Black Tortoise Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

Black Tortoise Deity Guardian of Destiny
Black Tortoise Deity Guardian of Destiny

If you are born with the guardian of destiny Black Tortoise deity, well here is a detailed guide to help you understand your subconscious special ability. This is the Yin Dun spirit of Red Phoenix.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here. This astrology system chart out your subconscious super power and also your additional life theme which is completely different than Bazi or Purple Star Astrology.

Introduction to the Black Tortoise Deity

Generally known as Black Tortoise, Black Warrior, Xuan Wu, 玄武 who have the ability of mind-control, mind-reading, telepathic, and unorthodox intuitive thinker who could surprise you with their unique out of the box solutions.

Guardian of Destiny Tortoise
Guardian of Destiny Tortoise

If your Guardian of Destiny is the 玄 Tortoise you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Highly Adaptive

You are highly adaptive, and able to blend in any environment or settings. This is due to the Black Tortoise is Water Element, where you can easily fit in and navigate even in most the unpredictable ever changing situation. Your adaptive nature would also allow you to easily pick-up new skillset, blend in culture/ social group, and even learning new unique language.

Strong Survivor Sense

Strong Survivor who last through any game, able to grasp any situation, and ability to find unorthodox solution and manipulate the way out. There’s always a way to exit from difficult situation.

Intelligent & Unorthodox

You are intelligent and out-of-the-box thinking which always love to come-up with unorthodox solution most of the time. You are excellent with unconventional critical thinking and unique problem solving which may left others speechless.

Intuitive & Endearing

Further deep within, you can easily sense and able to phrase your word on how to talk with people around you as you already can sense their thoughts, and to a certain level you can even sense what’s truly bothering them.

Charismatic & Charming

The Black Tortoise person somehow emitting unique attraction energy which people would felt easily connected with you, when you talk they will somehow felt you can understand them well, knowledgeful, funny, witty but somehow remain mysterious.

Healthy State

Influential & Leadership

Combine with all the super power you have, you are one of the rare breed of leader who can influence people to work towards your goal. Similar like how Jack Ma (the founder of Alibaba) convinced his group of friends to start his internet business despite facing so much technical difficulties. Your telepathy sensory would also allow you to easily understand your team, how to leverage on their skillset, resources, connection to get what you want.

Attune & Empathy

You can easily attune to the thought and feelings of others which would easily gain the trust from them.

Good Problem Solver

No matter what are the circumstances, once triggered you’ll jump out of the box with tonnes of unorthodox solutions, no problem can’t be solved in your control. This make you a good problem solver anywhere you go.

Unhealthy State

Concealing True Intention

The other unhealthy side of you is that you rarely speak your heart out, you’re constantly concealing your true intention may causes others to question and trigger their sense of security.

The Easiest & Fastest Way Out (Shortcuts)

Being such a smart thinker of-course you will always figured out shortcuts, unconventional method which may not lasts through time.

Manipulative & Distortion

When it come to face your own critics, you’ll always have your way to distort the truth and manipulate the blame onto others, this work for short term but eventually you’ll lose out as you can’t remember every stories or lies that you used to cover your mistake.


Having such a wonderful sets of super power could causes you losing your own sense of judgement, behaviour, and easily fall into the darkness of greed, immoral, and deceit. This would easily ruin your friendship, cause you your long term opportunities and develop a bad reputation for yourself.

Life Lesson

Open Frequency Receiver

One of the biggest issue for the Black Tortoise person is that they are easily affected by other people’s negative emotion, thoughts and negative energy. You need to learn how to manage your sensor, turn it off when you’re in a crowded space or surrounded by unknown negative group of people. If remain unnoticed, you may went downward spiral easily, when you felt highly emotional, immediately run to other place where it is more calm and peaceful.

I would recommend you to learn golden bubble meditation and also learn how to manage your sensor, turn it off when not needed.

Cause & Effects

Everyone has their free-will to pursue any path they wanted to however do note with this free-will, comes consequences. Therefore you must understand the importance of what kind of lifestyle you’re establishing today.

Like Uncle Ben said; Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Business & Career

In world nowadays the power of influence speaking is highly demanded everywhere especially to lead a group of people together, therefore if you’re born with this guardian, you may consider these fields;

  • Psychologist
  • Actor
  • Spiritual practitioner
  • Consultant/Counselling
  • Sales
  • Medium
  • Animal communicator
  • Shamanic
  • Alchemist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Group Leaders
  • Anything involved telepathy, mind reading, persuasive,

Super Power

Below are some of your super power, depends how much you have train and connected with your guardian.

Master of Mind Reading

You are the master of mind reading, you can easily easily feel and attune to other people’s thoughts, emotion and feeling. This can be very helpful in adjusting your behaviour and communication style according to them. This is one of the most powerful ability where you can easily sense, connect and resonance with anyone easily.

Power of Persuasive

Being the Gui (Yin Water) you possessed one of the unique power of persuasive, as you can easily understand your target’s thinking pattern, their strength as well as their weakness and able to sense how to make your way up to persuade them and subsequently lead them towards your intention.

Telepathy or Extrasensory Perception(ESP)

A well trained and deeply connected Black Tortoise person can reached to a level where they can not only read the mind of other people, but also able to influence and alter their thoughts, emotion and feeling. This highly highly recommended to do hypnotherapy to help traumatic victim to turn their past negative trauma towards empowering drive.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Black Tortoise

All above mentioned characteristic and power can be easily discovered if your guardian is the Black Tortoise, by nature all these ability were already active and it just a matter of how well you train and mastering these abilities.

  1. Learn alpha state meditation to clear your mind and connect calmly with your guardian
  2. Start placing command to let your guardian know when to turn on the telepathic sensor and then to turn it off just like a knob
  3. Learn to listen to your intuition, the feeling and what your guardian could be hinting you within

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

My ability to connect with the feeling of people around me allows me to build the perfect team to transform businesses/life.

My ability to uncover the true potential of people around me allow me to create any possibilities in life.

My unorthodox thinking leads me to solve any problem, any challenge, anyway I can.

My ability to read and feel others allow me to connect with them and able to understand them better.

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