2022 Flying Star Feng Shui

All about 2022 Flying Star Feng Shui with the annual 2022 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart. Let us dive into discovering the details;

2022 Flying Star Feng Shui

As you all know by now the has been heavily discussing the double energy effect as each of these stars returned to their original palace where all the great stuff would be doubled, the same goes to the negative stars. Here I have labelled the Grey colored Flying Star such as Star 2, Star 5, Star 3, Star 7 would be detrimental and vicious if negatively activated, so makesure to leave these sectors still and untouched.

While flying star such as Star 1, Star 4, Star 6, Star 8 and Star 9 are boos

2022 Flying Star Chart

2022 Flying Star Chart
2022 Flying Star Chart

However if there are necessity to make renovation, or repair works you may select a good date such as The Sun Formula or The Moon Formula. If you are not sure kindly contact me to help you select a good date to perform the necessary activities. Drop me a message here.

Flying Star 5 in the Center Sector

As the star 5 were known as the calamity, disastrous, mishap or accident energy. As it fly back to it’s original sector, good news is this star could be hardly activated by your neighbor. So you just need to keep this sector peacefully for the rest of the year.

Flying Star 6 in the North West Sector

This is one of the best sector for you to setup your work space especially for those corporate ladder climber, tap onto this energy to boost your personal professional self and don’t forget to setup and update your Linkedin profile as well.

For those with Tiger, Horse, Rabbit, Monkey use this sector to boost your power to lead, discussion with your team, strategize and plan your execution.

Flying Star 7 in the West sector

This is one of the discord, talkative, and potential lead to robbery. If you house’ main door is situated in this sector then please be extra careful in protecting your asset, belonging, and potential summonses.

However the good way we can use this sector to improve your communication in case you have some miscommunication, stagnation, cold in relationship well perhaps you can positively active this star to gain courage to speak your heart out.

Use this to prep your Pitching, Presentation, Sales, Speech, Ted-Talk, Sharing and etc.

For those who are born with Life Gua / Life Star 9, take extra note in managing and protecting your money, asset, deals, leads and etc as there are potential robbery.

Flying Star 8 in North West Sector

This is one of the well known star of wealth, first of all this star brings you more work load, attract more task. Thus this star is good for side gig, freelance, self-employed where you need more workload. Thus is one is not recommended to be used by employee.

Consciously use this sector to make more sales, turn ideas into monetization. If you can chain the sector to boost your new campaign.

Flying Star 9 in South Sector

This star denote happy event, good tiding, promotion, attracting abundance, and also one of the best sector for those who do investment. This is where you will gain positive vibes and insights in your endeavor. This is a good sector to be used in improving your brand or rebranding activities to kick-start a brand new energy.

This is the sector I use with my client in planning and discovery using various coaching canvas, life overview canvas and etc to plot their master-mind map.

Flying Star 1 in North Sector

This is one of our favourite star denote wisdom, knowledge, abundance, intelligence and etc. However due to the Calamity, 3 Killings and etc negative formation, try to keep this place quiet, no massive renovation. Life Gua 4, 3 and 8 can still use this. For Life Gua 2, 6, 7 please avoid activating this sector.

You can consciously use this sector to craft your plan, analyze your circumstances, derive solutions, find resources, and brings everything together and kickstart it.

Flying Star 2 in South West Sector

Finally the illness star, or mishap star we call it may easily bring illnesses. For those zodiac such as Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, and Pig please avoid activating this sector. Keep this sector clean especially during spring cleaning as per suggested here and leave it quietly.

You may put salt cure in this sector to reduce the impact for place 6 X 10kg metal plate (dumbell) on auspicious day with strong metal energy on floor to weaken the aggressive earth energy. You can use the Combo 10 to mitigate or reduce the negative influence.

For business or work, you can use this to perform accumulation or enrollment related activities using this sector. Attain more asset, items, or etc.

Flying Star 3 in East Sector

Star 3 conventionally known as the dispute, offending and aggressiveness. Basically the star 3 brings you active energy to fight, take action, make things happen. So with this star is good for personal breakthrough, change habit, be willing to accept and face inner fear. I normally use this sector to help my clients to create breakthrough with guided steps.

Flying Star 4 in South East Sector

The star 4 is the Literary Art star which boost your learning, research, development, innovation skills. Especially for Tiger and Monkey zodiac sign, you shall strategize to use this sector to increase your learning capability. Gain new knowledge and establish your brand new leadership, new change, creating something new. Nothing is more important than investing into knowledge, to upgrade yourself to especially in time nowadays.

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