Tiger Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

Tiger Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

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Chinese horoscope Tiger Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

For those with Tiger zodiac sign in your Bazi, it’s time for you to join the nobleman club, be helpful to bigger crowds. Excel your career through gaining and giving help, continue to go out to be presence and show up, help & opportunities shall be there.

Tiger Performance in 2020

Those born with Tiger zodiac sign in their Bazi would gain opportunities in experiencing different environment as they are supported by Sky Horse, a travelling star which enable them to either have more opportunities in traveling, changing environment, exploring new territories.

However they may also be boggled down by feeling loneliness with the Solitary star, however travel alone isn’t that bad after all especially when you can spend more time in self rediscover and deep thoughts.

Tiger Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

This year you are blessed with The Sun nobleman where you could easily gain help from helpful people be it in your career, life, or even personal relationship. While for those who are single this year you may discover your potential long-term partner.

This year is a great learning year to upgrade your skills, knowledge which is good especially for those pursuing academic study and examination. For those who wanted to pursue spiritual pursuit, this year you will have more connection in discovery non-conventional study.

Bazi chart
Please refer back to your Bazi Destiny Chart to define the influence of particular animal sign respectively

Tiger animal sign could potentially appear in different pillar of your Bazi. Plot your Bazi anywhere online or directly order a Personalized Bazi Report so you could focus on your plan instead of tedious study.

Tiger sign in your chart

Tiger Year

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Tiger Month

Feb 4 - Mar 5

Tiger Hour

3am until 5am

Chapter : Gamify Your Life




For #innerwork framework users, we’ll be focusing helping you discover your inborn character, and design your character’s growth path. Attributes below is the explanation in term of self gamification;


+ Nobleman Club

Welcome to the nobleman club where you will receive support from male helpful nobleman. One of the best way to attract nobleman of course is to join the nobleman club, basically just become nobleman to others, offer your help, contribution, assistant and connection to help others.

+ Great Academic and Studies

Good leaders never stop learning, invest in your own personal growth in term of hardskill, softskills, networking, financial literacy, and sharpen your skills. Perhaps teaching or sharing your knowledge to others would also be reconnected to your nobleman club’s contribution.

+ Great Relationship, Partnership, Bonding

If you are single, this year you may have opportunity to meet potential life partner, for those who are already in a relationship perhaps you may consider tight the knots this year. For businesses this would be a good boost into partnership, alliance, collaboration opportunities.


Offending Women : Be empathetic and sensitive not to offend women, and don’t just focus in negative topics, or seeing negative side in other people. Focus on the potential, remember that you are a nobleman to others after all.

Talk Only, No Action / Bloating : This year is not the year for you to just talk or bloat your ideas around. Start taking action or else your ideas, opportunities or endeavor would be stolen or bypassed by others, as you’re on robbers’ watchlist. Stay grounded, follow-up, grab the opportunity, take action and push for the results.

Disconnected: Either you embrace this brand new wave of thriving energy or be fallen behind and detached away from showing up, be presence in new network.


Finance Blindspot: Be more meticulous in managing and review all your financial related matters. Shattered Analysis is something which may affects your decision making when it comes to financial related matters such as investment, lending money, or anything related to making large transaction.

Shiny-object : Focus on your own project, despite there may be other potential options, or attractive projects, endeavor. Stay focus and be consistent with your path. Strong execution is crucial this year. Else you would be keep swimming towards the wrong island and ended up in nowhere, which leads you to frustration and lethargic.

Adulterous : would be the last consequences especially for those who are married if you are swayed away by various attractions and seduction out-there.

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