Chinese Zodiac : 5 Important thing to know

5 things about Chinese Zodiac you may have missed out
Chinese Zodiac : 5 Important thing to know prior reading your own Chinese Zodiac

Every-time you read about Chinese Horoscope, Chinese Zodiac Sign prediction, you mostly didn’t realize that there’s more into getting better accuracy about your Chinese Horoscope, here are the Chinese Zodiac : 5 Important thing to know prior reading your own Chinese Zodiac animal sign, and I hope you can gain better understanding in discovering your inborn life and opportunities given to you.

Chinese Zodiac 5 Important thing to know

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1. You May Have More Than 4 Zodiac Signs

Here I’m primarily use the system of Bazi, the 4 pillars of destiny. where you may find your own Bazi Destiny chart to contain more than 4 different Chinese Zodiac animal sign based on the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth. Each of these are separated into the 4 pillar with both Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches(animal zodiac sign).

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

You can simply Google up any Free Bazi Calculator to plot your own Bazi Destiny chart to find out the details of your inborn energy pattern.

2. The Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign in Each Pillar of Your Destiny Influence Different Aspect of Your Life

Like most Astrology or Horoscope system, Chinese Horoscope are basically the similar system referencing to 12 different stars or zodiac, thus you may have up to 4 different animal sign or zodiac and each of them would influence you differently. Once you’ve plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart, you shall find out which zodiac animal sign located in which pillar and how it is influenced by different auxiliary stars annually;

How To Read Bazi Structure explanation
How To Read Bazi Structure explanation

Year Pillar

Govern your first impression and the very external layer of you, general outlook, friends, social network, grandparent, market, environment, industry and etc. This layer is just like the exterior of your car, from the body, bumper, lights and etc.

Month Pillar

This is the most important pillar as it governs your business, career, work environment, job-scope, talent, skill-set, wealth opportunities, performance, parent and etc. Treat this as the engine and chassis of your car, is your car an high speed car, sports car, 4X4 off-road car, which environment this car perform well?

Day Pillar

The heavenly stem (highlighted on top) is all about who you are, personality, your thinking, thoughts pattern, behavior, characteristic while the zodiac animal sign governs your relationship, spouse and etc.
Treat this as the driver of the car, how you drive, your character, attitude, way of operating this car.

Hour Pillar

This is the most inner layer of your life which governs your dream, ambition, aspiration, desire, children and etc.

Treat this as the mind of the driver, the dream and goal of this driver whether you’re just trying to win the race, drive for leisure, trying to bump other car out of the race or etc.

Free Online Bazi Calculator

  1. – Registration required
  2. – Free Bazi Calculator
  3. – Free Bazi Calculator
  4. – Free but complicated for for more

How To Read Joey Yap Bazi Chart

How To Read Your Bazi Chinese Astrology Chart

Here I show you how to read Bazi Chinese Astrology chart, this is crucial for those who want to truly understand their Chinese Horoscope chart using Joey Yap Bazi Chart

Joey Yap Bazi Chart
How to read Joey Yap Bazi Chart

For those who are using Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter, you may find there are huge amount of contents from;

  1. Bazi natal 4 Pillars with every 10 year Luck Pillars
  2. Personal Feng Shui DNA : Life Star, 8 Mansion
  3. Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny
  4. Annual Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars)
  5. Monthly interaction for monthly planning
  6. Your own 5 structures (5 elements Bazi)
  7. Your own 10 profiles (10 useful god Bazi)
  8. and many other information

You may be overwhelmed with tones of information but no worries. All you need to focus for first layer is your own Natal Bazi 4 Pillars then the Luck Pillar. If you would like me to guide you to read this chart, drop me a message or comment in below, I may consider to write the guide on how to read Joey Yap’s Bazi Chart.

12 animal zodiac signs interaction

Each zodiac sign or better known as the earthly branches may holds different energy and would interact differently with each other.

3. Astrology is NOT Religious

This is the commonly asked question, Chinese Horoscope/Astrology are not related to religious, it is basically a statistical studies based on the orbit rotation of planet earth in the space, how the pattern of energy interaction between each planet. Thus astrology, horoscope has totally nothing to do with religious. It is just a statistically pattern analysis and we’re just using these statistic to help us to gain better understand about us ourselves.

4. Your Life is Not Carved in Stone nor Pre-written

Throughout my studies and usages, I realized our life were not entirely fixated or prewritten nor even carved in stone. We were given intelligence and ability to take action to change our life, thus we are basically learning more about us ourself then discover how we can best utilize our inborn ability to design a better life. Don’t live your life as default.

5. Personal Development with Astrology

After spending many years in personal development, personal growth programs like with Mindvalley, Chinese Metaphysics with several teachers and masters, I realized how important it is to first learn about our inborn nature just like a smartphone, the moment it is manufactured the company has designed the specification of the phone very well with certain strength and weakness, advantage and disadvantage to fit certain purpose. And our goal is to first discover our own Life User Manual through Chinese Metaphysics.


Your DNA, Your Life User Manual

Your Bazi Destiny chart can tell you huge amount of information about you just like your DNA such as;

  1. Character & Personality
  2. Attitude & Behavior
  3. SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, threat, opportunities)
  4. Modes of Operation
  5. Hidden talent
  6. Opportunities
  7. Life lesson
  8. Limited belief
  9. Theme of life
  10. Potential timed events/happenings
  11. Why you felt blocked
  12. Certain things your doctor may not been able to tell you
  13. and many others

Bazi Destiny chart is so crucial to a stage where I can call this your life user manual, be it for your personal growth or as a parent who wished to understand how to grow with their kids, while for relationship this will definitely important to understand your love language, why you feel and think in certain way, what could be potentially screw up your relationship.

That’s all for now, I hope I have provided you with the 5 Things Chinese Zodiac You Missed Out, so next time when you’re looking for answer regards to your zodiac, you now know how to read it properly. I will keep this post updated time to time, be sure to comment below if you have any questions.

If you’re still uncertain and wanna skip the hassle, just contact me and let me help you to get your Chinese Zodiac Chart.

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    Would you be kind enough to teach me free of charge, out of your goodwill, to interpret Joey Yap bazi data. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jjj,

      There are huge amount of free resources in this website and Joey Yap’s Youtube Channel to interpret your Bazi chart, I would highly recommend you to get started from there as you can keep watching.

    1. Hello Cee,

      I would like to do so, however Joey Yap’s Bazi Chart consist huge amount of information which required workshop to show you how to use it.
      And each one uses it differently, thus it is challenging to create a guide on interpreting it without foundation understanding over the technical stuff.

  2. Can you create a paid workshop for students of Chinese Astrology? How much do you charge for a full Chinese Astrology Reading? Thank you.

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