2023 Bazi Shen Sha Auxiliary Stars

2023 Bazi Shen Sha Auxiliary Stars
2023 Bazi Chart Auxiliary Stars (Shen Sha)

For all Chinese Metaphysic practitioner, here I have updated the annual 2023 Bazi Shen Sha Auxiliary Stars for your ultimate Bazi Destiny Chart for annual reading.

2023 Bazi Shen Sha Auxiliary Stars Chart

2023 Bazi Auxiliary Star Shen Sha Chart
2023 Bazi Auxiliary Star Shen Sha Chart

Based on the chart above, most of the zodiac were boosted with more positive auspicious stars, especially for the Rat and Dragon zodiac where they didn’t have much auspicious stars back in 2022, check the reference as below;

Rat in 2022 : https://www.renerqi.com/articles/rat-zodiac-horoscope-prediction-for-2022/
Dragon in 2022 : https://www.renerqi.com/articles/dragon-zodiac-in-2022/

The Rat zodiac is making a comeback year from having the most inauspicious stars to having the big 4 major auspicious stars. Same goes to it’s best alliance the Dragon zodiac which boosted with the ultimate nobleman star which brings massive improvement for the Dragon zodiac in 2023.

Major Interaction for all 12 zodiacs

Major Clash Between Rabbit and Rooster in 2023

As the Rabbit zodiac is the Grand-Duke in 2023, the Rooster zodiac being the opposition will have to shift their game. This bring major changes for those who are born with the Rooster zodiac, however I would advise the Rooster to focus on designing their changes according to their own needs as the old plan no longer work.

Uncivilized Punishment Between the Rat and Rooster

The Rat and Rooster will form the Uncivilized Punishment in Bazi term, which may bring serious relationship issue. Your sincerity to serve, help, contribute into someone who you trusted the most, but ended up being taken advantage and could cause serious issue such as unhealthy sexual desire, torturing emotional suffering, realizing that you have done something you shouldn’t.

Destruction between Horse and Rabbit

The Horse and Rabbit forms Destruction interaction which brings high expenditure, unexpected repair work, this could also bring unhealthy desire such over-active sexual desire, short term fling, one-night stand. If not managed well this will cause serious entanglement which can destroy your other aspect of life.

Therefore you have to stay composed, don’t be easily fall into unhealthy relationship especially for those who are in a relationship or married. As Destruction here also means, remodel by destroying whatever you have build in the past. Don’t be tempted into short-term fun but ended up losing all the stuff you established.

Rabbit and Dragon forms the Six Harm

The Rabbit and Dragon side by side will form one of the Six Harm influence which brings tough emotional struggle where you are trying to juggle between serving your trust, however being betrayed or being used for other people’s gain. With this, those who born with the Dragon zodiac shall be more alert when it comes to legal, collaboration, documentation, agreement and avoid being a guarantor.

Rabbit and Dog Six Combination

The Dog zodiac is the best pal to the Rabbit zodiac, and in this year the Dog zodiac will not only empowered with the Grand-Duke combination where you will be working with highly influential group of people but as well as receiving the Emperor star, Dragon Virtue which bring massive influence and authority in your work this year.

Rabbit’s Best Alliance with Goat and Pig

Rabbit, Goat and Pig together will form the Wood Frame in Three Harmony combination. This bring massive competitive alliance as each of them will be playing different row for example the Rabbit shall bring massive group of people together. While the Goat zodiac shall connect and maintain these VIP group of people while furnish them with various ideas, innovation, and propose various creative solution. And lastly the Pig zodiac having more execution power shall focus more on putting ideas into plan, strategy, tactic and execution.

Summary of 12 Chinese Zodiac 2023 Prediction

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpdRRPDR7uw

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