Surging Snake Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

Surging Snake deity Guardian of destiny
Surging Snake deity Guardian of destiny

If you are born with the guardian of destiny Surging Snake deity, well here is a detailed guide to help you understand your subconscious special ability.

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here.

Introduction to the Surging Snake Deity

The Surging Snake deity, Serpent, Snake, 騰蛇 in Chinese this is the guardian deity spirit of energy vibes bending. Known to have the ability to sense energy, to an extreme level where you can distort reality, there are more to how your guardian of destiny influence you and how you can learn on cultivate together.

surging snake guardian of destiny
surging snake guardian of destiny

If your Guardian of Destiny is the Surging Snake, you may inherit some of the characteristic in your subconscious as below;


Cunning, persuasive

You always have your way to influence people around you to get what you want, you have the ability to twist and turn your word around to get to where you wanted to be. This is good if you would like to influence a group of people to work for particular goal, then this is highly favorable.

Selfish & Manipulative

You mind is always focusing on what’s in it for me, what I can gain from doing all these stuff? Once you have the clear idea on the gain, you would manipulate and influence others to help you get your desired goal.

Love the high-end, expensive, luxurious lifestyle

In certain formation such as having a Xin (yin metal), you would love to enjoy luxurious, expensive lifestyle, always up to date with the latest trend be it from your fashion to your exquisite fine dining taste. However I found there are few exception especially for those who have strong Wu earth energy. Let me know yours.

Healthy State

Resourceful & Sharp Thinker

You are resourceful and also a sharp thinker and who love to seek solutions to solve problem, you always have your ability to pull various resources into solving problem instantaneously. So you have to keep learning how to discover and collect resources throughout your daily pursuit.

Adaptive Learner

Your adaptability is quite strong, thus you can easily learn or even master any skillset you want as you are blessed with strong focus and intuitive learning capability.

Strong intuition

Your given strong intuitive sensing mechanism could sometime make you weird among your peers. As it is difficult to explain or give any supportive explanation to tell them why your intuition is so strong, and even able to tell particular results without analyzing it methodically.

Strong focus, driven and focus to reach goal

Given a clear goal and direction, you can fully channel your entire energy to push through any hassle to reach your goal which is crucial in life.

Unhealthy State

Selfish & Manipulative

Being on the negative state sometime you are selfish and keep asking what’s in it for me. What I can gain through all these? You would do whatever it takes including manipulate others into achieving your goal.


Another major negative state is you will scheme, deceit and even use multi-layers of lies until it became truth on it’s own. Which could sometime easily backfire.

Trust issue

Being such a unique characteristic with the snake deity, you’re constantly having trust issue as you hardly can believe people are treating you sincerely. And your behavior can somehow make others felt you are using them for your own good which can totally turn them off to connect with you wholeheartedly.

Business & Career

You can make good amount of money by taking advantage of understanding how the environment energy and pattern study. Some can sniff out good property opportunity, which sometime you can use your given ability in the following fields as well;

  • Hypnotherapist
  • Sales, Marketing & Advertising
  • Business strategist
  • Energy worker
  • Motivation speaker

Super Power

Below are some of your super power, depends how much you have train and connected with your guardian.

Finding stuff and car park

This is one of the most commonly used special power for those with the Snake guardian, you can easily find a car park is most circumstances. You can also easily find missing item as well. So train yourself to first help yourself or others in finding stuff.

Change/Influence Weather

One of the unique ability you have is the ability to influence the weather, I have few clients who shared they have the ability to stop the rain or didn’t get wet during a strong rain while running to get into their car. So next time you can try to command to stop the rain for you to walk over the rain.

Sense Environmental Energy

The Surging Snake deity are well-known as the master of energy, where you can easily sense if you’re entering a good energy space or a bad one. You can tell if you don’t feel anything good with that space. Thus this also make you a very efficient and intuitive driven type of Feng Shui master/ geomancer. Where you can spontaneously tell if the environmental energy is good or not.

Reality Distortion Field

To certain extent you can actually distort your reality, if cultivated well you can easily master this ability to influence a group of people through your persuasive and persistence to achieve the impossible task.

Influence Thoughts

This is one of the most unique power where you can easily use this, to a certain extent you may even access to mental infiltration level where you can project your own thoughts onto them. Which sometime is beneficial for those who are working in hypnotherapy or NLP industry.

How To Connect and Strengthen with My Guardian Spirit

Those who are born with the Surging Snake Deity can easily start to connect with your guardian by meditation and daily observation with your own intuition. However due to modern lifestyle our intuition are being ignored unconsciously thus it would take quite some time to connect with. I have here attached the metronome audio guide to help you sink in with your Surging Snake Deity;

Mantra and Self Affirmation

Here I share the simplest way to get started to connect and work with your Guardian of Destiny with few mantras and self-affirmation to connect the layer of your higher spirit with your conscious;

My strong intuition protects me from all hassle in my life, help me navigate smoothly in life.

I’m blessed with such an ability to easily discover good business opportunity.

My intuition guide me, lead me towards the best opportunity ahead of me everyday.

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5 thoughts on “Surging Snake Qi Men Guardian of Destiny

  1. Love the high-end, expensive, luxurious lifestyle
    Now I understand what impact me. I really think like this. Luxurious or nothing.

    I can change the weather. I dont believe in weather forecasts because it’s only one way to see weather. I had situations when I stopped rain, or started rain and stopped or started snow.

    I newer had problems with parking. Like I have only if I did not think before I go somewhere that I need a parking.😅
    Searching things, people that I need you know. My guardian helps me a lot. I can find anything I need)

    Also I feel energy. When I enter house or flat I intuitively understand is it good or bad energy there. If I have strong feeling that I want to live in this place it’s really very positive:)

    Also I can impact peoples mind. And change reality sometimes.

    I’m learning and want to make our connection higher.
    A and also my intuition isn’t becomes stronger with every month from I start connecting with my Guardian:)

  2. Thanks for this. It made me reflect on myself a bit more. I never thought of myself as a cunning, manipulative or selfish person. My friends would also tell you the same. However, after reflecting on your article, I do think there is a bit of this characteristics in me. I do weigh out the benefits of an action, or I find it easy to twist words and wiggle my way out of situations. Tho, I hardly do much of that now.

    I do admire pretty things and do enjoy pampering myself once in a blue moon, but I live a pretty humble lifestyle and never sought luxury or branded items. I do have a few xin metal in my chart but I am also a strong wu Earth person. So maybe I am an exception?

    This article has also enlighten me on my “abilities”. I will be sure to train them. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Tasha,
      Thank you for your feedback, the Guardian Spirit is just one part out of many layers of you. Thus like you mentioned your Wu earth and other aspect’s characteristic would override or supersede some of them. Plus we have to check your overall structure to see which one is more dominant.

      So as long as you aware of the positive usages with your Guardian Spirit then it would be sufficient to keep cultivating the good part.

    1. Meditation is the common one, the rest of other method have to evaluate the overall chart to find out which method work the best.

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