Monkey Zodiac in 2023

Monkey zodiac in 2023
Monkey zodiac in 2023

Monkey Zodiac in 2023 Overview

The Monkey zodiac in 2023 will transition into stabilize life after clashing in with Tiger in 2022, this year brings you more opportunity to establish yourself professionally while still having the influence of spiritual awakening. Before you get started remember to review your 2022 as per my Monkey Zodiac in 2022 guide.

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Career & Business For Monkey Zodiac in 2023

First of all your are blessed with the Heavenly Horse which brings you opportunity to travel and make more money. This star will indirectly help you to broaden your mind, your vision, expand your fantasy and let your imagination run wild into all possibilities.

Next is the Earth Relief star bring positive blessing into solving problems, hindrance and minor hiccups. Coupled with some of the combination in the Monkey zodiac palaces, this also brings opportunity to renovate your house, office, your asset, investment and boost profit indirectly.

Another good problem dissolver star which is the Monthly Virtue which will help you dissipate most of the challenges easily as long as you are aware what issue caught up with you, be more conscious with the purpose or hidden life lesson behind these issue and problem will dissipate on its own. This star will bring more smooth sailing into your 2023.

Another is the National Treasure star which brings more responsibilities, authority, power and higher important decision making opportunity, which indirectly will boost your income, salary, promotion or raise.

Lastly is the Tai Ji Nobleman which still supporting you since 2022, this star bring opportunities to learn or study unconventional knowledge, spiritual pursue, wisdom, philosophical studies, going for pilgrimage, ashram, energy healing, metaphysics. This star will also awaken your inner-self enlightenment to gain higher level of knowledge.

Love & Relationship For Monkey Zodiac in 2023

When it comes to relationship matter the Monkey zodiac will need to look out over their inner sense of wanting to connect with someone. The Red Chamber star will intensify your needs of romance, sensual and inner desire. This star would be good for those who are involved in entertainment industry which required a lot of deep connection, fanatic fans building, however if using this star wrongly you may fall into scandal.

Threat for Monkey zodiac in 2023

First of all you are being influenced by Lesser Consumer which mean you will still be spending a lot of money, but considered as lesser than 2022. So keep up in investing into your personal growth or buy the things that you love.

Next is the Robbery Sha which attract potential robbery happening onto you. When it comes to business or career this may manifest as your opportunities, leads, collection, idea, proposal, may be stolen away. Therefore you need to follow-up closely and keep everything around you guarded well.

When it comes to health the Death Charm will be trailing behind which may make you feel losing hope, feeling despair and lack of energy moving forward. You need to review and do annual body checkup to ensure your body and health are in good shape. You may need to help your parents, or people who are so dearly to you to upkeep their health condition as well.

Bazi Guide for Monkey zodiac in 2023

Monkey Year

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Monkey Month

Aug 8 – Sep 7

Monkey Hour

3pm until 5pm

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Monkey Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Monkey zodiac in Year Pillar

For those who are born in the Monkey year, you’ll start to feel almost everyone around you are planning for travelling, going to long vacation. Some may even being promoted to relocate into other countries, or perhaps even migration.

These will indirectly make you pondering if you should join the wave to gain more experience and broaden your mind by gaining more insights by traveling. Take this opportunity to travel, enrich your life experience with your group of friends.

Monkey zodiac in Month Pillar

For those who are born in Monkey month, this govern your career and business aspect. With all the positive star such as the National Treasure which increase your chances of getting promotion, raise, moving up into a more important role. With the Heavenly Horse means you will have opportunities to travel or work collaboratively with other people from abroad.

When it come to your business, this mean your brand, your business have the opportunity to gain some reputation, establishment or perhaps invited to be part of a stronger accreditation society/organization abroad. Do take this opportunity to explore what’s possible in wider geographically reach-out.

Overall with the problem dissolver stars such as the Earth Relief and Monthly Virtue, both boost and blessed you with more smooth sailing journey in 2023.

Monkey zodiac in Day Pillar

For those who are born in the Monkey day, this governs your personal relationship matter. For those who are single, with the Red Chamber may bring more intense attraction, where you may easily found someone you easily fall in love and progress up pretty fast.

For those who are already in a relationship or married, with the Red Chamber star, you need to take note not to easily sway away into other people. Use this star to intensify more stronger connection with your loved ones, more sweet and wonderful sensual and intimate connection. Perhaps you do spice up your “activities” in different location, different theme or etc.

Monkey zodiac in Hour Pillar

For those who are born in the Monkey Hour, this pillar governs your ideas, dreams, aspiration, investment, children and people who are under your care.

