Spring Cleaning Checklist, Auspicious Dates & Guides

Spring Cleaning Checklist, Dates and Guides for 2023
Spring Cleaning Checklist, Dates and Guides for 2023

2023 Spring cleaning checklist, auspicious dates, and detailed guides to help you in prepping for your spring cleaning before Chinese New Year to invite brand new positive energy and send away all the negative energy.

What is Spring Cleaning?

fFr those who are planning for their spring cleaning here are the good dates for the annual “clean dust” or 年二十八,洗邋遢, 大掃除. In Chinese terminology it’s literally mean “clean dust”, in Chinese custom, their annual house cleaning are performed on the 28th day (last month of the spring) as part of family’s tradition or activities.

Spring Cleaning Guides

Spring cleaning is one of an important family activities as it symbolizes a few meaning;

  1. Throwing or sending away old negative qi and inviting brand new good energy.
  2. Review and reflect what we have achieved throughout the year (from the items we invited into our house).
  3. Your sense of responsibilities and participation in family’s presence.
  4. Gratefulness with everything the family has established.
  5. Some may even use the relevant auspicious dates to remove the old Feng Shui Cures.

Auspicious Spring Cleaning Dates in 2023

Here are the list of Auspicious Spring Cleaning Dates in 2023 to help you prep your complete house cleaning. There bound to clash with certain people, I know I constantly received these sets of question, therefore you can arrange each of your family members to perform the house spring cleaning using the respective dates and time as below.

Best DateBest Hour12 OfficerClashing Zodiac
Dec 26, 2022
7am to 11amRemoveGoat
Jan 6, 20237am to 9amCloseHorse
Jan 8, 202311am to 3pmRemoveMonkey
Jan 12, 20237am to 11amRemoveRat
Jan 15, 20237am to 11amSuccessRabbit
Jan 17, 202311am to 3pmOpenSnake
Jan 18, 20237am to 11amCloseHorse
Jan 20, 202311am to 3pmRemoveMonkey
Jan 21, 20237am – 11amFullRooster

Things To Prepare / To Do Before Spring Cleaning Days

Prior to the spring cleaning days, here are some of the checklist you may want to get yourself prep up such as;

  1. Cleaning water mix with;
    1. 7 types of different colored flowers (no thorny leaves)
    2. Kaffir Lime
    3. Pomelo leaves
    4. Cleaning liquid
  2. Checklist for items to be;
    1. Thrown away
    2. Donate
    3. Recycle
    4. Archived in storage
  3. Garbage bags and boxes
  4. Wrappers or newspapers

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that you have prepared all the necessities, here are some of the general Spring Cleaning Guides for your reference, each family have their own way such as;

  1. New cleaning necessities such as pail, broom, wiping cloth, and etc.
  2. For Chinese Altar cleaning, please follow based on your family’s tradition or any defined rules this is since every family would have different workflow and procedure
  3. Wash all major 4 corners and 8 sectors, make-sure no rusty items, no negative items in auspicious sector (refer to my upcoming Flying Star Feng Shui Guide).
  4. Open all the windows, doors, and cabinet, drawers and etc. to breath new fresh air.
  5. Change the blinds, curtains, window protector layers.
  6. Ensure all corner, grooves, under sofa and important areas are well cleaned.
  7. Toilet and kitchen area is a must, clean away potential unwanted dirt especially insects’ droppings.
  8. Fan, air-conditioner, air-filter required equipment which easily subjected to the accumulation of dusts.
  9. Throw or donate old clothing or items, find donation center to arrange for this.
  10. Ensure all thrash are well wrapped in garbage bag, rusted or broken items can be wrapped with old newspapers.
  11. Old antiques are recommended to be cleaned as well, to prevent them from attracting negative qi.
  12. Sweep and mop the floor (before the actual Chinese New Year day.
  13. Putting up Chinese New Year decoration such as red lanterns, paper cut out, plant’s decoration and etc.
  14. You may add kum quat or golden lime plant with decorative as well.

Important Note

Avoid argument, disputes, focus only on cleaning, any disputes, opinion shall discuss after finishing the daily cleaning, if there are needs to clean again then use the best upcoming dates.

