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Buy yourself the answer to get yourself unstuck. Thinking alone won't help you move forward, allow me to help you to put everything into big picture to help you move forward, book a consult now!

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See Your Life & Plan in Whole New Perspective

See your life in a whole new bird’s eye perspective with various layers of Metaphysics tool, you’ll gain a whole new level of clarity on how to move forward.

Discover & Gain Your Unfair Advantages

Through the perspective of  Chinese Metaphysics you will discover the answer and solutions to help you get unstuck, and clarity in term of;

SWOT Analysis

Discover your inborn Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and Life Lesson & your potential to get UNSTUCK!


Sometime we may be blinded with emotion, get a unbiased view with birth chart to discover compatibility.

Business or Career

Discover your best role, talents, modes of operation, and how to your desired maximum potential.

Planning & Strategy

What are the potential pitfall or hindrance stopping me in my plan? Let's strategy with Qi Men Dun Jia to win this business deal?

Jonath Lee in QiMen Club


I would use various methodologies with a combination of Chinese Metaphysics and coaching where I feel it deem relevant such as;

This is your life specification specs, discover your strength, your advantage, skillset, opportunities, decade theme of life, annual events, and etc. In a nutshell this is your life manual + specification.

This is where we would attempt to forecast your current question in mind from career, relationship, decision making and chart out strategies & tactics.

This is the Earth realm where we try to tap onto environmental energy to gain additional boost to the respective activities.

I would combine various methodology which I deem suitable for you based on Mindvalley’s Evercoach Methodology.

How This Work?

Before clicking the form below, here are some of the things you need to know before getting started. 

Most of the consult will be done through either Zoom or Google Meet. Physical consult can only be done in Malaysia via private arrangement.

There are 3 packages currently;

Online Consult (with NO report) : USD69/USD97

Most of my past consult does not provide any report as you can write down your own finding during the consult session.

Consultation with PDF Report USD129/USD147

For those who would prefer a PDF report after the consultation, then you may opt for this package as this is more suitable for those who need additional information plus some of the guide from the consult.

Consultation for Couple & Relationship Matching : USD120

This is where we’ll analyze 2 charts to help couples who wanted to learn more about each other, what are the potential pitfall, personal expectation and etc. 9

2023 Annual Planning & Consultation with PDF Planner USD197/USD247

For those who are looking towards for a more detailed report about your character, inborn skillset, roles, modes of operation, subconscious energy with annual planner and annual Flying Star Feng Shui setup + your personal energy map to maximise your given energy & opportunities. This will also include your 12 months 3 Victory days calendar, monthly calendar, important dates and more!

Book A Consult

In case you can’t find any time slot shown in above calendar, please contact me via email or WhatsApp to arrange manually. Because I do understand there are some time-zone difference and it can be arranged.