2022 Bazi Shen Sha & Feng Shui in Year Of Water Tiger 壬寅年

Last Update : Jan 9, 2022 [More stars]

2022 Bazi Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars) & 2022 Flying Star Feng Shui charts in the year of tiger 2022, to help you get planning into your 2022. Let’s get started with the Bazi Chart for the Water Tiger Year, this is the chart as shown below;

2022 Bazi Chart

Based on the transition time of 4:52am (confirmed again based on Joey Yap 2022 Feng Shui and Astrology) this is the 2022 Bazi chart. Based on this Bazi we can deduce the global energy outlook for 2022 where the Wood energy is prominent followed by the Water energy, then the Fire energy, then the Earth energy while followed last is the Metal energy.

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2022 Bazi Chart : Year of Water Tiger Ren Yin 壬寅年, Wu Zi (Earth Rat Day) born in Ren Zi (Water Tiger year and month) and Jia Yin (Wood Tiger)
2022 Bazi Chart in Water Tiger Year 壬寅年

2022 Bazi Shen Sha (Bazi Auxiliary Stars)

Here I have compiled the advanced Bazi Shen Sha or Bazi Auxiliary Stars to help advanced practitioner to gain insights and know how to see the overview interaction of the 12 zodiac or 12 earthly branches, with detailed Bazi Auxiliary Stars or Bazi Shen Sha guide. For more details about these stars please visit my 2022 Chinese Zodiac Guide here.

2022 bazi 12 earthly branches in year of Tiger 2022
2022 Bazi Shen Sha (Bazi Auxiliary Stars in Year of Tiger 2022

2022 Bazi Interactions (clash, combine, destruct, harmony, punishment)

As you can see in the chart, for those who have the Tiger zodiac sign are boosted with huge amount of active (Yang) energy which would be solid and strong (stubborn and rigid as well). While the opposite is the Monkey zodiac sign which is the Clashing and also Punishment (Metal chop Wood), However due to the strong wood energy, the Monkey zodiac experience difficulties to chop it down thus have CHANGE plan, and move elsewhere to start a brand new kingdom.

Bazi Ungrateful Punishment

For those who have the Tiger, Snake, and Monkey together or in anyway, this will form the Ungrateful Punishment where you set out to offer your help, serve, solve other people’s problem but being edged and blamed for being busy body. Just beware of how you handle situation and learn how to protect your ownself.

All You Need to Know About 2022 Feng Shui

2022 Feng Shui chart
2022 Feng Shui chart – advanced version

In this year I have prepare the annual Feng Shui chart with detailed information from guide and etc. Highlighted with the red warning sign are the sector where you shall prevent doing major renovation for the entire year. The maximum you can activate is the Ding sector or S3 (South 3) sector as this sector influenced withe the Duke Virtue combo (Ren + Ding).

For those who’s main door situated in the Tiger and Monkey sector, makesure you don’t bang the door or any massive vibrational movement which may trigger the negative energy. If this happened try to shift or move yourself away from this unit if you experience massive impact.

AVOID activate the;

  1. Monkey sector (SW3)
  2. Bing sector (S1)
  3. Ding (S3) Need date selection to activate Duke Virtue Combo
  4. Rooster sector (W2), Need date selection to activate Dragon Virtue
  5. Pig (NW3) Need date selection to activate Fortune Virtue properly
  6. Entire North sector (Ren:N1, Zi – Rat:N2, Gui:N3)
  7. Ox sector (NE1)
  8. Tiger sector (NE3), you can sit in that sector to activate Academic, but no renovation
  9. Do not sit facing Horse direction as the Horse has the General Star which may counter you

2022 Flying Star Guide

View 2022 Flying Star Chart Guide in this post for a more detailed and focused analysis;

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