White Tiger Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

White Tiger Qi Men Deity Guardian of Destiny
White Tiger Qi Men Deity Guardian of Destiny

If your Guardian of Destiny is the White Tiger you may inherit some of the characteristic in your powerful & energetic subconscious as below;

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here. This astrology system chart out your subconscious super power and also your additional life theme which is completely different than Bazi or Purple Star Astrology.

Introduction to the White Tiger Deity

White Tiger deity, Tiger, 白虎, this is the guardian ferocious spirit which governs physical energy form, it also bring fighting spirit, courageous, huge amount of stamina and physical energy. This is the Yin Dun counter part(appear in the second half of the year) of The Grappling Hook which governs longevity, endurance, mental engagement where the White Tiger governs physical high vitality, energetic, aggressive, strong stamina and etc.

Guardian of Destiny White Tiger
Guardian of Destiny White Tiger

If your Guardian of Destiny is the White Tiger or 虎 Tiger you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Short Tempered & Easily Triggered

Your over-energetic and aggressive drive come with a flaw, your short tempered and easily triggered when conversation didn’t work in your way.

Hasty, Impatient, Impulsive and can be Reckless

Your strong hunger towards particular outcome may causes you to act hastily, your impatient to get the outcome next could causes more side issue unnecessarily. (These negative traits will be further amplified if you have self-punishment or yang star such as Destructor/Disruptor).


You are very righteous, to you black is black, white is white, there’s no need of grey areas which confusing people. Making things clear would easily help everyone to understand and clear with where they are what they need to do. Which in this case you dislike those who are manipulative, willing to fight for those under-privilege, involved in charitable activities to make things happen.

Action Speaks Louder Than Word!

For you, results come from action! Not any freaking beautified words. No action no result, life is that simple thus you are the one who always get your hands dirty to get the job done, even it is something you haven’t try but to you, it’s either Do or No Do, if no one going to do it then please step aside and let the White Tiger handle it.

Healthy State

Constantly Living In Face-paced Life

A healthy White Tiger person would constantly get themselves busy involving in either constant learning (if their Great Moon is in high level), or they are constantly busy doing something or experimenting with new activities. Not necessary sports related but it depends in what Door and Star they were born with.

Uplifting and Charging others

Your constant flowing energy will also uplift others indirectly. Therefore wherever you go, your energetic characteristic will brighten up the atmosphere in any group you hangout with. This is crucial especially when it comes to group physical activities like group sport, sport coaching and etc.

Just Bring It

There is no impossible, it’s only a problem yet to resolved. To you it’s all about trial and error, while others will keep thinking about the theory and technical, you already on your way with your sleeves up to work things out. Thus a lot of bosses would love your characteristic being a do’er who willing to push any boundary, any challenges and constantly raising the benchmark.

Unhealthy State


Despite you have a wonderful flow of energy empowering your physical wellbeing, your body, muscle, cells and others are still limited as just like other human being. They have their own limit in someway, therefore you need to rest sufficiently, even short rest could sufficient to allow your body to recuperate properly.

Self-centered & Narrow View

Being a highly energetic and also your narrow world-view sometime create a big gap among your friends. Thus it is normal for you to have limited circle of friends as your attitude would sometime clashing with others.

Hard To Love

Another common issue from your strength is your overly focus till single-minded hustle could cause you neglecting other aspect in your life, especially when it comes to relationship. Most with White Tiger may experience issue with relationship as they are mostly goal driven, while relationship is all about emotional connection. For those who are in a relationship or even married, their spouse may felt strained, estranged and lack of alignment in relationship matter. Thus this is something you have to be aware with and allocate time for family related matters.

Life Lesson


Not everyone were have the needs to tolerate with your temper, be aware and empathy over other people have their own life battle and everyone were born unique. Not everyone shall think and able to see from your perspective.

Relationship is all about emotional connection

One of the biggest life lesson for the White Tiger is that they often goal or mission driven to a state they may easily neglect their relationship matter. This is something they really have to learn if they really want to establish a family. Your personality and characteristic would easily turn off any relationship connection as you are way too-logic and argumentative when it come to this

Relationship is all about emotional connection where you have to let go off your mission once in a while to build and establish your relationship.

Business & Career

When it comes to career and businesses, although you are explosively short tempered and difficult to work with, but you are a very diligent worker who can fully perform and complete any given task. You work best when there are pressure, challenged, exploring or opening new path for others. Therefore you can work well in fields like;

  • Military, police, defense force
  • Sportsmen, fighters, wrestlers
  • Stuntman, sports coach, trainer, extreme game
  • Anything which required hardwork, physical involved

Super Power

Below are some of your super power, depends how much you have train and connected with your guardian.

Highly Energetic & Endurance

You possessed highly strong vitality, highly energetic and able to endure battle over battle. Your limitless flow of energy allow you to go through various challenge when it involved physical which includes public speaking, events, as well as acting and others. Having such a strong energy allows you to start earlier, finished last and always ahead of others.

Strong Immunity & Fast Healing

Another important ability you have is strong immunity where you’re rarely fall ill, mostly involved physical pain, injury, muscle or general physical injury. But still you inherit fast self healing ability which of course keep you back up in the shortest time.

Courageous & Strategist

Most people may think you are a good fighter and always bulldoze your way in, but in most of my experience those with the White Tiger as their guardian of destiny have well trained instinct in term of fighting or hunting. They are strategic and pretty good in observing what’s going on around. If you have a White Tiger friend, and you seeing them always dumb and not as energetic as you thought, well they are just observing their surrounding and plotting their way to navigate around. They are temperamental but they not that dumb.

Hunter’s Instinct

Another unique hidden ability for a well-trained White Tiger is that they can easily sense their environment well. Meaning they can sense and able to tell you whose with good intention, weakness and various characteristic. This can be due to their innate nature to handle various unknown challenges, thus their develop strong instinct to sense their surrounding.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My White Tiger

By default the White Tiger energy are active, and it will get stronger when you have a clear goal and set your mind into something. Your body cell will easily awaken and ready to push all the way through until you reach your goal.

However for those who have weak connection, you may try this method by using power tap, or power move, or even energetic incantation. This will help you to get into the “zone” then once your whole body, mind, activate it will activate the spirit layer. Powerful music helps a lot too.

For others who may not have high level or strong connection with the White Tiger, but they do have the White Tiger in their chart, you may still train to constantly activating this energy to gain additional boost of energy even when you are tired. This apply pretty well when you are doing tour of events or travelling, experiencing jet lag due to different time zone.

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

My infinite inflow of energy and stamina keep sharp on getting my goal done!

Bring me huge amount of stamina to last through these few hours of event.

Everything is possible as I have way more energy than others, I’m always few step ahead in my goal.

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