About RenerQi

Welcome to renerQI, where I share my experience, frameworks in Personal Development in hope to inspire everyone in gaining better clarity designing their own version of ideal life.

As our life getting busier chasing with daily work, serving others, life in society defined “ideal lifestyle”, we’re often blend our life into other people’s shadow and expectation. This has generally distanced us away from our inner self.

I hope through renerQi, you would find some of my work here would inspire you in gaining awareness and clarity leads you into re-designing your life through series of questions, deep thinking, guidelines and various inspiration.

First of all, who is Jonath Lee?

Hi I am Jonath Lee, a self-taught Web and User Interface, User Experience Designer by profession, a passionate personal development enthusiast who integrate my interest of Chinese Metaphysics to help people in personal growth through various layers of discovery, integration into a practical, action oriented framework.

My affinity with Chinese Metaphysics has been strong since my early age as it is quite common for for Chinese family to get advice from fortune tellers and masters to understand our life and how should we live our life, what to watch out.

However most of the advice weren’t good as most of them told me that my life we’re dull, should only focus on working for others, play safe, skip the thoughts of trying new stuff and yada yada yada …..

And true enough I just follow, I just followed the play safe line as per advice and the outcome wasn’t that encouraging, and my risk adverse has been very low to a state till my life crisis hit me hard to a state where I went into a deep depression during 2017.

I eventually went to self discovery in attempt to discover what and why all these incident happening to me. This is the time where I discover I have 2 major options;

  1. Becoming a monk
    There was an ordination program organized by Dhamma Piti Monastery for those who would like to experience Buddhism cultivation.
  2. Joey Yap’s QiMen Academy
    This was Joey Yap’s first ever online QiMen Academy where I re-discover again this ancient form of divination can do and potentially help me solve my current crisis.

Due to my work commitment that time, I couldn’t leave my work unattended, I decided to pursue Joey Yap’s QiMen Academy and from there onwards, my life completely transformed.

From here I learnt the art of self-discovery through the art of Chinese Metaphysics where we can discover our inborn nature, characteristic, ability and hidden talents which worth us discovery in the first place in life.

My Experience Your Gain

And through this, I decided to craft a more applicable and simplified method towards self discovery and helping people like you in discover the what innate ability you have been given, and craft your ideal life with better clarity.

Bazi Chart


Known as the 4 pillars of destiny, based on your date and time of birth we can discover what is your inborn character, behavior, luck, theme of life and we can potentially deduce your life, potential, skills, SWOT analysis and what improvement you need to improve life.

Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient form of environment study. By assessing landform, timing and various environment analysis we can determine the kind of energy we are absorbing in our daily life. By being able to tap into the positive energy, we’ll gain additional boost in our life.

Qi Men Dun Jia Chart

Qi Men Dun Jia

One of the well-known ancient form divination primarily used in war and battle. Currently we are using this system to forecast potential happenings and discover potential strategy and tactics to win our daily life battle.

Jonath Lee with team Joey Yap
Jonath Lee @ Joey Yap Thrive 2020