OX Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

Ox zodiac animal sign 2021

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The Grand Duke OX Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

The Grand Duke OX Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021 with a brand new energy as you are the Grand Duke this year, you are the leader. Being a leader would sure would be battling your way out, so prepare to up your game to become A-Player and stop at no will.

Ox Performance in 2020

During the Geng Zi (Metal Rat) in 2020, I hope you would have experienced a lot of connection, networking, mentoring, help and collaboration within your network and thriving support by 3 nobleman stars with loads of positive events, celebration around.

You may experienced some project didn’t turned out as expected, this may happen if you talk too much about what you wanted to do, the changes speeds up so fast until your project may not turn out as initiated.


Ox Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

Being The Grand Duke this year denote bigger & higher responsibility, battles in taking leads. Be persistent in facing obstacles/challenges into your bonus gain, good for career boost.

Any battle in life would come at a cost and risk, injury, bleeding would easily afflicted. But in modern days, indecisive could also harm you especially in such a fast moving pace environment.

However for artist, designer, creator this year would brings you floods of inspiration to craft your ideas, intellectual property and sharpen your work. Spend more time in research and development to increase your value or upgrades to serve better.

Don’t be carried away with work alone, health, relationship and clear communication with people around you. Gain deep understand prior any action.

Beware of travel, stay away unhygienic places such as morgue, burial places, ensure yourself keep hygienic at all cost especially during these pandemic.

And lastly, there would be potential leakage of any hidden problem, scandal or etc. Best is to solve it before it gets to you or worst, leaked out or revealed. Hopefully you have cleared yourself as much past issue as possible to prevent potential unnecessary trouble.

Bazi chart
Please refer back to your Bazi Destiny Chart to define the influence of particular animal sign respectively

Ox animal sign could potentially appear in different pillar of your Bazi. Plot your Bazi anywhere online or directly order a Personalized Bazi Report so you could focus on your plan instead of tedious study.

Ox sign in your chart

Ox Year

1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Ox Month

Jan 6 - Feb 3

Ox Hour

1am until 3am

Chapter : Gamify Your Life




For #innerwork framework users, we’ll be focusing helping you discover your inborn character, and design your character’s growth path. Attributes below is the explanation in term of self gamification;


+ Great Power, Great Responsibilities

Up your game as A-Player, it’s time to take lead and charge your way in your lane. You may feel fighting a lone battle, but fret not as you are charging ahead, lead the pack to thrive forward. List down your fear and turn it into your game, your project and design your way to the milestone.

+ Craft, Research & Development

This is the year where you shall focus more on research and development to upgrade or craft your creation. Great for artist, composer to craft what’s ahead for your next creation for the world.


Scream of Pain : Leader shall always keep their communication and order cleared and well understood by others. Any miscommunication may cause harm and backfire.

Legal Blind  & Bind : Get an additional eye to help you when it comes to legal, agreement, contract related matter. This is especially crucial when it involved relative, partners or spouse.

Scandal Radar : Get your past issue solved as it may turned to haunt you down.

Mischief Touch : Things may appear to be fragile under your hand, any touch may easily break stuff. It’s time to polish and sharpen your tools, your equipment or perhaps backup your digital devices.


Bleeding : may be common especially when it is visible, the worst things is those bleed internal organ or your emotion bleed.

Fear Cast & Shadow Strike : Hidden attack, robbery, harm which may happen behind.

The last thing the Somber Call may bring sad events or news which may linger around your mind. 

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