2023 Flying Star Feng Shui

2023 flying star feng shui
2023 Flying Star Feng Shui

Shift your Growth Habit with 2023 Flying Star Feng Shui with the annual 2023 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart, craft your atomic habit through your environment, the workspace to set your new growth habit.

Before we get started, please makesure you have clean and removed all the cures and activations done in 2022, please review your Flying Star Feng Shui 2022.

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2023 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

2023 flying star chart
2023 Flying Star Chart: Red color auspicious, grey color inauspicious.

Flying Star 4 in Center Palace

The star 4 is the Literary Art star which boost your learning, research, development, innovation skills, upgrade your existing skillset or attain higher certification. This is highly recommended for those especially for Rabbit, Ox and Snake zodiac sign, you shall strategize to use this sector to increase your learning capability.

Gain new knowledge and establish your brand new leadership, new change, creating something new. Nothing is more important than investing into knowledge, to upgrade yourself to especially in time nowadays. Everything we want in life starts from learning, therefore beside learning hard-skill, soft-skill learning are equally important.

Feng Shui Setup for Center Palace

You may consider to setup the center area with books, academic achievements, quotes, drawing or writing equipment, study desk setup and also schedule a minimum of 30-45 minutes studying, reading books or etc. activities in this sector upon waking up or before go to bed. This is to reduce the impact of blue-light effect on eyes which can affect your sleep quality.

You can even put 4pcs of Bamboo Plant in the center sector to boost your learning ability.

If ones experienced massive temper, argument, fights in this sector, then you may need to put red-colored item, 9 red packets with real money to weaken the arguments, temperamental issue.

If you already have crystal cave in this sector then you need to add water element here to stabilize.

Flying Star 5 in the Northwest sector

As the star 5 were known as the calamity, disastrous, mishap or the accident energy. When the Star 5 (earth element) went to the Northwest sector (metal element), the impact will be reduced by slight amount.

However we still need to avoid using this sector and no renovation from the West to Northwest sectors, especially for those who have zodiac such as Snake, Ox, Tiger, Monkey and Rooster zodiac. This is since they are surrounded with low immunity and higher health risk this year.

Avoid placing any red, purple, orange colored item in this sector, can consider white, silver, grey colored item instead.

Feng Shui Cures 2023

You can place item such as metal gourd, 6 pieces of pure metal dumb-bell, pewter with 6 leader statues to weaken this energy or you can consider to put salt water cure with a proper date selection. Another method is to put grey-colored carpet with 6 pieces of ancient Chinese coins underneath the carpet. And lastly you can put a mechanical(gear driven, non electric powered) and play the metal music box daily to weaken the energy.

Flying Star 6 in the West Sector

Flying Star 6 being a metal element landed in metal palace will further boost this energy. This is one of the best sector for you to setup your work space here & face a good energy direction especially for those corporate ladder climber, tap onto this energy to boost your personal professional self and donโ€™t forget to setup and update your Linkedin profile as well.

For business owners, side hustlers, this sector could also attract indirect wealth this year. Having your main door/balcony/large windows here would also increase more opportunities however it may come with some challenges.

Star 6 landed in Dui Palace also mean you need to shout out and claim credit over your work, therefore this year you have to learn how to record your own contribution, milestone, the “before & after” effect from having you in the company will further polish your portfolio.


If you have the Rabbit & Rooster zodiac, refrain yourself from spending too much time or sitting in this area for long term as it will cause disruption issue.


You can select a good date to put 6 white pebbles to increase this sector’s energy on a good date. You can position Yellow, Beige, or any Earthly colored item in this sector.

Avoid Red, Pink colored item or fire related item in this sector.

Flying Star 7 in the Northeast sector

This is one of the discord, talkative, quarrel, and potential robbery. If you houseโ€™ main door is situated in this sector then please be extra careful in protecting your asset, belonging, and potential summonses.

However the good way we can use this sector to improve your communication in case you have some miscommunication, stagnation, cold in relationship well perhaps you can positively active this star to gain courage to speak your heart out.

Use this to prep your Pitching, Presentation, Sales, Speech, Ted-Talk, Sharing and etc.

Note for Rat, Dragon, Goat & Monkey

For those who are have the Rat, Dragon, Goat & Monkey zodiac, be more mindful when speak as you may be easily triggered into argument which could lead to financial or opportunities being robbed away.

