Chief My Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

Chief Guardian of destiny
Chief Guardian of destiny

In this series of Qi Men Destiny, we’re going to talk about the Chief (直符) or known as the Prime, Leader,  Grand Marshall, Heavenly Yi God, CEO in different terminology used by different schools or Qi Men Calculator.

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here.

Once you have determined the respective party in their palace, you can find out more details about them to understand their condition, intention, interaction and others.

Introduction to the Chief

Chief is the leader of 10 other deities, if you are born with the Chief as your Guardian of Destiny then you would have high moralistic value in life where you don’t like to go against the rules or regulation. Being prim and proper you live the life of strong integrity.

Guardian of Destiny : Chief
Guardian of Destiny : Chief shown using Joey Yap’s Bazi Calculator


If your Guardian of Destiny is Chief then you will inherit some of the characteristic as below;

Value & Virtue

Being the leader you build your foundation with true intention to serve and providing genuine foundation to make others felt safe under your ground. In higher level of cultivation you would intend to build a self-sustainable tribe, community, or a village where everyone live harmoniously, respectful, abiding rules and policy to keep them sustain for the long run. It is also hard to bribe the Chief as you believe in building a long term to ensure every life are well taken care of, anything which only last for short term gain doesn’t gel well with the such a nobility deity.


You inherited the nature born leadership where you can easily spot talents and potential of people around you. You have the tendency to uplift and support them to maximise their skillset to reach their maximum potential. Your ability to serve as a true leader can be sensed by those who made genuine impact, and this will eventually boost your overall satisfaction (more than material gain).

Prim & Proper

You are also a prim and proper person who don’t like to bend the rules, you live with high moralistic value and integrity. This makes you a stronger leader who care a lot about crafting self-sustainable environment where everyone can live, work and progressive harmoniously.

Righteousness & Trustworthiness

You hold tight on righteousness and trustworthiness where sometime others would felt you are not flexible or lack of toleration. This is feeling is stronger for those who didn’t suppress this feeling and consciously aware that any scheming or inappropriate deal doesn’t serve wholeheartedly.

Money & Wealth

The Chief is associated with powerful influence, respect, and authority. Build your foundation with honesty will make you felt more sustainable. Therefore you shall learn how to invest for the long run or you can even invest into projects, businesses which aligned with your believe-system.

Healthy State

On the healthy state the Chief is righteous, upright, supportive, prim & proper. will constantly get busy taking action, solving problem (by the way the Chief is always trying to get busy serving to feel like doing their job). You love to support and uplift people around you, you see the greatness and potential in them where you will find way to position them in the best spot to showcase their strength.

Unhealthy State

Being a genuine person who serve, you may inherited certain limited belief such as believing in more money will come through hard work. You have to be aware with this thought as it will limit your ability to gain more money no having no clue on how to make more money.

Alternatively you should consider to learn how to create multi-income-stream from various businesses, while some of the businesses’ income can make periodically charity contribution such as 10% of my income from this channel shall be channeled to any charity organization. You have to be aware that the more money you make = to more contribution you can support. Let your genuine honesty hard-work create the lifestyle which empowers you to contribute more.

Super Power

Nobleman Magnet

You will discover you are blessed with huge amount of nobleman throughout your life pursuit. If you can reflect the past you’ll realized there has been constant help or support who helped you to be where you are today. Good leader attracts more people who would like to serve you, therefore you have to learn how to become the nobleman to others to further boost this energy and also

I would advise you to do journaling to record down all your past experience, who came into your life giving you a helping hand. You have to learn how to amplify these feeling and your sense of gratitude to strengthen this vibration magnetic energy. You will soon discover your journey forward will be lot smoother.

You’ll Get What You Wished For

Being the noble leader, you are blessed with powerful connection to manifest reality especially when your intention set to serve for greater good. With such a powerful manifestation, you have to be careful with what you wish for, and watch your thought for you may get what you think.

On a higher level of cultivation you can bend reality, or manifest reality.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Guardian Spirit

One of your main drive is to serve and contribute, doing charity, philanthropic activities, donation (example : I shall donate 10% of my monthly income to any charity organization) as I am blessed with abundant of income coming into my life.

The more you serve, the stronger your connection with your Guardian Spirit, and their energy will also grow stronger. In this state you will feel your journey will become smoother and smoother, you’ll be able easily attract more helpful nobleman into your life. Whatever you wish to attain will happen for sure.

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

I’m so grateful and blessed with all the nobleman coming into my life

My ability to serve the community bring me joy and abundant of opportunities,

Chief, guide me and ease out my path towards creating all these greatness to people around me.

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