Rat Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Rat Zodiac Horoscope in 2023
Rat Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Rat Zodiac Horoscope in 2023 Overview

The Rat zodiac Horoscope in 2023 is also one of the most luckiest zodiac sign in 2023. This is going to be your come-back year after self-cultivating year in 2022 as per my Rat Zodiac Horoscope 2022 guide.

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Rat Zodiac in 2023
Rat Zodiac in 2023 : Auspicious & Inauspicious stars affecting you.

Career & Business For Rat Zodiac in 2023

Firs the major star with you is the Heavenly Virtue which brings positive blessing and and capable in dissolving the impact caused by the negative stars (will be explained below) and overall this star capable in flipping the circumstances into your advantages.

With 4 major stars of Fortune Virtue brings wealth opportunities and enhances other auspicious stars, Prosperity Star brings uplifting vibes of abundant and this star works better then you start to give and contribute into the life of others.

With both of these stars combined together, it’ll attracts more wealth opportunities, wealth growth, value accumulation and raise your overall positive vibes which also attracts more happy events and overall personal growth.

Thriving star boost promotion, authority, recognition, accreditation and achievements which is favorable for both business owners, entrepreneurs and employees. Take this opportunity to plan massive growth.

So overall for career and personal development, year 2023 is a big shift in your life, therefore you shall start crafting your plan now, pull in all the resources and focus on the execution all the way.

Love & Relationship For Rat Zodiac in 2023

With both Red Matchmaker and Peach Blossom star together your relationship is on top of the chart! Both bring good tiding in relationship matter especially if you’re born with the Rat zodiac in your Day Pillar (refer to below section).

This is great for any aspect be it in your business, marketing, likability and ability to build and strengthen overall relationship is crucial. This is more important for those who are KOL(Key Opinion Leader) as your likability are crucial in your work.

Threat for Rat Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

You have both Salty Pool and Year Punishment which brings negative relationship issue as the Rat and Rabbit forms the Uncivilized Punishment where it could cause disharmony with people, spoiled relationship, troubled by unhealthy sexual issues and promiscuous or being taken-advantage of due to trust issue. The Salty Pool basically increases your short-term attraction, short-term relationship which may be driven by lust, therefore you have to stay clear of your mind with what is crucial, priorities and avoid from falling into this pitfall as it can hit you very hard.

With the Crossing Sha star, you have to pay more attention when it comes to legal, agreement, document signing and make-sure you are cleared with whatever you are signing for getting yourself into.

There is another star known as the Curled Tongue which mean there are potential of argument, disagreement which can be caused by gossip from petty people, therefore you shall avoid jumping into conclusion and stop being too judgmental.

With the presence of Drapes star, you may potentially be saddened by sad events, it could be funeral, serious ill with someone you love. Therefore you need to allocate time to keep your self aware over the health condition of your loved ones.

Bazi Guide for Rat zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Rat Year

1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Rat Month

Dec 7 – Jan 5

Rat Hour

11pm until 1am

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Rat Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Rat zodiac in Year Pillar

You are surrounded with abundant of opportunities to tap onto, this is the year for you to work closely with, find way to meetup and catchup with your contacts to focus on more finding opportunities, work with those who are trying to build something big and offer your service to complete their missing puzzle.

Rat zodiac in Month Pillar

This governs your career and business aspect, so with all the auspicious stars mentioned above, 2023 is going to be your comeback year therefore you shall make-sure you already have a clear plan and strategy to push your career and business to the next level.

This is the year where you shall 10x your performance and effort, build meaningful and long term relationship with colleagues, superior, bosses. Work together in sourcing input, craft the niche idea, and align your team/alliance towards the shared common goal.

Rat zodiac in Day Pillar

For those who are single, you may potentially discover your life partner as you have both ultimate relationship star like the Red Matchmaker and Peach Blossom star. For those who’re in relationship perhaps this is the good year to get move to the next level where you may consider to get married. For those already married then this year plan important trip or activities to spark up your marriage.

However there are 2 negative stars namely the Salty Pool and the Uncivilized Punishment (formed by Rat and Rabbit together) which bring short-term attraction, unhealthy sexual desires, basically you will feel hornier or intensify in your desire. This is not entirely bad if you can shift this set of desire into your work aspect then it would be fine.

However for those who already in relationship or married, this could boost your intimate life with more spark, like “working out” in different place, could be in kitchen, or go to beach (since this is Water Rabbit year), or perhaps trying out some toys to bring fresh new experience, after all sex and intimacy plays a major role in relationship.

