House Feng Shui Floor Plan
Drawing Service

Feng Shui floor plan design

Feng Shui floor plan design services for any level of users, be it for professionals, enthusiasts, hobbyist or even non-experience user.

If you have been facing difficulties in drawing your own house floorplan with Feng Shui ruler and guides, allow me to help you in convert your existing floorplan with item as listed below;

  • Redraw & redesign your floorplan
  • 24 Mountain Ring
  • Unit Facing, Sitting, Degree
  • Natal Chart Flying Stars
  • 8 Mansion directions
  • Flow analysis
  • Each sector and room usages
  • Favourable sector & usages
  • Annual Flying Stars Feng Shui

If you have seen some of my work, I love to simplify information into beautifully designed visual, so you could focus more on application and design your own activities effortlessly instead of fussing with repeating drawing your floor plan with different purposes.

The cost of designing the floorplan is subjected to your requirements and also based on level of complexity of your provided plan. However if you don’t have a proper floorplan, and would like to draw from scratch then additional cost may involved.


  1. Send me your date and time of birth and location of birth.
  2. Google map location
  3. Unit facing direction
  4. Send me your existing floorplan
  5. Send me photo references of your house interior

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Customised Service

If you are a Feng Shui Master or Feng Shui Practitioner and would like to engage me with a customised design work, please do not hesitate to contact me. From designing customised compass rings, floorplan, visual report and many others.  I am available for design related task.