Dragon Zodiac in 2022

Chinese Zodiac Dragon in 2022
Chinese Zodiac Dragon in 2022

The Dragon zodiac in 2022 were known to have no auspicious star but fret not, underlying these auspicious stars brings crucial life transformation experience which would strengthen the future you in many ways. Let’s dig in to the most well-known zodiac among all under Chinese Horoscope 2022 especially for those with the Fire Dragon horoscope in 2022.

Dragon Zodiac in 2021

As the Dragon sign in 2021 experience the Destruction relationship with the Ox zodiac, you would experienced the year to remodel certain part, aspect in life. I hope you would have embraced the remodeling to redesign the brand new version of you, I would suggest you to take a deep dive into reviewing the Dragon Zodiac in 2021.

Dragon Zodiac in 2022

2022 dragon zodiac prediction
2022 Dragon zodiac influenced by Funeral Door, Earth Funeral, Leopard Tail, Moon Sha and …

This year the Dragon Zodiac in 2022 may need to put a hold into their life pursuit, instead focus more towards creating more memorable moments with their family and loved ones especially with the elderly. 

Theme : Family

Nothing is more important than family, this year it is important for you to go back to reconnect and strengthening the bonding between you and your family. As they would crave for your attention and this shall not be neglected. This year the Dragon Zodiac didn’t received any auspicious stars to support you, but fret not as this is the year to use whatever you have already learn, put all your knowledge into crafting important moment with those you love. This year there are 3 sadness star which came to remind you the importance of relationship, not just your personal relationship but as well as with your family, relatives, especially those elder;

喪門 Funeral Door

This sounds scary but the Funeral Door star does bring the news of sadness, could be receiving sad news of a family, relative or friends.

地喪 Earth Funeral

This is as it sounds, the Earth Funeral star denote mourning over sad events of family or friends. 

豹尾 Leopard Tail

The leopard tail star means you may accidentally stepped on a leopard’s tail then it will bite you as defense. Thus you need to be more sensitive and alert not to trigger or offend other people which may lead to potential financial losses.

隔角 Separating Edge

This star brings potential argument,entanglement and disputes due to miscommunication, misunderstanding and this would lead towards challenges, obstacles and hindrances which affect your life pursuit.

月煞 Moon Sha

This star is the spiritual calling star where you may need to put a hold onto whatever you’re pursuing. This is the time for you to seek answer within you yourself instead of seeking answer from external. You may experience obstacles, changes of your plan due to external circumstances as these are signs from the universe to remind you to seek towards your own spiritual pursuit,

天哭 Sky Cry

This star bring sadness, depression, due to continuous negative events chaining up to make you felt like everything seems to go wrong and not according to your plan.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Dragon Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Year Pillar

When you have the dragon zodiac in your year pillar, you would felt sad news surrounding you, there are potential of friends and relative who mourn over their losses, this pillar also should be take serious to self reflect over your own relationship with the elderly. 

If you still have your grandparent around, take this time to visit them, cherish their life for everything they have experience, and contribute to you and your family. Make this life experience worth living and experienced.

Month Pillar

For those who have Dragon zodiac in their month pillar, your career or work-space may surrounded with sad news, colleagues or team mates may experience sadness, mixed emotion due to their mixed up of both personal issue with career. 

Keep yourself aware all the time to detach yourself away from all these potential negative news. Pay more attention to your parent’s health and well-being as well. Perhaps this is the best time to bring them for a health check to ensure their health are well taken care of. This is a good time to revisit your family ties and craft more memorable moments with them.

Pro-active way to use this star is to put an end to something that you realized are yet to settle during last year’s year of destruction.

Day Pillar

This pillar would directly affect you, for those who’s Daymaster is sitting on top of the Dragon zodiac in their day pillar, this is the year to pay more attention to your spouse and your partner’s health. This year is where you shall focus more on each other’s well-being in term of health, family ties and relationship bonding.

Especially during this pandemic, stop taking things for granted as each moment matters in your future. Each moment would grow you differently, and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to re-review your relationship goal as well as your own health.

Hour Pillar

If last year’s year of destruction or remodeling activated, this is the year for you to end the old chapter. Put the end to all those past dramatic chapter in life as Earth Funeral star great for you to end current chapter, buried it and start a brand new chapter in term of your ambition, aspiration and future life re-envisioned.

Beware of your thoughts and thinking from falling into downward spiral, this would be more obvious if you let your mind auto run on it’s own (this is mainly due to the combination of stars surrounding you would easily activate the ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts)


Overall the Dragon zodiac brings huge amount of life lesson which mainly focusing on the health and well-being of people who they love and cared for. As Dr Stephen Covey’s 7 Habit of Highly Effective people book, the 1st chapter – Start with the end, this is a big life lesson worth us to ponder on what is the final outcome of our desired life? Have we lost our-self and all the things we cared for?

Take this year to put an end to all the negativity you’ve experienced, it is the time to close the old case to start and brand new version of you. Because the Dragon Zodiac is the house of Yang Earth energy which is stubborn by nature, if you have Wu – Yang Earth on heavenly stem this stubbornness would be amplified. Thus I would advice you to detach and remove away chips of the mountain which no longer relevant, it is the time to reveal the inner beauty by sculpting / chipping away the unnecessary thoughts. 

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As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Dragon Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Reconnect & Cherish Life
    Reconnect with all the people who you love, create more wonderful memorable moments to value and cherish life worth living together
  • Start From An End
    We often forgot where is the final point of our life, this is the time to figure out what truly matters in life by ending experience that no longer help you becoming the future you
  • Be The Supporting Pillar
    Open your eye, open your heart to experience and feel the pain of losing someone, how they needed someone to be their emotional supporting pillar. Even becoming just a pair of listening ear would some time good enough.


  • Low Immunity
    Overall health need to pay extra attention to review, body check, not recommend to go to morgue, funeral, unhygienic places.
  • Mourning call
    Potentially receive news or need to attend some unhappy events which may need you to stay calm, mental alertness not to fall into deep emotional state
  • Offending
    Keep yourself composed to ensure not easily blurted out something or done certain action which may offend other people.

Seasonal combination with the Tiger and Rabbit

This year you have one of the combination of energy in what we call the seasonal combination where it will strengthen the wood energy in your Bazi Destiny chart, therefore you shall add the GROWTH factor in your theme of life to stay reminded and self affirmed to grow above your own needs, this will prep you very well for next year.

Now that you have discovered almost 10% answer of your year 2022, you shall start to convert these information into propelling your life. Every year, every month we are given with different sets of energy for free, get in touch with me to help you craft your personalized 2022 annual plan to maximize all these given energy in transforming your life.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Sean Patrick Flanery

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