Rat zodiac in Hour Pillar

You will suddenly felt the gushes of energy pushing you towards in re-initiating and kickstarting your plan after such a long lengthy year of 2022. This is the year to restart start your engine and chase for the goal you’ve been wanting.

As this pillar is also relates to children, and subordinate, this year is where you need to learn to delegate authority and train your subordinate to support you in your ultimate goal. Learn how to have faith and trust that they will be able to assist you is crucial especially when you need to propel yourself forwards, they need to do what you can do so you can go higher.

Hour pillar also relate to your investment and asset, so with both Prosperity Star and Fortune Virtue together bring boosts in your investment luck.

You may also consider start your side gig or perhaps kickstart your dream project as side hustle to slowly grow it up (since you have so much auspicious stars).

Summary For The Rat zodiac horoscope in 2023

For those who have the Rat zodiac horoscope in 2023, you shall prepare for your come-back year as you are blessed and supported with huge amount of prosperous stars and relationship boost. You do have to be extra careful when it come to negative or unhealthy attraction

Guide for the 5 Element of Rat in 2023

Bazi Daymaster structure
Bazi Chart : Look for the “Day” pillar to find your Daymaster

Below is your guide for all 5 different type of Rat zodiac with different personality, for this you need to plot your Bazi Astrology Chart to find out the Daymaster (normally highlighted with dark colored background) then refer to the guide as below;

Wood Rat (Jia Zi) 甲子

For those who are born with the Wood Rat, this is your Direct Resource (DR) year with Rob Wealth, this is a good year for you to learn from your competitor or perhaps could collaborate with your industry players to share, learn, discuss compiling what you have studies and subsequently use this opportunity to build your authority.

Fire Rat (Bing Zi) 丙子

For the Fire Rat, this will be your year of influence where you shall be focusing on building yourself as the authority in the industry you have been establishing. Focus more on helping others in solving problem, be bigger than the problem your target audience could be experiencing. Therefore you shall take this opportunity in upgrade or transforming your line of service/products to be more value added in encouraging your target audience in upgrading their life through your offering.

Earth Rat (Wu Zi) 戊子

This is your Wealth year where you will build consistent/passive income time and being able establish your financial stability. Boost together with all mentioned auspicious stars this is a definitely great year for you to build your ultimate financial success.

Water Rat (Ren Zi) 壬子

For the Water Rat, this is your Rob Wealth year where you could be either over-spend or I would advise you to invest or use money in building better relationship. Use this opportunity to create meetup, gathering, buy them lunch in building better relationship(you may not know how they may have grown) and subsequently take this opportunity to bring people together in creating something bigger together.
– Learn the Art of Persuasive & Leadership.

Metal Rat (Geng Zi)庚子

For the Metal Rat person, 2023 is your Hurting Officer or output and creative year where you shall be focusing in showcasing your creative work, present your work, share your experience, and overall this is the year for you to focus on building your personal branding. This is crucial as being the Geng (Yang Metal) person you will be mostly focusing on getting busy, working things out until forgotten to consolidate your own personal branding and presenting your professional identity.

For an accurate and detailed reading, you need to refer to your Daymaster and overall Bazi Chinese Astrology chart to get the big picture which truly resonance with you.

Rat Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions

Every month brings different energy to each zodiac, therefore I will be releasing Rat Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions periodically to help you in planning your monthly activities ahead.

January 2023

The Rat in January will increase connection where you will experience grow in network, meetup, connection in this month which brings you new synergy and synastry. Take this month to plan gathering and networking activities, for those who are single you may need to find new group of friends to increase your potential to find your potential target.

February 2023 – Rat zodiac monthly forecast

The Rat’s energy start to get accelerated this month, prone to be more aggressive, competitive, feeling the needs of change. Take note your mental state not to easily go overboard until offend others. Channel your flow of energy towards creating something you passionate about.

March 2023 – Rat zodiac monthly forecast

This month the Rat and Rabbit forms the Uncivilized Punishment which bring disharmony relationship, betrayal, being used, being taken-advantage of which may seriously affect personal relationship especially when it come to unhealthy sex desire related issue therefore just be more alert & conscious with your surrounding. Overall your journey this month are slightly affected in term of progress, try to avoid unnecessary temptation and stay focus in building your professional identity.

April 2023 – Rat zodiac monthly forecast

In the month of Fire Dragon, the Rat zodiac forms 3-harmony (Water Frame) with the Dragon and Monkey zodiac. Therefore this is a good month for collaboration, networking, meeting more people, find like-minded people to work together or grow your ideas, or find partners, gain insights into others’ experience.

Rat zodiac 2023 monthly predictions will be updated from time to time. You may checkout our monthly forecast in Vish Channel Live Videos here.

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