Snake Zodiac in 2023

Snake zodiac in 2023
Snake zodiac in 2023

Snake Zodiac in 2023 Overview

The Snake zodiac in 2023 is going to be year of new adventure, exploration to expand your horizon, new territory and perhaps even new market. Before you get started remember to review your 2022 Forecast as per my Snake Zodiac in 2022 guide.

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Career & Business For Snake Zodiac in 2023

The Snake Zodiac are blessed with the Sky Horse, which bring opportunities to travel, explore new places, explore new territories as well as explore new market for business owners.

Secondly you are blessed with the Sky Gracious star which brings helpful nobleman influence who can indirect uplift your attraction, likability, increase luck in study and examination and together with Sky Horse both will boost market expansion.

You are also blessed with Heavenly Yi Nobleman which brings helpful nobleman where they can help or lend you a hand during this new exploration or new journey. Therefore you shall be willing to ask for help and you will get it.

Another star is the Tai Ji Nobleman which still supporting you since 2022, this star bring opportunities to learn or study unconventional knowledge, spiritual pursue, wisdom, philosophical studies, going for pilgrimage, ashram, energy healing, metaphysics. This star will also awaken your inner-self enlightenment to gain higher level of knowledge.

Love & Relationship For Snake Zodiac in 2023

For the Snake zodiac when it comes to relationship, you will have more travel opportunities with your partner. You may even receive help or assist from your spouse or from someone within their network.

You may however feel lonely, detached or feeling isolated which may cause further miscommunication and widening gap when it comes to connecting with others.

This can be resolved by be willing to express your thoughts, emotion and your own opinion, it may not fit them or suit their ear but you just discovered what truly matters to you. In a nutshell, you deserved to be who you are, prioritize your self-love.

Threat for Snake Zodiac in 2023

First of all you are being trailed with the Separating Edge together with the Solitary star which will make you felt detached, hiding yourself away from the crowds. Basically you felt no one understands you thus you try to isolate yourself from others.

Next is the Earth Funeral star and Funeral Door star both brings potential of funeral, or some sad events. Therefore you need you need to increase your awareness and stay up to date with your family, relative, and people who you love.

You are also affected by this Great Sha star brings gossip, speculation, rumor mongering which may affect your decision especially when it comes to finance matters. Do not easily fall into scam call, speculation, or easily believe into conspiracy theories which may affect your immediate judgement. This is not the year for you to take any risk, no gamble, no speculative investment.

And you are also surrounded by both high-risk of breaking relationship or disputes from both the Solid Killing and the Broken Sha. First the Solid Killing which brings potential of being robbed, relationship issue with family, legal issue which could cause you being robbed or lose some money or worst may cut ties with family or divorce.

The Broken Sha on the other hand brings out the clumsiness in you where you may easily accidentally break some item, break-up, denounced, disassociated from certain relationship or bonding, split in joint-venture or etc.

Lastly the Flying Chaste, you may be hurt or injured by some flying or falling objects(could be from renovation or construction), therefore you need to pay extra attention when it comes to driving, walking and commuting as much as possible. Avoid these high-risk places.

Bazi Guide for Snake zodiac in 2023

Snake Year

1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Snake Month

May 6 – June 5

Snake Hour

9am until 11am

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Snake Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Snake zodiac in Year Pillar

For those who are born with the Snake year, this year you will notice your peers and friends are busy travelling, exploring new place, expanding their market reach to other territory as well. Some may even pursuing non-conventional studies especially as we are nearing to the Period 9. Therefore this year your network will be having more new experience to share, be sure to take this opportunity to learn from their new venture.

Snake zodiac in Month Pillar

For those who are born in Snake month, this govern your career which mean you may have opportunity travel, work with colleagues from other continent, training in other countries and meeting helpful people around your work which may give you an uplift.

For business owners perhaps you can take this opportunity to expand your market, or widen your reach through online as well as offline such as joining some international forum, events, exhibitions, or apply with your local authorities to help you in expand your leads.

Month pillar also governs your parent, with both the Funeral Door and Earth Door presence, you need to checkout your parent’s or even your relatives’ wellbeing and health condition as there are potential of funeral or sad events.

Snake zodiac in Day Pillar

For those who are born in the Snake day this governs your relationship matters and for those who are in relationship or married, schedule some travel activities to furnish your relationship milestone/timeline/moments together. For those who are single, you need to keep up and perhaps take your time for self-discovery or if you’re looking for a life partner then you have opportunity to travel, means find your potential partner somewhere else.

Take note over self-criticism, comparison, self-doubt and tendency to distant away from relationship matter this year with the influence from the Solitary star. Whatever your spouse say may need you to help them in clarify what they truly meant as well, double check and re-affirm any potential of argument arises due to this influence as well.

Snake zodiac in Hour Pillar

For those who are born in the Snake Hour, this pillar governs your ideas, dreams, aspiration, investment, children and people who are under your care.

Take note of falling into speculative investment, avoid gambling, high-risk investment. With presence of Solitary star, this may causes you feel lonely and tendency to distant away.

