2023 Qi Men Dun Jia

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Chart

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart

Here is the 2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart (奇門遁甲) with 5 elements indication under the English name of each elements. The 7 Star Path and 28 Constellation (Joey Yap’s School’s unique layers), these information are subjected to Joey Yap Mastery Academy. You can read more about the 7 Star Path here.

Before we get started you shall plot your own Qi Men Destiny or use Joey Yap’s Bazi Calculator to find-out where is your Destiny Palace and overlay this information to reflect your natal Qi Men Destiny Palace then overlay with your current Luck Palace.

Qi Men Destiny Plotter: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
Joey Yap Bazi Calculator : https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/App/Basic/Default.aspx

Sample of Qi Men Destiny Chart

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Example of Qi Men Destiny Chart by Joey Yap – Look for the Red colored box in Southeast palace.
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Palace
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Palace

Find out where is your Qi Men Destiny Palace as shown in the chart above either by Joey Yap’s QiMen Destiny chart plotter or Joey Yap’s Bazi calculator.

2023 Qi Men Destiny Annual Forecast

Once you have plotted your own Qi Men Destiny Chart, you can easily refer to the annual forecast as below. And for those advanced Qi Men Destiny users then you can overlay the forecast as below for your Wealth, Career, Relationship, Karmic or other palaces respectively.

South Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia South Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia South Palace

With the influence of the Warrior (Xuan Wu/Black Tortoise) spirit, there could be lies, deceit, scam, misconduct happening in your life this year. Activate the Assist star by doing your research, audit, financial check properly to get the fact and figure right is crucial for this matter. The Outlook/Scenery Door denote thing looks beautiful outside, with all the paper figures in a well-presented manner may not hold the true substance.

The Wu on Ren with the Dragon entering Prison formation, you better watch-out for potential struggle with capital, supplies, resources channel, overall financial status. Whatever you’re current have may look safe, but could have hidden risk that you’re yet to discover. Protect your resources, capital, re-assess your overall condition. Check the quality and verify all your sources, not just the paper or surface-level report. You may affected with hidden emotion, struggle to express yourself, feeling trapped.

Focus on more : Gaining new resource, supplies or grow your own resources, hidden emotional struggle, feeling trapped, this is a good year to train your ability to sense people around you and being able to ease-out challenges you’re facing by talking it out. Need to be extra careful over potential of scam.

Southwest Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Southwest Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Southwest Palace

For those who’s Destiny Palace located in the Southwest, Ren on Great White forms the Great White Catch Snake formation in this palace you may throw into a situations of being judged, being questioned, positioned in a state where your intention and action are being judge. However if you done nothing wrong and being well cleared with your intention then you have nothing to be fearful with.

There are hidden internal issue which lies with your strategic planning, this could be due to your thoughts may have been influenced, swayed by emotion. Get someone else or any 3rd party to help you in assessing your plan, get it double-checked to gain additional opinion before you execute it. There is no worthy of being ignorant especially with yourself.

With the Death door in the original palace, this year there’ll be a lot of past burden/experience/trauma need to put into end. This is also what we call the rebirth of your brand new self, all the past memory only serves you as much as 2022, in this 2023 your life lesson required you to develop the new version of you by first overcome what doesn’t work for you in the past.

With the Tiger(White Tiger) spirit at 7 star level with Heroic star, you further need to plan your execution with a proper strategic planning, ensure your battle comes with a solid plan towards your ultimate year goal. Your battle no longer just about you, your battle meant a lot to more people out there. Slowly establish your trust building, aligning every single of your action back to your intention will dissolve most of the issue.

West Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia West Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia West Palace

For those who’s Destiny Palace situated in West Palace, both the stem of Geng on Ding forms White Pavilion of Deceit formation, where your plan may be jeopardized despite everything looks great on the outside.

Geng(Great White) with the Unity spirit (6 Combo/6 Harmony) denote relationship crisis and Grain star means large group of people who you’re working with may have concealed their hidden plot against you due to the Fear door.

The hidden Yi in this case were suppressed in this palace renders helps, assistant or even supporter inability to assist you.

Makesure whatever you do, any job you’re performing are supported with proper documentation or record. People’s matter could cause you unexpected issue especially during the calm period. Do not act hastily or reactive towards these signals.

Focus more on crafting and establishing your ground work, get it acknowledged, approval, make others aware of your work and your contribution. Best if possible try to work and aligned yourself with your team or partner towards the same goal.

People may have different taste in other aspect, your role is to find the shared common goal and focus aligning everyone along it.

Northwest Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Northwest Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Northwest Palace

This is one of the most auspicious sign for those who’s destiny palace located in the Northwest Palace as you have the Ding and Bing together which forms auspicious formation known Star Follow Moon Turn which brings massive amount of positive boost in term of strategy, tactics as well as planning. There will be celebration of success, promotion, rise of ranking especially when it come to career related.

With the Open Door together with the Pillar star, this would brings massive competitive advantages and more level up opportunity by learning the right skill set with the Moon deity. Therefore you need to define what are the requirements, skillset, knowledge, intellectual properties or etc. to get you there.

