Self programming through daily manifestation

QiMen Manifesting self programming

For those who aware they have bad habits or even negative thoughts, here are some QiMen self programming commands through daily manifestation you can try to re-programming your subconscious mind through Alpha-State-Meditation or Sage Mode (under Fa-QiMen/Spiritual QiMen).

QiMen Manifestation

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

In QiMen Manifestation, everyone single one of us were born with a guardian spirit/guardian angel with different ability. Basically, it is our subconscious self and we have to train to work together with our guardian spirit in order to bring things moving forward together. Find your own guardian of destiny as shown in the chart (highlighted in the red colored DESTINY BOX).

Qi Men destiny 7 star-path

Plot your QiMen Destiny :

Alpha State Meditation or Sage Mode Meditation is where the our mind has reached a calm and relaxed state. In this state our subconscious mind is free and would be easily open to communication stage between our conscious self and subconscious self. In this state we can easily connect, communicate with our inner self and aligning ourselves to the universal divine state where we can re-program our own mind, and even wish manifestation.

QiMen Self Programming

And in this post, I will share some of my QiMen Self Programming command in removing old habits and installing good habits. Here I have listed down some of the thing you can start to change your own mindset, by clearing off these bad or re-programming your mindset with the right keywords;

Things I will stop

  • Less excuses, more action
  • Stop worrying over things I can’t change
  • I’m not so entitled
  • Stop procrastinate on important thing
  • No more gossiping
  • Fear of failure
  • Stop spending over unnecessary thing
  • I stopped jealous
  • Stop holding onto the past
  • Pleasing everyone
  • Over expectation on other people
  • Over-indulge in unhealthy habits such as (fill in your bad habit)
  • Cursing people
  • Worrying how I look
  • Stop complaining
  • Feeling of guilt, anger or holding grudge over past events
  • Lazy / non-progressive habits which holding you back
  • Addicted to social media
  • How others think of you, how they judge you
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Unhealthy relationship
  • Over reactive
  • Living in someone else’s shadow

Things I will do more

  • I am enough
  • Be grateful
  • I eat moderately
  • I will spend more time with people who helps me growing
  • Hangout with people who
  • Clear my debt
  • Remove old unused item
  • Manage my time
  • Learn to let go over bad experience
  • Increase my value to other people
  • Problem and obstacles hide opportunities
  • Remove possession which no longer bring me happiness
  • Remove or donate old things to the need
  • Care for my health, my health is my everything
  • Away from comfort zone
  • Plan my month, week, day

Example of command

I will no longer let excuses drown me away, I am and will continuously take action pro-actively as I have more opportunities lies ahead waiting for me.

I till remember when I was tasked to help others in reading their Bazi destiny chart, I was hesitate and felt the sense of inadequacy in my skills and knowledge. But slowly by slowly I start to dare myself to help other people in reading their chart, and helping them in defining their clear goal and derive solutions.

Throughout these process, I start to list down my fear and design my own command to overcome this year, and the command below is what helps me in making this break a reality;

I am enough, I have enough knowledge to help those who needed my help. Bring forward me anyone who I could help within my capability.

If you have no idea at all, while still wanted to gain improvement in life, here is one simple daily self improvement command to your subconscious or your guardian spirit;

Guardian Spirit, I command you to give me 1% improvement in every aspect of my life tomorrow.

Basically the formula to design your command is easy, I will [subject] because [the reason it no longer work in your future self], therefore I love [the outcome + feedback emotion of how much you enjoy the outcome].

Discover Your Own Qi Men Guardian of Destiny As Below

Here I have listed down all the Qi Men Guardian of Destiny as below;

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