Goat Zodiac in 2022

Goat zodiac in 2022
Goat zodiac in 2022

The Goat Zodiac in 2022 experience a big comeback year after massive changes, boosted with Jade Hall, Monthly Virtue, Sky Happiness and etc.

Goat Zodiac in 2021

For those who have the Goat zodiac in their Chinese Horoscope or Bazi Chart, you may have experienced changes due to the clash year of the Ox in 2021. These changes are meant to help you change to a brand new environment, to rebuilt your own brand new foundation. However after this storm, comes the rainbow where all the beauty horizon unravel itself. Prepare to enjoy this brand new journey with stronger establishment. Click here to check Goat in 2021 prediction and strategies.

Goat Zodiac in 2022

2022 Chinese Horoscope Goat
2022 Chinese Horoscope Goat

This year the Goat Zodiac in 2022 kickstart with 4 good auspicious stars, and these are all about enjoying the thrill after the storm last year.

Theme : New World New Territory with a New Authority

Read on to find out how to activate these auspicious stars and I would highly recommend you to plan out the best time to activate these stars before you hit on the pedal;

月德 Monthly Virtue

Monthly Virtue is the problem solver star, ability to solve problem and take advantage of the problem to turn it into reminder to guide others indirectly.

天喜 Sky Happiness

Sky Happiness is finally here where it is the time for you to celebrate after venture into the storm. This is one of the best happy celebration stars, great for good tidings, potential good for seal the deal with the right partner.

國印 National Treasure

National Treasure star boost your reputation, capacity, experience to a stage where you will become the authority in your industry.

玉堂 Jade Hall

Jade Hall denote your wealth, asset or accumulation’s value increased. This is one of the best wealth star, so for the Goat this year you have to list down your asset and accumulation for a good review.

攀鞍 Pulling Saddle

Pulling Saddle is the NOS (Nitrous Oxide) shot in your turbo-charged car. This is the accelerator star where is stepped right then you will strike towards your goal faster.

小耗 Lesser Consumer

Lesser Consumer denotes more spending, but consider lesser than last year. So plan your expenses well.

死符 Death Charm

Death Charm in this case bring the negative news, events such as funeral. Thus this year you shall allocate time to visit the elderly to take good care of them. Especially male.

Additional Note

Goat and Horse Combine

The Goat is a good friend to the Horse Zodiac, so if you are looking for a partner, find the synastry and connection with someone. The Horse is one of your best friend. This formation would produce the fiery Moon and Sun energy which is crucial to provide warmth and hope to those who are lost.


Bazi chart structure
Bazi chart structure

You have may up to 4 different zodiac / animal sign in your Bazi Destiny Chart , from the year, month, day, and hour pillar you’re born in, each pillar govern respective influence in your life.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Goat Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Year Pillar

This year you are surrounded with loads of celebration, happy events and strengthen overall bonding with your network, peers, industrial and friends. Keep your energy on the top celebration vibes, in this state your clarity and ability to solve problem easily with the Monthly Virtue star together. You may also found yourself easily connected to problem solvers around this pillar. Be willing to spend more on growing and maintaining your network, after all, what we want in life comes from people around you.

Month Pillar

For those who are born in the Goat month, this is where your skillset, capacity, and potentially given higher authority in your career. This is where you shall utilize all your past experience and establish a solid foundation with a brand new energy. Every milestone and achievements worth to celebrate, this is where you shall capitalize on acknowledge and reward those who have contributed.

Together with the Pulling Saddle star, I would advice you to plan your new venture or new ideas properly, set your trajectory right then start to accelerate with full force to make things happen, with the Monthly Virtue star you would be always on top of any minor obstacles, therefore keep your spirit high this year!

Since this is also the pillar of your parent and family, I would advice you to spend more time to observe their health and allocate more attention towards their health. Take this opportunity to spend time and craft more meaningful moments with them.

Day Pillar

For those who have the Goat zodiac in their Day Pillar, congratulations as the Sky Happiness star brings good tidings, potential this year is the right year for you to seal the deal, getting married or perhaps engage! This is especially for 丁未 Ding Wei (Fire Goat) ladies as this is where you meet your Husband Star DO (Direct officer) star.

For those who are married, this is a good year for you to allocate more time to celebrate with your partner. Allocate more time to travel with your loved ones especially the Snake Month (May) as this is your Sky Horse or Travel Star month, set this in your calendar right now. And for those who’s partner have the Goat zodiac, you should know what to do.

Hour Pillar

For those who are born in the Goat Hour (1pm to 3pm), congratulations as this pillar governs the things under your care such as sub-ordinate, children, staff and etc. This is where you can allocate more celebrations, rewards and acknowledge their achievements, milestone and help them to amplify their capacity to perform better.

Since the Hour Pillar also govern your asset, accumulation, investments (for those who’s fulltime job is not investment), congratulations as the Jade Hall star brings positive value increment of your accumulations! Find your Wealth Month and strategize way to explore way to position it in the right audience who knows how to value your belonging.

Connect yourself with the Star 9 in flying star Feng Shui to connect all 3 realm (Heaven, Earth and Man) to gain your unfair advantages.


Overall the Goat zodiac would keep thriving very well despite surrounded with all mentioned inauspicious stars,

When the Monthly Virtue comes together with the Sky happiness star, this is one of my favourite combo as both this star amplify your positive energy, when you are happy you will see opportunities and goodness in every corner of your vision. This star would also boost your positive mindset to increase your ability to solve problem with the Monthly Virtue star above. Install few self affirmation to keep your level high all the time, and you will notice most problem were not even a real problem at all.

As for the Pulling Saddle star, this is one of the grey area star where you first need to have a goal. If you have a very clear goal, destination then this star would be great, just hop in the car and start accelerate. However if you are dragged with burden, uncertainties or lack of a clear vision, this star would backfire as you may step on the wrong accelerator heading towards a crash. However due to the Death Charm star which may bring potential sad event, funeral, or ignored baggage behind you, stepping on the accelerator would only drag everything together.


As you have discovered all auspicious and inauspicious Goat Zodiac in 2022, now you shall write down the below into your personal Annual Planner 2022 or use the Hack 2022 Annual Planner as I have previously taught to ensure you can reprogram your mind and prime your mindset to activate and use the positive effect from all these stars into your real life personal growth.


  • Problem Solver
    Keep your spirit and energy up high this year, the more positive energy you accumulate, the stronger you see solutions.
  • Rise To Authority
    Maximise your knowledge, experience, expertise, rise up to become the authority in your field, you deserve this! Affirm yourself with “I AM ENOUGH“.
  • Your Value in Every Aspect
    Beside asset, properties, your skills and experience were also your asset, sharpen your sword and make-sure it will well known its’ value.
  • Happy Spirit
    Life worth experience and celebrates, moment comes moment goes, you deserve to grasp on those happy experience, spread your happiness, spread every single happy moments and you will start to attract positive energies, life will be smoother, happier, and meaningful.
  • NOS Boost!
    With clear goal you’ll accelerate forward instantaneously. Spend more time in crafting your plan and goal!


  • Wrong Pedal?
    Boosted with so much energy be sure you have set a clear goal and clear destination. Make sure you stepped onto the right accelerator towards the right direction.
  • Spend Thrift
    Despite this year you will spend lesser compare to last year, make-sure your expenses are well planned for the benefit for more.
  • The Fallen One
    Pay extra attention to the elderly, as there are potential serious illnesses or worst, lead to death.
  • Self-Doubt
    With so much positive star, one of the side effect here is self-doubt, or self-suppressed your true feeling due to unsettled past clashes.

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