Red Phoenix Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

Red Phoenix Qi Men Guardian of Destiny
Red Phoenix Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

If your Guardian of Destiny is the Red Phoenix you may withhold influential power of speech, your words and your articulative speech which can inspire and uplift others and more as below;

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here. This astrology system chart out your subconscious super power and also your additional life theme which is completely different than Bazi or Purple Star Astrology.

Introduction to the Red Phoenix Deity

Red Phoenix Deity or also known as Zhu Que 朱雀, Vermillion Bird, Bird in some different schools. This guardian possessed the power of speech, articulation, persuasive, debate, art of speech and anything related to command of language. This guardian appear during the Yang Dun polarity replacing the Yin Dun guardian the Black Tortoise.

Guardian of Destiny Phoenix
Guardian of Destiny Phoenix

If your Guardian of Destiny is the 雀 Phoenix you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Animated, Articulative & Persuasive

Being the master of communication, you’re an animated person who easily express yourself lively and able to articulate your words into feeling and connect with your audience. With this you are very good in persuading others into believing in you through various communication connecting points together.

Energetic & Influential Speaker

Your word and ability to connect with your audience well w Having such a strong communication ability, your speech, your words would easily influence your audience emotionally and easily connected with you.

Enthusiastic and Passionate To Share

As the Phoenix is fire element, deep within you possessed a strong passion to share, to enlighten and also to transform (because fire is the transformative element under 5 elements). On higher level state you could help one who revive their inner hope to rise once again like the Phoenix rising from ashes.

High Mental Alertness

Beside being able to speak well, Phoenix person are also good in observation and well attuned to nearby conversation or what topics are being discussed, it will keep your mind rolling forward to spontaneously reply or add-on to any conversation easily.

Healthy State

Master of Communication

With strong understanding of words, emotion, vibes, you somehow know what to talk, when to use particular words and flexible articulation of words which helps people to understand your meaning easily.

Strong Observation

The Red Phoenix person are very good observer, depends how conscious you are this ability helps you to sense and understand the feeling, expression of people around you (even while you were talking). This helps you to adjust and tweak your words according to your audience’s gesture.

Master of Languages & Cultures

Strengthened with all mentioned above, you can easily pickup and master any languages including the culture of particular languages as you can easily blend in and understand the emotion expression beyond just the language alone.

Unhealthy State

Deceit, Manipulative & can be Ruthless

Phoenix person if triggered negatively could use their words to curse, spread rumors and subsequent create fake information to deceit and manipulate hatred.

NATO (No Action, Talk Only)

Despite you love verbal confrontation, however when it comes to face your own critics, complaints or even responsibilities, you always have your way to twist and turn with your tongue and exit from the confrontation.

And to a higher end you would put deflect the issue and make it became as other people’s issue instead. Worst this could ended up gaslighting and manipulate others to believe in you that you have done no wrong however, people will still discover the truth in the end

Overly Argumentative

Without conscious self-composed, you could turn any discussion into debate or worst into argument. Therefore you need to know the boundary, limit, need and not all conversation need to be win, everyone can have their say.

Life Lesson

Self Composed

As any word you say may turn into reality, it would be best for you to learn how to self-control to prevent you from causing more trouble or issue unconsciously.

Be Willing To Give In

Not every conversation shall end in deciding you as the winner, your tendency to have the last say in any argument would break and disconnect with others, sometime allow others to have their say and opinion matters would balance harmonious bonding (remember Yin and Yang).

Business & Career

In world nowadays the power of speech is highly demanded, therefore if you’re born with this guardian, make sure you start tapping into these fields;

  • Lawyer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Scriptwriter / Speechwriter
  • Public Relation
  • Emcee
  • Interviewer
  • Chanting
  • Chanting Mantra, Prayers
  • Villain Hitter (beating petty people)
  • Any career required powerful speech & word of articulation

Super Power

Below are some of your super power, depends how much you have train and connected with your guardian.

Undisputed Victory When It Involved Speaking

With such a power of speech, it is hard to win against you when it come to debate, verbal confrontation, you thrive well when it come to public speaking, expressing your thoughts and more.

Power of Word

The Red Phoenix have one of the strongest ability in actualization, your word can uplift, motivate, transform life at the same time it can be used to curse someone and causes trouble which may backfire. Therefore you need to learn how to say the right thing in the right time.

Simplify Communication

With your intelligence and sharp thinking, you can easily help others in express themselves with simplicity. This is where you can easily help others in doing pitching, explanation, complete their stores or even make their stories easily to understand.

Actualize with Chanting & Mantra

This is one of you top skill that if you manage to cultivate and train your focus, you can easily actualize and even bend events through your chanting, mantra reading. Instead of cursing I would recommend you to learn and master the art of actualization with mantra chanting.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Red Phoenix

By nature the Red Phoenix energy is active within you and you should be aware that sometime when you talk about certain thing and it actually happened. The sooner you realize the sooner you can fix this. Among so many guardian of destiny the Phoenix is one of the most easiest to figured out.

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

My words empower and uplift everyone around me and transform life!

My voice charges and awaken everyone’s hidden power to rise!

Every word come out from my mouth enlighten and inspire everyone around me towards positive transformation.

Take Note

Your wisdom is your wisdom,
Your mouth is your gun,
Your words is your bullet,
Use it wisely

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