Flying Star 8 in South Sector

Flying Star 8 landed in South is being produced by the Fire(Li) Palace. This is one of the well known star of wealth, first of all this star brings you more work load, attract more task. Thus this star is good for side gig, freelance, self-employed where you need more workload. Thus is one is not recommended to be used by employee as you’ll be just merely busy working while receiving the same amount of salary.

Consciously use this sector to make more sales, turn ideas into monetization. If you can chain the sector to boost your new campaign.


You can place your Treasure Chest, Treasure Bowl in this sector.

Flying Star 9 in North Sector

This star denote happy event, good tiding, promotion, attracting abundance, and also one of the best sector for those who do investment. This is where you will gain positive vibes and insights in your investment. This is a good sector to be used in improving your brand or rebranding activities to kick-start a brand new energy.


For those who are feeling stuck, going nowhere, seeking for direction or other similar situation may try to put 9 pcs of dried flower in this sector to boost your energy to be easily make a move forward, spark your passion and rediscover your path.

Conceiving babies, you can put 9 pieces of purple crystals (e.g. Amethyst) to increase the energy.

Flying Star 1 in Southwest Sector

This is one of our favorite star denote wisdom, knowledge, abundance, intelligence, & seeking for nobleman help. You can consciously use this sector to craft your plan, analyze your circumstances, derive solutions, find resources, and brings everything together and kickstart it.

If you have been feeling stuck, seeking for way out of your current struggling state, this is one of the best sector to activate.


You can consider to put a moving water feature in this sector to boost nobleman, or even find helpful people, find resources. You can also increase your likability, attraction with with moving water + moving metal item here.

Flying Star 2 in East Sector

Finally the illness star, or mishap star we call it may easily bring illnesses. For those zodiac such as Snake, Tiger, Ox, & Monkey zodiac, please avoid activating this sector. Keep this sector clean especially during spring cleaning as per suggested here and leave it quietly.

For business or work, you can use this to perform accumulation or enrollment related activities using this sector. Attain more asset, items, or etc.

Feng Shui Cures 2023

You can place item such as Bronze metal gourd, 6 pieces of pure metal dumb-bell, weaken this energy with a proper date selection, salt-water cure or use the Flying Star Combo 10 to merge the energy combination. Avoid Red, Warm, Orange colored item here.

Flying Star 3 in Southeast Sector

Star 3 conventionally known as the dispute, offending and aggressiveness. Basically the star 3 brings you active energy to fight, take action, make things happen. So with this star is good for personal breakthrough, change habit, be willing to accept and face inner fear. I normally use this sector to help my clients to create breakthrough with guided steps. So I think for those have been planning, accumulating resources and ideas, use this sector to start executing your ideas.


Avoid putting new water-based plant in this sector. You can consider to place pink, red colored item to weaken this energy.

Summary of 2023 Flying Star Feng Shui

Overall in 2023 Flying Star Feng Shui which start with the Flying Star 4 Green Jade star in center, more people shall focus more on learning in adapting ourselves in Period 9 Feng Shui which will officially begin in year 2023 Wood Dragon (Jia Chen). This is a crucial period for everyone to learn, understand, adapt ourselves towards this brand new period of fire luck which brings massive different opportunities.

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  1. Hello, I discovered your blog and find it very interesting and above all very clear. Thank you for all those informations !

    1. Hi Michelle,
      You’re welcome, hope you’ll find all the guides here are useful and informational.

  2. I’ve been doing Feng shui on my own for 8 yrs now. Question: what does 6 white pebbles mean? And when is the good date to put it on the west area?

    1. Hi Mj,

      In some Feng Shui school, they would want to boost or support the energy for Flying Star 6 to increase the growth energy.
      For the Date-selection wise is to align with the boost of metal day with no negative star in that sector for general users.
      For advanced users need to align their Bazi and goal to align which sets of energy to strengthen.

  3. Hi i would just like to clarify, for flying star 2, i need to place 6 pcs dumbbell plates per house level??? Correct??? Also i would like to place a gold curtain on flying star 2 however its has ginko biloba leaves print on the gold curtain is it ok to use?? Or bad to use for flying star 2??

    1. You can use salt cure or the metal gourd to reduce the impact of the star 2. The curtain isn’t much impact as it is wood element which is countering the star 2.

  4. Hello, what is the best date to put salt water cure in NW? is the 5 element pagoda gold metal card okay to put in NW? thanks

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