For business owners, entrepreneurs, this is a crucial year for you to review and re-assess your business to see if you should consider to scale it or expand your reach to other market. See your business’ market positioning in big picture perspective would help you to gain better clarity in term of which phase you shall move yourself toward.

Summary For The Monkey zodiac in 2023

For those who have the Monkey zodiac in 2023, this year you shall focus on rebuilding your new ground after experiencing massive change in year of 2022. In 2023 it’s all about building your new ground, new foundation, your desired state of how life should be live in.

With the Tai Ji Nobleman, you may experience deep inner awakening moment since 2022, take this opportunity to rediscover and connect with your inner-self. Going for spiritual studies, religious, pilgrimage will also be beneficial for your self discovery, find out more in this video :

Guide for the 5 Element of Monkey zodiac in 2023

Bazi Daymaster structure
Bazi Chart : Look for the Day pillar to find your Daymaster

Below is your guide for all 5 different type of Monkey zodiac with different personality, for this you need to plot your Bazi Astrology Chart to find out the Daymaster (normally highlighted with dark colored background) then refer to the guide as below;

Wood Monkey (Jia Shen) 甲申 in 2023

For those who are born with the Wood Monkey, this is your Direct Resource star on Rob Wealth which brings opportunity in learning from your peers or competitors, expand your sense of competition not just locally but as well as internationally.

Time to share your experience, knowledge, grow your authority leadership in your industry. You may consider provide training, sharing, contribute into your industry.

Fire Monkey (Bing Shen) 丙申 in 2023

For the Fire Monkey, this is your Direct Officer on Direct Resource where you need further build your rapport, climb the corporate ladder, or strengthen your business’ authority with certification, accreditation, awards, recognition.

Earth Monkey (Wu Shen) 戊申 in 2023

For the Earth Monkey person, this year your Direct Wealth on Direct Officer star where you need to build system, workflow to increase your efficiency in delivering your offering, opportunity to supply to other market with higher capacity.

Every business need to have a business process and operation flow, start to craft yours to increase the efficiency of your workflow to minimize unnecessary risk which may jeopardize your business.

Metal Monkey (Geng Shen) 庚申 in 2023

For the Metal Monkey person in 2023 this is your Hurting Officer on Direct Wealth where it is your time grow your presence, branding to audience abroad. Expand your products, services, skillset, expertise to be recognize and reachable abroad or at least to online audiences.

Show people how you can help them in minimizing risk, solve problem, create more results, use your story telling to share your past experience and your expertise.

Water Monkey (Ren Shen) 壬申 in 2023

For those who are born with Water Monkey Daymaster this is your Rob Wealth over Hurting Officer where this brings your sense of competitiveness, wanting to keep your competitor in check.

In another sense the Rob Wealth will bring more party, spending more money to buy more experience as well as treating your friends. Take this opportunity to organize meetups, party, events to connect all your competitors or industry players to meetup for sharing, collaboration and networking session to uplift your status(as the initiator).

For an accurate and detailed reading, you need to refer to your Daymaster and overall Bazi Chinese Astrology chart to get the big picture which truly resonance with you.

Monkey Zodiac in 2023 with Monthly Predictions

Every month brings different energy to each zodiac, therefore I will be releasing Monkey Zodiac in 2023 with Monthly Predictions periodically to help you in planning your monthly activities ahead.

Monkey zodiac in January 2023

The Monkey in January will experience a shift of energy towards the new 2023 influence. You have to start planning all your resources, network to further consolidate your new world. There are more unnoticed or hidden connection allow you to build stronger fort.

Monkey zodiac in February 2023

The Monkey in February may find themselves working harder with in solving more issue or problems (higher workload). No worries and just take all the necessary step to say yes to take on the task (as you will be able to solve it easily with problem solving stars). Do not let your temper issue affect your sense of professional therefore you need to handle it with care and diligence. Your hardwork will be rewarded.

Monkey zodiac in March 2023

The Monkey in March may start to notice hidden opportunities, partnership, work collaboratively with like-minded people. Be more opportunistic and proactive to meet more people, share your goal and direction as there are more interesting opportunities may see the light of alignment. You may want thing to happen fast fast fast until missed out the crucial details, therefore be mindful and not diverted away for short-term gain alone.

Monkey zodiac in April 2023

The Monkey in April (Fire Dragon) month, fire opportunities arising, time to be pro-active in solving critical problem fast. The Monkey zodiac will also form 3-harmony (Water Frame) with the Dragon and Rat zodiac, this will bring you more opportunity to showcase your skillset and problem solving skillset.

Monkey zodiac 2023 monthly predictions will be updated from time to time. You may checkout our monthly forecast in Vish Channel Live Videos here.

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