Your Life Overview Canvas

In our entire life, we seek to find the true purpose of our life, the meaning of fulfillment in life. In my journey in re-discovering my true purpose in life, here I have compiled the general 9 columns of Life Overview Canvas where you could chart out the uncharted side of your life.

Life Overview Canvas is a compilation of multi-layered columns and quadrant of life where it meant for you to ask you yourself, what you envisioned the future you in each of these columns and quadrants.

Life Overview Canvas r02 by Renerqi
Life’s Overview Canvas r02

Overall the chart splits into Internal and External, followed with the 4 quadrant quality of life, achievements, and lastly the 9 columns aspect of life. Let’s get started with the first 2 biggest piece of the puzzle.

First Layer

Life overview canvas 1st layer
First layer is the Internal and External sides

Internal – Life fulfillment and Happiness

The internal is all about personal pursuit in attaining happiness for our own self, your own creation, accumulation, aspiration, internal security, happiness.

External – Contribution and Improvement

External part of our life talks about the ultimate contribution towards the people around us, the society we grown up, the world we’re living in. This is where your legacy live after you.

2nd Layer


When one intend to start his/her own family, Love, relationship is where it talks about the it all begins, how you both envisioned the ideal family. Whenever we talk about family, it would normally consists of having your own kids, which this leads to parenthood.

When we talk about family, or relationship, what is the number 1 or most common topic that causes crisis? Wealth, money, financial security as these were what external factor that everyone were chasing after, and this is also the most common shared root of argument, breakdown, and even splits.

Personal Growth

Here’s where your physical health, diet, appearance, mental health, financial security, asset growth in place. These column talks more about your self-mastery where you can gain full control of your self in term of action, emotion, and thoughts.


This is where we talk about the effects part of your doing. Your work, contribution, giving, effort influence the impact you are creating in a mass scale. The further you envision the ultimate impact you are creating everyday, the faster you will discover your “WHY”. Your “WHY” would ultimately be benefit in building your legacy, the way your name would be synonym in the future.

World & Society

This is where we talk further higher realm of your ultimate goal, this is also the Philanthropy column where you envisioned whatever your doing now would impact how the world and society would gain from your work.

Now let’s craft your mindset

Now let’s take these point into your own thinking time, as you yourself what do you want in these categories.

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