodiac, as they are both opposing energy. This would bring changes, troubles, disharmony, and whatever you have planned are now subject to change. This year the clashes would prone to road accidents, driving reverse in the wrong direction. Avoid dangerous activities.

大耗 Great consumer

Every time there are clashes, the Great Consumer star would come along as you may need to spend some money to make changes and create a brand new world.

闌干 Obstacles

As it sounds, the Obstacles Star denotes obstacles and difficulties in achieving your goal. You can’t be easily settle with status quo, ability to adapt and agile is important, but this is not tough for those with the Monkey zodiac.

血刃 Blood Knife

The Blood Knife may hint you are easily prone to bleeding, blood disaster, easily afflicted by cut, wounds, sudden bleed in certain area of body without you knowing. With this star I would advice you to go for a dental checkup, clean the tartar, or best go for a blood donation, here your blood are bleed out for a good cause.

天虛 Sky Sadness

The Sky Sadness is just a mild emotional star, however this can be mitigated via the Sky Horse star by making sure you are not stuck in one place for long term until your mind goes over-thinking.

浮沉 Instability

When you are stuck, not activating the Sky Horse star, the Sky Sadness will amplify the negative emotion as you felt stuck, unable to move forward, couldn’t adapt into changes, ended up with high fluctuation.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Monkey Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Year Pillar

Embrace the changes in this new norm, no change no gain. Since you are blessed with so many great stars, you may observe there are many people around you traveling around, and best if you go with the flow by joining them. When you are traveling, there would be some expenses, take this opportunity to explore more and learn something new through this journey, as well as learning from your peers, nobleman and perhaps mentors. 

You may also found you can easily discover people who can solve your problem and despite the Clashing year, you are surrounded by problem solver unless you resist help.

Changes in your industry, market, environment, surrounding where you work. Be ahead of your game before others.

Month Pillar

For those who have the monkey zodiac in the month, expect some changes in your working environment, role or perhaps changing job. Thus I would advise you to activate the Study Hall star to learn something new this year, if you have been wanting to gain any certifications or accreditation, please invest in yourself so go and grab it this year. Perhaps this would help you to amplify your value then change your position.

This apply to both employees and business owners, for business owners sometime you need approval, accreditation, certification, standards compliance, especially when it involved Travel, import export, deal with other countries, well this is the year to go for it.

When you notice there are problems popping up everywhere, this is your opportunity to activate those problem solver stars, be the volunteer to take on these challenges. 

You may also have opportunities to travel either for work related, or expand for new territory. Through out this process be willing to invest into gain new knowledge, learn something new to grow you yourself or level up to attain a brand new.

If you want to win in your career, win through fame, be known for your ability to solve problem, not necessary you be the one to solve the problem though. Be the one who know how to find solutions instead.

Day Pillar

If you have the Monkey zodiac in your Day Pillar then this is a good year for you to travel especially during February. While activating your study hall star to learn to broaden your knowledge, life experience.

Relationship: Last year you have the Sky Happiness star which bring good tidings, potentially found new partners or tendency to get married, I hope you managed to seal the deal last year, but if you’re yet to do so well, for those who are single, this is a good year to do so especially if you are Earth Monkey 戊申(Wu Shen) Daymaster male, this year is your Girlfriend year where you have the opportunity to find a new girl friend. 

For the female you may found potential boyfriend but he is slightly hidden, required you to open your eye big big, increase your radar to detect him.

For those who are married then this is the best year to plan for holidays, travel and rediscover each others’ growth. People change from time to time, in this year it is all about re-learn about your partners and being able to provide support to each other.

Hour Pillar

For those who born in the Monkey Hour, this is a mind-shifting year for you, so this is a good year to learn something to shift your mindset and perhaps learn more about wealth management. The best investment you can do this year is invest into you, learn something new and prep yourself for the new norm. Or you may consider a shift/changes in your investment portfolio.

