Tiger Zodiac in 2023

Tiger zodiac in 2023
Tiger zodiac in 2023

Tiger Zodiac Horoscope in 2023 Overview

The Tiger zodiac in 2023 will be passing the Grand Duke role to the Water Rabbit but still maintain with huge amount of wealth opportunities as well as rising in social status.

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Career & Business For Tiger Zodiac in 2023

Firs the major star with you is the Surpassing Path which brings enhance in your social status. Being the Grand-duke of 2022 has helped you in making major positive boost in career and your overall life aspect(depends on which pillar the Tiger zodiac located in your chart).

But this star will also bring the negative sides which is feeling insecure, unease, stressed and easily suspicious as you’re adjusting yourself in this new status. However this is just a temporary transition, aware your thoughts and make small progress in adjusting yourself into this new status will just do fine.

Five Prosperity brings new sources of income from 5 direction (conceptually), basically this means there will be various opportunities from all 5 different aspect/direction/channel which is good in creating multi-income pipeline.

The Golden Carriage brings wealth opportunities as you’re travelling, therefore make-sure you take advantage of this start combined with the Five Prosperity together in generating more wealth opportunity while working abroad, expanding your market reach.

Love & Relationship For Tiger Zodiac in 2023

For those who have the Tiger zodiac in their Day Pillar then high chance there are changes in your relationship status back in 2022. Hopefully the changes are for positive. For those who are in a relationship or perhaps even married then this year you will experience shift in adjusting yourself in this new status.

When it comes to relationship the Bath star which brings seductive influence affecting your relationship. For those who are single then it’s still okay as your seductive increased to attract new potential partner, but for those who are already in a relationship, or perhaps even married then you need to look-out for potential seductive issue.

However when it comes to career, business, you can instead activate this Bath star to attract, charming, and increase your popularity to grow more fans, clients or customers (good for KOLs)

Threat for Tiger Zodiac in 2023

Some inauspicious stars such as the Death God bring the effect of overwork, causing you lethargic, easily forgetful until you may not be able to take good care other aspects in your life such as relationship, family, children, learning and rejuvenation. Plus together with the Sickness Charm which brings poor immunity health issue, ignoring your health aspect can come in a big risk and losses (especially you have drained seriously last year during your Grand-duke period).

Your tendency to be overworking yourself until depleting your own health energy could be risky. Therefore you need to use reminder, scheduling system or even time-management system to keep your well organized and mindful over your health aspect.

Heavenly Officer Charm basically a star which brings legal, documentation, agreement, judiciary issues like summonses, tickets, penalties, tax, paperwork stuff which is common for you as you are in the midst of transition of Grand-duke, there are prone to some unfinished paperwork waiting for you.

Lastly the Cascading Cloud or Clouding Sha brings vengeful issue, some petty people wanting to take their revenge on you which is also a common issue being the Grand-duke, there’ll be sure some petty people who are dissatisfy with the way you do things, just don’t let this get over you and no need to be reactive over these matters.

Bazi Guide for Tiger zodiac in 2023

Tiger Year

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Tiger Month

Feb 4 – Mar 5

Tiger Hour

3am until 5am

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Tiger Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Tiger zodiac in Year Pillar

For those who born in the year of Tiger zodiac, this year you are surrounded by lots of famous people, or higher ranking people who would be focusing on growing their wealth, opportunities. With more people brainstorming in creating more income stream, you shall tap into this network for opportunities.

Use your Bath star to exude your charm to seduce attract, your potential leads or customers, win them through your charm and convert them to your paying customers.

However keep your attitude in check as you may easily offend others due to the Leopard Tail star and the Cascading Cloud Sha.

Tiger zodiac in Month Pillar

This governs your career and business aspect, this year you may experience your status enhanced influenced by the Surpassing Path after taking charge to breakthrough your career or business aspect. Boosted with the Golden Carriage, which brings opportunity to make more money by traveling or expand your market.

Imagine you announce you’re organizing a tour travelling and visiting various states (Golden Carriage) providing your services, promoting your products. Do your story telling, share your experience and your way in bringing new experience(Surpassing Path), throughout this process you may grow your reputation, popularity, exposure at the same time creating more value-added and mult-income pipeline(Five Prosperity).

Just remember to take care of your legal documentation, paperwork, application, travel pass as the Heavenly Officer Charm is waiting for you. Avoid flirting or seducing your colleagues due to the presences of the Bath star which can jeopardize your entire career and throw your reputation away.

