Snake Zodiac in 2022

2022 Snake Zodiac prediction
2022 Snake Zodiac prediction

This year the Snake Zodiac in 2022 would keep on thriving as they are blessed with 5 auspicious stars which of course you have to keep your momentum up and spirit high to push your way through all the way towards the thriver’s group. Be sure to read more on predictions, guides, strategies and more to boost up your snake horoscope in 2022.

Snake Zodiac in 2021

For those who have Snake zodiac in their Chinese Horoscope Chart, let’s get started by reviewing the snake zodiac 2021 to understand more on how your luck as been going, find-out what potential opportunities, boost, and all the goodness you may have missed out here.

Snake Zodiac in 2022

Snake in 2022 prediction
Bazi Auxiliary stars influencing the Snake in 2022 prediction

If you’ve been wondering is year of the snake lucky in 2022? Well the snake in 2022 will continue to thrive and surf higher to ensure you got most aspect of life under control. This year you are blessed with 5 auspicious stars and 9 inauspicious stars, however fret not as most of the auspicious stars are strong enough to help you overcome the negative side.  

Theme : Grow Above Your Needs

Read on to find out how to activate these auspicious stars and I would highly recommend you to plan out the best time to activate these stars before you hit on the pedal.

太陰 Moon

With The Moon star is the counterpart of The Sun, The Sun star represent senior or older male nobleman while The Moon represent female nobleman. This is one of the unique nobleman star which brings you helpful person especially when it comes to increasing your opportunistic mindset. Learn how to observe and find out the market gap, what’s been missing from the market, how to turn these into your opportunities. This is one of the most favorable formation to boost your entrepreneurship or side gig.

天乙 Heavenly Yi Nobleman

With Heavenly Yi Nobleman this strengthen your ability to gain additional help and this would be beneficial to materialize your ideas. Activate this star to gain help or put your ideas into traction. 

天鉞 Sky Gracious

Sky Gracious star boost and increases overall nobleman luck with more likability. This would boost your learning, academic, ability to dissect complex information, score better in examination or getting yourself certified with particular accreditation would be highly auspicious. For business owners, running your own business, freelancer or etc. Thus you need to activate this star once your career or aspiration pillar to expand your business globally.

玉堂 Jade Hall

Jade Hall star is the star boost the value increment of your wealth, best if you already accumulate or attained certain asset. Be it knowledge or properties or investment (check the element within this pillar) This is a good star boosting you value especially for those who are running own businesses, Time the activation then this would boost overall value for the long run.

太极贵人 Tai Ji Nobleman

Together with The Moon Star, Tai Ji Nobleman increase the pace to boost you to pursue non-conventional knowledge, able to see the higher level of humanity needs, life pursue or perhaps discover how to connect with your higher self. This is a good star to boost your personal innerwork.

歲刑 Year Punishment / Triple Punishment

The Snake Zodiac would form Triple Punishment with the Tiger and Monkey Zodiac in Bazi system. Basically this mean your hard work went unappreciated and worst this would pull your credibility down. Redefine your value, what you stands for, your credibility and way to present you and your professionalism. 

六害 Six Harms

The Snake zodiac forms Six Harm when the Tiger zodiac appears, be it in your natal chart or during the year of Tiger. This brings the feeling of betrayal, impatient which leads to reckless action. Be aware of how your mind think, feel and react. For our Life Hackers student, please turn to the page of daily gratitude and self affirmation to shift this energy to positive usages.

天官符 Heavenly Officer Charm

The Heavenly Officer Charm star brings legal issue like summonses, income tax, documentations, submissions. Take this as a reminder to re-view all your documentation works and if needed activate this as part of your necessity via the nobleman month chart.

孤辰 Solitary

Solitary star literally means you would be feeling solitude, handling and dealing with all the hefty workload all alone. No one you felt you can leverage on. I would advice you to write this part in your game changer page instead as this star can be use as amplifier.

勾絞 Hook Spirit

Hook spirit brings back past issue, karmic ties and perhaps something you thought you have ended it ages ago suddenly came back to hunt you down. With overall formation stars in this year, this Hook Spirit would also causes you loss of wealth and financial ground.

卒暴 Great Assembly

The Great Assembly star brings situation where you may need to assemble everyone to find out who could be potentially the culprit of some incidences like theft, betrayal, emotion drama an etc. Worst this may put certain processes onto a halt due to serious accidents.

貫索 Piercing Rope

The Piercing Rope is one of the strong star of Pressure, where you may be pressured to commit, to play certain role of an agreement. This is highly inauspicious when it come to dealing with financial matter. Not recommended to become a guarantor as this may potentially bind you with some legal term which may drag into a more serious issue as this star come together with Hook Spirit and Great Assembly.

亡神 Death God

Death God star basically brings fatique due to overwork, which would also causes you to easily forgotten important stuff, lack of focus. Thus you need to be more mindful and meticulous when it comes to dealing with important stuff.

