Plan Your 2022 with Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Plan Your 2022 with Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Plan Your 2022 with Chinese Zodiac

You all discovered your Chinese Zodiac forecast of 2022 right? But how about using these forecast to your advantage in personal planning? Gain your unfair advantages by discover what energy and influences in store for you, and Plan Your 2022 with Chinese Zodiac Forecast.

Together with Signature Market, I will be sharing not only the annual 12 zodiac forecast but also the missing pieces connecting these information into your personal growth and planning. Let’s join me;

Date: 21 January 2022 (Friday)
Time: 8:30PM
Speaker: Jonath Lee, Chinese Metaphysics Consultant at RenerQi, Personal Development Coach

About our speaker: Jonath Lee is a Personal Development Coach and Chinese Metaphysics Consultant at RenerQi. As a thriving award-winning web designer, his life transformed after going through a major life crisis where he eventually discovered the art of Chinese Metaphysics. After years of studying with Joey Yap’s Mastery Academy and Personal Growth with Mindvalley, he realized the importance of discovering our inborn nature and abilities towards personal growth. He now integrates both layers into his Personal Development Coaching & Consultation.

Now on a mission to transforming life as a Personal Development Coach with Chinese Metaphysics, he strives to help individuals and entrepreneurs in achieving their life goal. He also created a free personal growth framework known as Innerwork to the public for free download, in hopes to help more people regain their personal growth process.

Join our Chinese Zodiac Forecast workshop to discover what to expect from 2022 according to your Zodiac sign and use that to plan the new year in the best and most fulfilling way possible.

Key takeaways:
1. What is the Chinese Zodiac Horoscope?
2. What is the energy influencing me next year?
3. What do I have to look out for next year?

Plot Your Bazi Chart at;

Download The Workbook

Here I have attached together the workbook for your download;

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