However all shall be solved with the Great Moon Deity which at level 6 and supported with the NET Constellation which further boost your learning ability to grow for the long term and being able to solve any technical challenges.

Overall elements above forms the Real Deception which brings you advantages in counter-attack your opponents when they thought you were weak and unprepared. Secondly it form the 3 Noble Spirit which brings clear vision in your complex planning, overall this is a good palace to use.

North Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia North Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia North Palace

For those who’s Qi Men Destiny palace located in the North, congratulations as in this palace the Bing and Xin form the Meeting of Sun and Moon formation, which brings good success in planning, any issue can be resolved as long as you listed out your strategic planning from diagnosis to execution. If you have any issue with health, illnesses or etc. This palace is one of the most favorable to activate in your journey of seeking medical treatment.

Overall elements above forms the Bing Receives Envoy, Flying Bird Fall into Cavern, and Absolute Power which further boost positive blessing where good and prosperous opportunity would easily fall onto your lap, your goal are well supported with positive resources.

With the Heart star and Rest door here remind you over potential of your absent minded in your work or delivering what you promises which may causes you to being judged, accusation, and disputes.

Plus the Snake (Surging Snake/Serpent) spirit here reminds you there are potential of hanky-panky or ill-intentioned situation may arises if one’s are not careful. You need to be extra careful of scams, delivering your promises, hidden phrase in agreement or etc.

Overall you need to know how to spot petty people, those who want to bring you down, avoid them, don’t let them trigger you or taking away your attention as you need to be fully focused and persevere into solving any potential issue arises to win the game.

Additional : This sector can be used for spiritual pursuit, self-enlightenment, energy healing, self-improvement and etc. relevant activities throughout the year.

Northeast Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Northeast Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Northeast Palace

For those who’s Qi Men Destiny Palace situated in the Northeast then this year you need to focus on sharpen your critical thinking skillset as the Xin on Gui forms the Heavenly Elegant Seal which brings potential losses and plaque with various obstacles & hindrances. This forced you to activate your critical thinking ability to be able to analyze your circumstances, able to differentiate between true and false, right or wrong.

The Pirate/Grass star and Life Door brings opportunity after crisis, however the profit or reward would take time and slow. Therefore you need to persevere through the journey, sometime knowing how to avoid risk, potential pitfall is already a win.

Do note that despite you may have the perfect ideas, the best solution, the most ideal way of doing certain things, you need to understand that timing plays a major role. Be patience and observe for the right timing to launch your offerings.

With the Leader/Chief spirit at level 5, there will be help and support from nobleman but it would first required you to see, identify, knowing what is right and what is wrong before you can discover the answer. Influenced by ASTRIDE constellation which required you to learn the rules of the game in life and this will help you to grow above your own game among your peers.

East Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia East Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia East Palace

Those who are born with their Qi Men Destiny palace in the East, this year you need to focus more on working out your communication and setting your direction, intention with clarity.

With the Gui on Ji which forms Elegant Seal Earth Door which brings potential issue when it comes to conveying your message, various communication issue which causes misunderstanding, misalignment and expectation not met. All your message or big plan may just fall to the deep hole.

With the Officer/Ambassador star on Harm door, the situation required you to establish a practical firm ground with a solid foundation in order to built a tower. Having great vision with the 9 Heaven can brings you far, but makesure you got the basic foundation right and everyone who are working with you are properly aligned with your goal.

Because when the 9 Heaven at level 1 and influenced by the HORN constellation, sometime being to decisive in making short call could cause you more issue without understand the big picture.

Learn how to communicate and express your ideas/vision/grand-plan. Put everything in visual form of explanation, using mind-map to help and guide your team to slowly construct each part of your project is according to your plan is crucial. During this process, your ability to walk your talk, constantly in check, lead your team by example will strongly influence those arounds you.

However if things didn’t goes as planned, sometime you do need to let go and reconstruct all over-again as the foundation may not strong enough to hold your grand-vision.

Funny example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T8Gvsw-6Tg

Southeast Palace

2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Southeast Palace
2023 Qi Men Dun Jia Southeast Palace

If your Qi Men Destiny palace located in the Southeast palace then this year you need to pay extra attention when it comes to your health, personal growth

When Ji on Wu forms the Guard Dog Meet Dragon were supposed to bring happiness and celebrations of a long wait after all the hardwork and effort you have put in life, suddenly you realized that all the things you have gained didn’t really provide you much sense of fulfillment.

With double DE(Death & Emptiness) this somehow make you ponder over what truly matters in your life. Take this year as the time for you to review your bucket list, or ask you yourself the 3 most important questions in life to help you re-consolidate your overall life direction.

With Destructor/Disrupt star on Deception/Delusion door brings sudden abrupt changes in your life path where you keep focusing on the big impact, neglecting the small details in life which could affect major changes in your life.

Take this opportunity to review every single detail in your life journey, sometime the small tiny matters in life matters the most.

With the 9 Earth spirit reminding you to focus more on self-reflection, self-centered and practice gratitude to amplify every detail and moments in life worth cherish. By gaining deep insights into what makes you felt fulfilled in life will help you to understand whatever you are chasing in life, may already with you.

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