Grappling Hook Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

Grappling Hook Qi Men deity Guardian of Destiny
Grappling Hook Qi Men deity Guardian of Destiny

If you are born with the guardian of destiny Grappling Hook deity, well here is a detailed guide to help you understand your subconscious special ability.

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here.

Introduction to the Grappling Hook Deity

Known as Hook Spirit, Polaris, 勾 陳 (Ngau Chen), or Grappling Hook deity, this is the guardian spirit have the ability of connecting the past, healing with natural resources, deep exploration mind, unique leadership skill and more. This is the Yang Dun polarity of it’s counterpart White Tiger which only appear during the Yin Dun.

Grappling Hook Guardian of Destiny
Grappling Hook Guardian of Destiny

If your Guardian of Destiny is the Grappling Hook you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Idealistic & Ambitious

The Hook are also extremely ambitious and idealistic, always dream on living on the higher-end-lifestyle, eye for the latest fashion and design. You also crave for fame, power, authority, and always want things under their control in their way. They would also face difficulties in taking order or criticism from others due to this nature.

Aggressive, pushy, self-centered

You have the tendency to push always curious wanted to find the root cause of cause and effect. Your tendency to question and being pushy to get to the root cause of particular problem can be sometime causes fear and feeling of being interrogate like a criminal.

Do What-ever It Takes Approach

You have a unique leadership ability unlike no others, you have clear set of your focus over one goal and determine to do whatever it takes including take-no-prisoners approach, and taking various shortcuts to reach your desired outcome. This can be good for climbing the corporate ladder especially in a highly competitive environment.

Healthy State

Respect The Elderly, Tradition, Culture

You appreciate and respect certain tradition, culture as you understand and appreciate how the past have shape society, you also respect the elderly as you understand and empathy over how they have gone through their life under various life experiences.

Persistent & Unyielding

Another important traits to success is that your true grit, your never give up spirit, plus together with your persistency, you’ll be sure to get the job done no matter what it takes.

Create Viral Campaign

Your ability to cause psychological mental effect can be used to create viral content marketing.

Karmic Innerwork/ Cause & Effect

The Hook love philosophical studies which including innerwork/ inner-home-work, where we human need to learn and so self reflection to understand why we attract certain incidents into our life, how these incident happen for us in order to teach us certain life lesson so we can freed from the past repetitive incident. Study the cause of the effect it done to our life.

Unhealthy State

Create Fear & Chaos

On the negative state you have the tendency to use psychological war by spreading rumors, gossip, causes fear and chaos to disrupt opponents.


Having a very strong memory, the hook can be vengeful and will definitely take their revenge in the most mentally torturing manner.

Hunger For Power

On higher negative state the Hook are obsessive and hunger for control, power, authority and can be a dictator who don’t mind to use any malicious way to wipe out any potential threat. They believe with highest authority control, things will be better in their way.

Life Lesson

Self Expression

You’re always emotionally reserved, you find it is hard to express yourself wholeheartedly as you think it is weak to let other know how you feel. You have to learn how to express yourself using various media. Sometime you may felt it is unnecessary to talk about how you feel but this could only increase the gap between you any others which subsequently causes more misunderstanding and disconnection.


In serious condition of any traumatic experience, you may stuck and keep living in the past, inability to move forward in life. You have to be aware that the past were meant to teach you certain life lesson which will be crucial for your personal growth. Your future are made out of past life lesson.

Idle & Catastrophic

Without a clear goal, you could drop dead lazy, being idle and kept in hibernate mode until you discover a clear goal in life. When your energy in heading downward spiral, you will automatically attract accidents,

Business & Career

With the Hook’s unique ability, you can do well with;

  • Karmic Reading
  • Timeline NLP
  • Energy Healer
  • Ayurvedic
  • Unconventional Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Family Constellation
  • Philosophical Studies
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Land, properties and asset related

Super Power

Below are some of your super power, depends how much you have train and connected with your guardian.

Tap into the past memory

You posses unique ability which allow you to connect to the past memories, may not just be this life, you could even tap into deeper past life memories. This allow you to learn, understand or figure out how and what happen in the past and how it affect or shape your current future life.

Connection To The Past

For those who train well with this unique ability they can access Akashic record to tap into various database just like a cloud library where you can uncover records of memories from the past life to find out certain answer to help you to understand certain life lesson, however this can be dangerous if not control well.

Healing Ability With Food, Herbs

Some of you posses unique healing ability where you mostly work around using natural resources such as herbs, cooking ingredients for healing purposes. I have a client who work well with food and somehow know how to create concoction to help curing or improving certain illnesses, and she love to cook, creating various traditional menu which somehow warm the heart of her family members. Some can even pursue unconventional healing, treatment, therapist, including doctor.

Ancestral Protection

As you have the ability to connect with the spiritual realm as well, you will receive spiritual protection and support from your ancestor up to few layers(depends how you activate and connect with).

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Guardian Spirit

Those who are born with the Grappling Hook Deity can easily start to connect with your guardian by meditation and do self-reflection, find out why things happen for you. Observe and find out how these life lesson can unlock your future. I would advise you to start explore with discovering your family tree, family constellation, how you can find & craft your future with discovering your past.

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

My past experience empowering me to create a better future

I’m so blessed with protection from my ancestor and my guardian of destiny

My persistency and focus shall bring my desired future to me easily and effortlessly

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4 thoughts on “Grappling Hook Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

  1. Why does Joey Yap’s system have 10 gods, whereas it seems there are 8 traditionally? It’s confusing because Joey’s qi men calculator does not match other qi men calculators due to his 2 extra gods. Unfortunately I don’t have ability to access and read the source material so it is hard to gauge whether this system is introducing inaccuracies.

    1. Hi Juju,
      In old classic Qi Men Dun Jia, there are only 8 guardian spirit (Chief, 9 Heaven, 9 Earth, Xuan Wu, White Tiger, Moon, Harmony, Snake).
      However in Joey Yap system and some modern Zhi Run Qi Men Dun Jia, most masters discovered there are different polarity for Hook and White Tiger as they discovered there are different energy pattern during the Yin and Yang structure.
      And these reflected in the origin 4 animal spirit (Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, Surging Snake, Green Dragon and White Tiger). Thus in some of the modern Qi Men Dun Jia they uses the 10 spirit and 2 of them will change around mid of the year generally.

      If you got used to the classic Qi Men then kindly stick with it, no need to merge or combine.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, 10 Deities are exclusively for destiny reading, hook and phoenix are for yang chart. For forecasting, it is still 8.

    1. Depends on which school, some school only uses 8 deities. For modern Zhi Run mostly uses 10 with 2 with exchange every mid of the year, such as White Tiger, Hook, Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix

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