2022 Chinese Zodiac Prediction

Complete guide to your Chinese Zodiac in 2022 Prediction for all 12 animals zodiac sign under Chinese Horoscope in 2022 with detailed analysis and strategies with new set of auxiliary stars for you.

Year of Water Tiger 2022 壬寅

2022 is the year of 壬寅 Water Tiger and here I have compiled a more technical and detailed analysis, prediction, and how to strategize your year with respective strategies with your annual planner.

You may find what I’m creating here is completely different than what others Chinese Horoscope website told you, here I would first need to explain to you on this part.

No lucky element, lucky direction, which lucky charm to wear, nor what lucky sign to put, no rating on for each zodiac(rating doesn’t really give you the real practical answer by the way). Instead I’m focusing more on practical and effective usages of Chinese Zodiac.  Throughout my years of studying Chinese Metaphysics and Personal Development I have designed a set of practical usages of Chinese Zodiac into your annual planner, but first;

You may have up to 4 Zodiac sign in your chart

All the information explained in this such a detailed guide are based on Bazi – 4 Pillars of Destiny where you may potentially have more than 4 zodiac sign govern different aspect of your life;

Once you discovered who you are (Your Daymaster) then proceed to find out which animal zodiac influencing which area of your life then start to dig in.


Keep in mind, the moment you arrived into this article shows you already taken 1 step forward to discover how to make your life better, therefore once you finished reading you shall actually write down your finding in your own journal, put it as part of your annual planner or monthly planner to keep yourself be reminded of opportunities, what to look out for, what to avoid and etc.

I hope you’ll find this series of Chinese Zodiac in 2022 benefit you in all aspect of live and if you are not sure on how to apply, simply just contact me using the form here. so I can assist you in discover your personalized energy DNA and craft your thriving 2022 together.

2022 Chinese Zodiac Signs Prediction

Effective Applications with 2022 Chinese Horoscope Prediction

Important note : We were all given sets of good and bad stars and these stars are influencing whether we’re conscious and not-conscious. Therefore I would recommend you to write down your own planner by integrate 2022 Chinese Horoscope to effectively maximise your given opportunities.

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More Detailed Guide to Your 2022

Beside Chinese Zodiac Sign Horoscope here are more guides to help you in 2022 Life Transformation Hack.

2022 annual planner renerqi

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