Six Harmony Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

six harmony Guardian of destiny
six harmony Guardian of destiny

Known as Six Harmony Deity, 六合(Liu He), 6 Combo, Unity, or the Harmony spirit, this is the guardian spirit which governs ability to bring people together, strengthen bonding, establishing relationship.

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Introduction to the Six Harmony Deity

Known as the deity or spirit of harmonious bonding, you are joyful, friendly and easy to approach type of person , in a nutshell you are a social butterfly. It is quite difficult to dislike or anger a 6 Harmony person as they are a good communicator and peace-maker, they always the one who find way to blend everyone in together.

Guardian of Destiny : six harmony
Guardian of Destiny : six harmony

If your Guardian of Destiny is the Six Harmony, you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Warm, Friendly, Approachable

You may appear to be quiet, stern, cold, rigid but deep inside of you, you are warm, friendly, approachable and also very helpful. Once warm up / break-the-ice, you can be very chatty and love to spread the warmth atmosphere, basically there could be hardly a dead-air silent when having you around.

Best Mediator

This guardian love to build harmonious relationship thus you are also a good listening, good meditator who know how to talk, solve problem or conflict diplomatically and end it with positive vibes of harmonious.

Unity Magnet

Being one the best connector, your have the ability to unite, networking, bring people together, build meaningful relationship, this guardian spirit is the one who connect and bring people together for a good cause.

Healthy State

On the healthy state you are always cheerful, well-mannered, and joyful to be connected with. Your vibes will uplift and share all the positive vibes to encourage others kickstart conversation, interaction, getting each other to connect and live up the scene.

You’re also the peace maker, knowing how to adjust yourself into the neutralizer or calming factor in any crisis or provocative atmosphere.

Unhealthy State

Some who have negative formation together with the 6 Harmony could be temperamental, explosive unpredictable behavior and ill-intentioned.


Sharing is good, but sometime there are boundary in term of how much you can share, your sincerity to share can cause others to raise criticism on you, learn how to set boundary.

Sunk in the Crowd

Being the hub to all connection, you may sometime sunk in voices of crowd, as you prefer to maintain the neutrality of the crowd, sometime you may lost your own opinion and your stand.


Being the social-lime light could sometime causes jealousy among others who just couldn’t understand why you’re always the one people seek to connect with.

Money & Wealth

One of your greatest path towards creating wealth is to capitalizing on people’s skillset. Those who have skill mostly lack of great networking, communication skill and ability to connect mass people to work together.

You have eye to spot people’s talent, skillset and ability to position them in the right spot is something that need to be constantly train and master.

Your best learning mechanism is to learn from people around you, be willing to seek for mentor and ask for guidance. You will master this important skill to know the sufficient information to reach your goal.

You don’t need to be a deep diver in any particular hard-skill, focus on your soft-skill and you can easily get what you want in life.

Business & Career

When it come to business and career for the Six Harmony, you are one of the best deal-maker, you have the ability to negotiate, creating a win-win situation to fulfill both party’s needs.

You are also good at advocating a brand, this also mean you are pretty good at sharing and promoting good products, services, talents, subsequently forge a strong bonding between the provider and audiences. Which in modern term we call this KOL (Key Opinion Leader), product reviewer, community manager, team builder, life coach, consultant, cupid and etc.

For relationship related matter you can also be a very good matchmaker, or the social quotient (SQ) in any large organization where you are the center of connection where everyone gravitate towards you to form harmonious bonding.

Super Power

Beacon of Harmony & Love

Those who have strong connection with this guardian would emit a strong, nurturing, empathy, great listener, make others felt warm and open up their vulnerability to you. You are the beacon for those who are emotionally lost, your warmth, your vibes somehow could help pacify or calming them, and able to help them to discover and see their life in a whole new perspective.

Attract Opportunities

What we want in life most of the time come from other people, by having the ability to connect with other people, you can easily bring the opportunities or anything you’re seeking for. Unlike other deities, your ability is to first attract people, talk to them to connect them, then ask for the favor.

Bring You Who You Think of

You can easily meet the person you think-of, I have some strong-connected friends who they agreed that sometime when they think of particular person with sincere or care intentioned, they will somehow stumble upon then the next moment, it can be within a day or two depends how strong your connection is.

Great Team Player

You are one of the most important person in any team as you are the one who can magnetize and bring forth people together, unite them even in any circumstances to bring out their best capability, complementing each other to make a perfect team.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Guardian Spirit

Those who are born with the Six Harmony can easily connect with people who they think about. Your best way to connect with your guardian of destiny is simply just keep your emotion on the upward level, think and visualize the person you would like to meet, just ask your 6 Harmony “hmmmm, I wonder how have that fella been recently, may be we should reconnect”.

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

I’m so blessed and grateful with all the good people coming into my life.

I wonder why I always surrounded with all these awesome and highly skilled people in my life.

I’m open to explore, learn, and share all the good vibes with everyone who came into my life.

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