Additional Note

Ungrateful Punishment

Tiger and Snake zodiac forms ungrateful punishment where your hardwork, kind hearted approach went away unappreciated. Surrounded by people who don’t appreciate nor grateful for your presence.

Triple Punishment

If you have the Monkey zodiac in your natal chart or already in the Monkey Luck Pillar, you have to take extra note as this may brings the Triple Punishment where you set out to do something good, however being blame for minor mistake or worst may be framed by others over small or tiny matter. Thus you need to uplift and develop the mature side of you, be professional in handling most matters, have clear and firm stand point over matters.

Now that you have discovered almost 10% answer of your year 2022, you shall start to convert these information into propelling your life. Every year, every month we are given with different sets of energy for free, get in touch with me to help you craft your personalized 2022 annual plan to maximize all these given energy in transforming your life.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Snake Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Year Pillar

You may realized you’ve been surrounded with people, peers who didn’t receive the sense of appreciation and gratitude over what they truly worth. This is where your opportunity arises (remember the Moon star)?

When problem like these arises, this is where you activate your Moon star by becoming the nobleman or good pair of listening ear. Start by becoming the nobleman to help others, be in the vibes of nobleman group as this would also increase your magnetism to attract the right helpful nobleman.

Month Pillar

If the Snake zodiac appears in your month pillar, this govern your wealth creation, work, career environment. This is where you shall uplift your own position to be proactively absorb noises to filter out potential opportunity for you to step up your game. 

You would also need to observe if you may have lay down potential bad record or unresolved issue in the past, take the pro-active approach to dig it out to resolve it before it pop-up and bite you in the ass, as this may turned into the piercing rope wrapping you and binding you down.

Day Pillar

If the snake zodiac appear in your day pillar, if you’re single then you might be pressured to chase up the pace of your race, and you may felt wanting to seek to run away to seek for relief. 

However if you are in relationship or married, you may be pressured to perform and perhaps your partner may wanting to help you to grow in someway. This may come in good way but mostly taken in negatively if you are not ready, thus I would advice you two to chart out the intention and shift the approach into relationship goal instead.

If your relationship has been stagnant for quite some time, take this opportunity to seek more inspiration to uplift your relationship and family goal. Chart out your relationship goal and start crafting the journey to inspire each other to the next level in your relationship through the nobleman stars.

Hour Pillar

With both the Moon and Tai Ji Nobleman star, this heightened up to shift your thoughts pattern and life goal direction. I would advice you to take on some courses or read more books relate to personal spiritual growth to help you elevate or fill in the emptiness of your life pursuit, discover the higher meaning of your life pursuit.

If you already doing investment or already own asset, well this is a good news as the Jade Hall star increases the value of your asset. Allocate more time to take advantage of this star in managing your investment.

If you have been wanting to kickstart your own side gig, well you should start activate the Moon star strategically to find out what the market needs and plan your execution based on your wealth month, best to overlay with the Flying Star Feng Shui star 8 together once stable.

As this pillar also governs your children and subordinate, you have to extra care when it comes to your children as their absent minded may cause serious harm or potential loss of wealth, unfinished homework or work submission. You may mitigate this by setting new routine or safety precaution if you have the Direct Officer star in your Bazi chart.


Overall the Snake zodiac would keep thriving very well despite surrounded with all mentioned inauspicious stars, by activating The Moon, Heavenly Yi and Sky Gracious according the their respective month, most of these dwindling issue can be easily resolved. Thus do not negatively amplify these negative stars as they exists to help you grow. 

Comment in the box below to get upcoming updates on how to use the game changer in transforming your life.


As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Snake Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 or use the Hack 2022 Annual Planner as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Higher Purpose
    Imagine whatever you’ve been doing were just some a minor dots in your life, waiting for you to connect it all with a higher or bigger purposes, go and seek in the realm above all material gain
  • Nobleman Club
    Learn how to ask for help, be receptive towards potential advice, assistant, opportunities, as most of the stuff we wanted to attain in life came from others
  • Opportunist Radar
    With so many helpful nobleman, you have to increase your sensitivity to spot the gap in market, take advantage on top of it to increase your overall value
  • Expand Your Presence & Offerings
    If you have been wanting to expand your market, audiences or presence globally, this is the year to outreach easily with all the help from external, craft your unique value and position yourself close via localization approach


  • Emotional Harm
    Find your clarity in term of your own position, define what you should and shouldn’t do, your boundaries and safety zone to prevent from falling off your own stand (value and self identity)
  • Entanglement
    It is the right time to face all your past issue, write it all down in “My Fear Game” workbook, slowly dissect every fear into the game accordingly and you will gain the strength to overcome this strategically
  • People’s Problem
    Problem exists to be solved, be more mindful with all these drama, people’s matter, betrayal and all these emotional drama. Stay clear away by shifting your mind between logic and emotional sides. This is best to be done via the My Turmoil worksheet, there is where you’ll turn these into the reward

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

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