This year the people under your care may be very helpful to you, so this is the time for you to allow them to contribute in problem solving. Investment wise, spend more time to do your research as it is slightly volatile for you. Do not make reckless decision in your investment. With the Earth Relief it is good to renovate, repair or upgrade your house or properties. 

For those who are in the midst of spiritual pursuit, the Month Emptiness is one of the best star for you to learn about detachment, the deeper meaning of life pursuit and how attachment drawn us into the rat race.


Overall the Monkey Zodiac would do fine despite clashing with the Grand Duke this year, since you are blessed with 3 major problem solver stars which cushion your overall discomfort. Plus with the Sky Horse star, changing in environment, travel, moving house, shifting place may be part of the journey. Take this as the opportunity to discover new place, new experience and opportunities to learn new lifestyle. Out of so many clashes Monkey are backed with so many auspicious stars which overall would mitigate the inauspicious stars, therefore I would consider this as a new breakthrough rather than a discomfort.


For those who are born with the Bing Shen or Fire Monkey pillar, this is the year where you are experience Clashing Out where you have to be the one who initiate change pro-actively. As the moment you’re reading this, start to plan and design your brand new world, the workspace or network peers you wanted to hangout with.
But since this is Clashing Out effect which means it would potentially brings you wealth opportunities.


This year you may at certain time felt like you are the victim of circumstances, being kind hearted to offer your help to others but eventually landed yourself in hot water. 


Do not activate NE or SW sector this year.Not recommended to have main door, workspace, bedroom in these sector as these sector are clashing your energy.

Best friend with : Snake
Best alliance with : Dragon and Rat
Disharmony: Tiger


As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Goat Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 or use the Hack 2022 Annual Planner as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Brand New World
    Time to craft your brand new world, the world that you’ve been envisioned is finally taking place, take this opportunity to build the new environment in your way.
  • Dissolve Problem & Attack
    Nothing is impossible as long as you keep your spirit high up, problem exist for a reason and in this case it meant for you to dissolve it because you already built enough strength for this
  • Game Changer
    With 3 major relief star, you are the game changer this year. Flip the problem or adversity into your advantages, turn the bad to good, be the opportunist this year
  • Fame & Popularity
    Win through popularity and fame, be well-known for something good. In your case be the proactive problem solver, use everything you already have to solve others’ concern since you are blessed with this energy 


  • Changes
    Changes are imminent, design your ideal lifestyle according to your vision. After all in this new norm, you are not the only one affect.
  • Spendthrift
    Despite this year you will spend lesser compare to last year, make-sure your expenses are well planned for the benefit for more.
  • Bleeding Injuries
    Be more mindful as there are potential road or traffic accident, injuries which lead to bleed, if this occurs make sure to heal it. 
  • Fluctuation
    The negative side drawn you to uncertainties, uncomfortable with sudden flow of problem and challenges which eventually drive you up and down and fluctuate with uncertainties

Note : This article will be keep updated from time to time with new information, follow my Facebook page here to get the reminder so you can discover the Game Changer details.

Book session with me help you plan your 2022 with Chinese Horoscope, where you will discover your monthly energy, opportunities, when is your wealth month, plan important activities and what your current 10 years theme of life as well.

If you found all these information are inspiring and not sure how to integrate it in your annual planner, please do book a session with me so I help you translating all the technical term into a laymen practical action planner;

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  1. HI REnerqi, thanks for the informative and interesting analysis. Just wanna be sure, what is clashing out and clashing in for a person mean? HOw to differentiate when clash out and when clash in ?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Wan,

      For clashing in or clashing our, you can refer to the basic of 5 elements.
      Monkey (Geng – Yang Metal) will chop Tiger (Jia – Yang Wood). Monkey is clashing out towards the Tiger.

      2023 Rabbit is (Yi – Yin Wood), the Rooster (Xin – Yin metal) will clash into the Rabbit = clash into the Rabbit.

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