Summary For The Snake zodiac in 2023

Overall for the Snake zodiac in 2023, you need to heightened your consciousness. Having the opportunity to travel, gain new experience, you may feel lonely and being solitude as you have to be afar from your family. When you’re hyped up with new discovery, do not forget what you promise or your commitment with your family, spouse or partners.

I would advice you to schedule your time to keep in touch with everyone who are deemed important to your life as well. Throughout your new adventure you may even meet some helpful people or perhaps for those who are going for spiritual pursuit or pilgrimage this will also aligned with you pretty well.

Guide for the 5 Element of Snake zodiac in 2023

Bazi Daymaster structure
Bazi Chart : Look for the Day pillar to find your Daymaster

Below is your guide for all 5 different type of Snake zodiac with different personality, for this you need to plot your Bazi Astrology Chart to find out the Daymaster (normally highlighted with dark colored background) then refer to the guide as below;

Wood Snake (Yi Si) 乙巳 in 2023

For those who are born with the Wood Snake, this is your Indirect Resource star on Friend which you the opportunity to gain new experience with like-minded people. You may need to

As the world are getting competitive, you need to filter-out information properly as you there could be many rumors and getting it wrong from the wrong group of people may causes you trouble. Therefore you need to lookout on how to filter out news, don’t let emotion affect the facts gathering.

Fire Snake (Ding Si) 丁巳 in 2023

For the Fire Snake , this is your 7 Killing on Indirect Resource where this year may brings you various challenges which may turn you off or causes you to be easily reactive. Therefore take your time to filter out whatever people are trying to tell you, else wrong information would further amplify the damages.

Do your fact finding right and not being over-carried away by emotion trigger.

Earth Snake (Ji Si) 己巳 in 2023

For the Earth Snake person, this year your Indirect Wealth on 7 Killing star which brings you potential of wealth gain or even windfall luck with hidden risk. If you’re a risk taker then good news, however for those who prefer to play safe then set the boundary or limit on how much it worth you to test the water.

Avoid being greedy, setting the right boundary are crucial to ensure you have gain sufficiently then move on. Don’t be hanging onto something which keep feeding you the addictive drugs, awaiting for your weak-spot to kills off your momentum.

Metal Snake (Xin Si) 辛巳 in 2023

For the Metal Snake person in 2023 this is your Eating God on Indirect Wealth which brings your creative mind into action. Be smart, be swift, be opportunistic in seeking for any solutions or market gap which can be solved with your innovating and creative mind. Monetize this creativity, by first expand your vision and radar to sense and detect where the hidden money opportunity lies(which normally starts with a problem, it is easier to find problem).

Beware over falling into the pitfall of complaining until forgot to innovate the solution. Secondly stop seeking for perfection when you found the opportunity, be fast to the market and adjust according to market’s feedback.

Water Snake (Gui Si) 癸巳 in 2023

For those who are born with Water Snake Daymaster this is your Friend over Eating God which brings opportunities to meetup with like-minded people, talk about ideas, trend, stuff which stimulate your mental gland. This is also a good time for your to source for new ideas from other.

Most people are more vulnerable when they are relaxed, less defensive, this is the year where it is easier for you to mix and match various input to form your own secret sauce.

Avoid being too choosy or keep seeking for the easiest or the perfect ideas to get started, go out to do market validation would be more practical.

For an accurate and detailed reading, you need to refer to your Daymaster and overall Bazi Chinese Astrology chart to get the big picture which truly resonance with you.

Snake Zodiac in 2023 with Monthly Predictions

Every month brings different energy to each zodiac, therefore I will be releasing Snake Zodiac in 2023 with Monthly Predictions periodically to help you in planning your monthly activities ahead.

Snake zodiac in January 2023

The Snake zodiac in January (forms partial of the 3 Harmony) would bring opportunities to meet more people, networking month where you shall focus more on reaching out to find collaborators or resources. Start your conversation with ideas, creation, innovation, ideas, or skill set mastery subject which will easily attract people who are skilled, and you can easily reach out to grow your list of nobleman.

Snake zodiac in February 2023

The Snake zodiac in February would gain more learning opportunity and receiving some boost from helpful noble people. You need to expand your capacity to be more receptive, open your mind to grab any input and bring it back home to perform your deep analysis, find what truly make sense to you and use whatever applicable in your study. More knowledge won’t harm. This month you also have to learn how to be mindful in communication, you will gain the most with this skillset for 2023.

Snake zodiac in March 2023

The Snake zodiac in March will be feeling overwhelmed, there are more learning opportunities and also receiving help from nobleman and also travel opportunity to broaden your mind. There Take note over the health condition of you, your family members or your loved ones as health issue would be a concern.

Snake zodiac in April 2023

The Snake zodiac in April (Fire Dragon) month would feel the sense of solitude despite there are positive celebration or happenings around. As this year you are experiencing inner-awakening moment, this is a good month for you to learn something new, be it skillset, religious or spiritual studies. Gain deeper insights into meaning of life.

Snake zodiac 2023 monthly predictions will be updated from time to time. You may checkout our monthly forecast in Vish Channel Live Videos here.

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