Internal House Spring Cleaning Guides

Here are the guides and detail for the internal house cleaning, some tradition would advise you to start cleaning from inside to outside of the house, therefore you may check with your family culture record. Else you can just simply follow these suggestions;

All Room Cleaning in Spring Cleaning

Another important part of spring cleaning is the bedroom as it governs personal relationship, wellbeing, mental health and respective areas, therefore here is the guides;

  1. Open up all cabinet
  2. Arrange old clothing, items, whichever need to be purify or etc.
  3. De-clutter your wardrobe, shoe cabinet, make-sure to allow the cabinet internal are exposed for new fresh air
  4. Perform thorough cleaning
  5. Clean underneath the bed frame (if have), later you may need to smoke cleanse here
  6. Shift all pointy objects(internal sha qi) away from facing the bed
  7. No plant(s) inside the bedroom
  8. Vacuum all carpet, potential high dust volume item and area
  9. Replace the bedsheet, pillow covers, and etc. bed linen

Kitchen & Storages

Stove governs the health among family members, here are some of the crucial checklist;

  1. The cooking stove required a thorough check for potential gas leak
  2. Replace the gas pipe/hose, get it checked
  3. Clean the detachable parts
  4. Clean all cooking utensils, remove utensil which is damaged, cracked, broken
  5. Burnt wooden utensil need to be replaced to reduce charcoal or carbon (health concern)
  6. Take out all cup, plates, and etc. check for potential of rust or potential health danger
  7. Smoke the internal cabinets, wash thoroughly with the cleaning mixture
  8. For those who stored disposable plastic bags, remove the old one, check to ensure no dirty particles like lizard drops or etc.
  9. Throw away unwanted, expired food especially in store room and fridge (especially for Asian moms).
  10. Old plastic bags, containers, replace with better and new one
  11. Move fridge, clean the underneath, remove old food, clean the fridge as it is where you store food

Remove Old Feng Shui Cures

Select a good “Remove” or “Close” day based on the 12 Day Officer system to remove all the Feng Shui cures, such as Salt Water Cure, Gourd, trinkets, old Feng Shui item placement(annual item), metal plate cures, short term Feng Shui activation and etc.

External House Cleaning

While the internal house are resting, you shall work on external house cleaning to remove;

  1. Old item, old thrash-bin, storage, pail
  2. Ensure old water contained until new year
  3. Change aquarium/pond water
  4. Clean the exterior of the house as well to make-sure the sun light can shine into the house
  5. Repair any potential water leakages
  6. Clear drainage and cover them back once done
  7. Trim plants if necessary to ensure good energy or qi can easily enter the house.
  8. Remove old, rustic, stained items, or even dangerous sharp items (sha qi)

Last Purify or Neutralize Items

After cleaning, this is where you shall neutralize and purify your house;

  1. Open all the window, door to allow the flow of qi
  2. Best to do this when the Sun shine into the house thoroughly
  3. Turn on all the lights especially area where it is dark
  4. Open all the cabinet door and locks
  5. Take out all the energetical items such as certain figures, statues, decoration items, relics and put it to expose under the sun light
  6. Smoke the house, internal cabinet, store room, dark area, all the energetical items via smoke/mist cleansing using (Kemenyan, Sage leaf, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Sandal Wood or etc.)
  7. Turn on fan to flow all the energy in and out
  8. You may use Singing Bowl (Tibetan metal singing bowl better) or Tingsha as well to vibrate the entire house, especially all the corner areas inside out

That’s all the guide, tips, tricks, suggestions and auspicious dates to help you in doing your spring cleaning.

Final Touch

Once done, you may spray fragrance, aromatic oil or etc. to enrich the smell into your house to promote positive feeling when you enter the house.

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Placement 2023

You can place the Feng Shui Salt Water Cure in 2023 into the Northwest 3 Sector (Pig sector) on;

  • 7:30am on January 27, 2023 (Clashing Rabbit)
  • 7:30am on February 1st, 2023 (Clashing Monkey)

If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the box below so I could assist you in addressing your concern or if you found I may have missed something, please do let me know by messaging me through Facebook, WhatsApp or Contact me via the form here, I would include your name as credit for your contribution as we hope to help more people not to missed out anything important during such a wonderful day.

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