Tiger zodiac in Day Pillar

Being the Tiger in 2022, your relationship status may have changed as well, by this you may experiencing the transition in adjusting yourself with this new status(Surpassing Path). Take your time to adjusting and not to set your expectation bar high, in case of anything didn’t go well as expected then simply find a media to communicate.

Another reminder is for those who are in a relationship or married, then makesure you aware of your relationship status. Avoid the Bath star which may bring flirtatious, seduction issue causes split which may subsequently activate the rest of the negative stars mentioned above.

Tiger zodiac in Hour Pillar

When it comes to Hour Pillar, with the Golden Carriage and Five Prosperity star together boosting your investment or asset factors will be growing pretty well this year. Therefore you shall keep your mind sharp in managing and take advantage of this investment luck.

Summary For The Tiger zodiac horoscope in 2023

For those who have the Tiger zodiac in 2023, after going through a tough year being the Grand-duke in 2022 which may taken a toll in your health. In 2023 it is your time to take a step back transiting the position to the Rabbit zodiac, during this process your status will still be enhanced with authority. Ride on this influence to create and go down the field to create additional side income stream while contributing in lower level(direct serving the community).

Guide for the 5 Element of Tiger in 2023

Bazi Daymaster structure
Bazi Chart : Look for the Day Pillar to find your Daymaster

Below is your guide for all 5 different type of Tiger zodiac with different personality, for this you need to plot your Bazi Astrology Chart to find out the Daymaster (normally highlighted with dark colored background) then refer to the guide as below;

Wood Tiger(Jia Yin) 甲寅

For those who are born with the Wood Tiger, this is your Direct Resource (DR) year with Rob Wealth, this is a good year for you to learn from your competitor or better still, get into the groundwork and build strong relationship, leverage on other people’s network and resource to build a stronger networth.

Fire Tiger(Bing Yin) 丙寅

For the Fire Tiger, this will be your year of influence where you shall be focusing on building yourself as the authority in the industry you have been establishing. Take on your leadership skill to lead with your experience, sometime the world need a reputable and practical person to take action to lead the pack.

Earth Tiger(Wu Yin) 戊寅

This is your Wealth year where you will build consistent/passive income time and being able establish your financial stability. Boost together with all mentioned auspicious stars this is a definitely great year for you to build your ultimate financial success.

Metal Tiger(Geng Yin)庚寅

For the Metal Tiger person, this is your Hurting officer on Direct Wealth which mean it is the time for you to showcase your way of doing things, how you craft your desired results and your past track record. Tell your story, your processes, the ups and downs in your journey to build your profession.

Water Tiger(Ren Yin) 壬寅

For the Water Tiger, this is your Rob Wealth on Hurting Officer which brings opportunity to meetup with peers, companion, and like-minded people. You may need to spend and it is okay to spend money by knowing how you can invest into establishing your presence among your peers at the same time being able to keep your self up to date with your competitors as well.

For an accurate and detailed reading, you need to refer to your Daymaster and overall Bazi Chinese Astrology chart to get the big picture which truly resonance with you.

Tiger Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions

Every month brings different energy to each zodiac, therefore I will be releasing Tiger Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions periodically to help you in planning your monthly activities ahead.

Tiger zodiac in January 2023

The Tiger zodiac in January month will brings you opportunities to meet the smartest mind around, start to explore and learn from these group of people. Find out new opportunities, market gap, sniff out where the crowds are heading to. This is the month for you to find resources to grow your ideas, learning new insights which can elevate your Tiger eye’s vision.

Tiger zodiac in February, 2023

The Tiger zodiac in February would expect growth in personal development and career, this lead you to consolidate your stand and slowly make your move step by step, phase by phase. There are potential helpful nobleman and growth in your popularity, fame, status and more learning opportunities.

Tiger zodiac in March, 2023

The Tiger zodiac in March need to watch-out for your higher expenses, you may feel excited or attracted to go for some new adventure, holidays, trips may ended up using more money than you’re supposed to. Set a boundary in term of your budgeting, practice frugality are not bad as you need to reserves some money for upcoming endeavor.

Tiger zodiac in April, 2023

The Tiger zodiac in April (Fire Dragon) month, this is your month of control, however your energy has been depleted due to chasing for excitement, too idealistic, this causes your inability to control or grasp opportunity this month. You need to be able to set clear focus on what truly important or priority for you this month.

Rat zodiac 2023 monthly predictions will be updated from time to time. You may checkout our monthly forecast in Vish Channel Live Videos here.

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