9 Earth Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

9 Earth Qi Men Guardian of Destiny
9 Earth Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

For those who are born with the 9 Earth Deity as your Guardian of Destiny, you inherited strong intuition and connection with good land, and also

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here.

Introduction to the 9 Earth Deity

The 9 Earth Deity is well-known as one of the most nurturing, compassionate guardian just like the Mother Earth, where they provides you resources, always there to support you with its’ gentle nature. It is also known as the Deity of the Land.

Guardian of Destiny 9 earth
Guardian of Destiny 9 earth

If your Guardian of Destiny is 9 Earth, you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


The Mother of All

Those with this guardian of destiny are nurturing, compassion, empathy and sincerely caring. This make them a good supporter person (just like a nurturing mother) who always consistently there for you when you need them. When one in need for help, you can bet the 9 Earth would be always there to support you anyway they can.

Despite this trait sounds similar to the Chief, but the 9 Earth are more behind the stage, supporting from behind rather being on the front-force. This mean you are a great observer, not a risk taker who often take long times to think before you can act.


All these characteristic make you a very good planner who carefully craft your plan, do multi simulation to test out your concept, creating a sustainable and strong defend fort with multi-security or backup to ensure you are going to last for a very long term. ( I know a 9 Earth person who demonstrate this nature very strong as he was an IT Architecture planner).

Money & Wealth

Having strong sense with good land, properties nature you can easily find good opportunities in real-estate and properties industries, so you should start to learn about value investing.

Some would consider to invest in antiques, art, things which last through time, some would consider to sell them some would just keep it for the long run. So you need to assess your overall structure with this guardian.

Similar to Warren Buffet, especially if you have the Star of Grain / Seed where you have tendency to learn value investment and accumulate more stuff

Healthy State

On healthy state people with the 9 Earth guardian are good accumulators who transform the stuff the collect into value, or monetary. For investors you would love to invest into slow and steady paced type of company as you saw their value in the long run. Your intuition will drawn you into working with organization who have a clear long term plan, building a scalable and adaptive-kind of projects which provides win-win situation for all involved parties.

You are easily drawn into good environment, workspace and etc where good energy would make you feel comfortable. However if you went into certain negative energy environment you would somehow felt unease. Trust your intuition and keep train this ability.

Unhealthy State

Overly obsessive in hoarding stuff, you may felt it is safer to keep every resources within you. But the worst thing is you may not even aware how much treasure you have collected, this is true especially for certain structure such as DE, Void, and 6 Crescent Punishment. I have consulted before they have huge amount of resources and course note which they never even used at all.

Betrayal, Bullying & Taken Advantage

Being the passive one, you may have tendency to observe and wait. Therefore you may missed out timely opportunities and could cause major drawback in life, career, businesses and etc.

Another negative state you need to observe is being overly introvert and unable to express your thoughts. This is stronger especially with the Yin elements such as Door of Delusion / Deception which further pulls you away.

Life Lesson

You have to learn all about “value”, because your nature to collect, hoarding on stuff therefore you to make-sure you are collecting something which creates value. Stuff like limited edition, memorabilia and etc which grow in value through time would be benefit to you mostly.

Don’t worry of betrayal, bullied or even being taken advantage of. Don’t give up yourself for who you are. Your nature of compassionate and ability to support others is your gift, by being aware consciously over all these greatness in you will subsequently construct a solid version of you.

Super Power

Affinity with Land and Environment

You have strong energy and connection when it comes to land and environment, you can easily find good properties for long term stay, strong intuition in detecting environment with good energy to nurture life. Thus you can do well with properties, land, housing and real-estate related industries.

Accurate intuition when it comes to land, properties and connection with mother earth. With the right cultivation you could invest on these opportunity for the long run, the earlier you learn the better.


You not only have the ability to heal yourself but others as well. I would advise you to learn Qi Gong, Reiki and other non-conventional healing to consciously manage this healing ability.

Your own self-healing and regeneration abilities help you heal and recover faster compare to other people. This is different than the White Tiger which is more towards physical energy (just like a Wolverine), the 9 Earth is more towards internal, energy, vibration and more towards the soft side.


In term of spiritual healing, the 9 Earth is one of the best spirit we used to perform grounding. Once form certain good formation we can use this sets of energy to help us ground our negativity vibration, negative imprints and buried it all deep within the soil.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Guardian Spirit

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Mother Teresa

I’m abundant of opportunities and resources, I’m grateful for all the resources appears upon me.

I’m so grateful and happy for all my resources are growing in value everyday.

I’m abundant enough with all resources, I’m better day by day in maximizing my resource.

Bring forward me the resources / good house with great Feng Shui energy to boost my overall well-being.

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