Ox Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Ox zodiac sign in 2023
Ox zodiac sign in 2023

Ox Zodiac Horoscope in 2023 Overview

The Ox zodiac Horoscope in 2023 is one of the zodiac where you shall focus more on learning and self-mastery, despite there aren’t much auspicious star supporting you but there are more for the Ox zodiac in this Rabbit Year.

You may wanna check out the Ox zodiac in 2022 here to find out what auspicious and inauspicious stars you already inherited and how this would inspire you in this 2023.

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Career & Business For Ox Zodiac in 2023

Sky Bright star enhance your overall Self-Mastery this year. This is more than just your ordinary learning star as the Sky Bright boost your creativity, analytical skill, easily master particular subject and become famous for being the master in your career, business, industry or even profession.

Use this star to improve and be the authority in your industry step by step, slowly grow yourself up and avoid any high-profile showing-off as it may back-fire.

Another star known as the Fortune Nobleman which brings gratitude and abundant luck, enjoy the stable and peaceful journey. This star will also attract opportunities being invited to celebrations, joyful events, access to helpful people who spread positive vibes and feeling of gratitude over every single thing happen for us in our life.

Love & Relationship For Ox Zodiac in 2023

When it come to Love & Relationship for the Ox Zodiac this year, you may find yourself absent minded, neglected people around you especially your spouse (for those who are married or in a relationship). When you are so overly focus into learning mode, you need to find balance in maintaining everything you have build in the past. Get yourself plan well with a time-management system to ensure you don’t neglect others who are important for you.

Threat for Ox Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

The Ox zodiac may need to put on more focus in dealing with these 6 inauspicious stars which mainly is set to remind you over important areas in life (IMHO).

First is the Leopard Tail where this star brings absent minded behavior of you which could accidentally offend others. This could lead to serious issue especially when dealing with relationship, family matters as this could aggravate to loss of wealth, disputes or sad event in the family.

This year you need to allocate more time to spent with your family, relative, friends and peers.

Lone Some star basically mean you felt no-body understand you and this is tougher when you are focusing too much in learning and discovery state. Not everyone would understand the why and how you are trying to build yourself.

Plus together with Pealing Head star where this star brings the feeling unease wherever you go. Somehow your level of suspicious increased and feeling depressed internally being not able to express yourself. To mitigate this star simply go out to meet more people to collaborate or outing.

With the presence of Sky Dog & Frighten Goat star brings serious injury due to hasty action, this effect combined with the Leopard Tail will further aggravate the case of accidents, bodily harm which would results in scar and blemish.

Opportunities for the Ox Zodiac in 2023

When the Sky Bright star and Moon Sha combined together, this is one of the best combo for those who are pursuing spiritual path, this could be studying non-conventional studies such as religious, pilgrimage, going for retreat and meditate in monastery or ashram.

I would advice those who have the Ox zodiac in their chart especially in their Day or Hour Pillar, this is one of the most unique combination where you would be easily pickup such a complicated study subject. If you want discover your spiritual path by learning about y our own Guardian Spirit/Guardian of Destiny, perhaps I can help you out on this.

Bazi Guide for Ox zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Ox Year

1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Ox Month

Jan 6 – Feb 3

Ox Hour

1am until 3am

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Ox Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Ox zodiac in Year Pillar

You will notice this year your network, peers, market and external group of your peers will be more active in studying, learning new skillset. Take this opportunity to join them in learning from their pursue, this is also a good time where most of them were conditioned in learning, exploration mode where ideas worth to share and exchange. Sometime it is easier for us to learn through exchange.

To some group with the OX zodiac may also found themselves to surrounded with peers who suddenly interested in spiritual studies, metaphysics, astrology, religious, pilgrimage and non-conventional studies.

Ox zodiac in Month Pillar

When it come to the Month Pillar, this governs your career, business, activities you do in generating wealth. With the Bright Star this is the time for you to elevate yourself into becoming the expert in your industry, be it to share your experience, joining major exhibition, forum, events and collaboration. As this will also pushes you to sharpen your sword in leading in your industry.

For employee, this is the time where you need to sharpen your sword to be so indispensable in your industry. Become the important key-person where you are the most important piece of the puzzle beside the income stream of your organization. There may be potential argument, tough battle in your workspace but nevertheless this is a crucial time for you to remain professional in handling situation like this.

Becareful not of offend your superior, boss, management team due to the Leopard Tail where this will easily trigger either and offend them indirectly which can ended

Having the Funeral Guest star in this pillar remind you over the health of your parent, aunt and uncle as there are chances of sad news of someone passing.

Ox zodiac in Day Pillar

The Day Pillar governs your personal growth as well as your relationship matter, having the Sky Bright star brings opportunity to learn more about relationship matter. As last year you have the Red Matchmaker star which I hope you have found your potential life partner or already in a relationship or best, already married.

No matter what status you’re currently in, we still need to learn more about building a meaningful relationship, no school in the world which prime you in relationship school therefore this is the best year for you to learn how to set relationship goal, communication and etc.

Else the negative star would causes you feeling lonely, unable to communicate well with your partner and subsequently lead to argument and etc.

Ox zodiac in Hour Pillar

The Hour Pillar governs your inner thoughts, aspiration, people under your care, investment, and in this case for the Ox you may suddenly inspired to learn more about non-conventional studies to understand deeper insights into life, purpose, direction and etc.

When it come investment, asset matter then this is not a good year to take on high-risk investment. Instead take your time to study your investment pattern and portfolio management.

Summary For The Ox zodiac horoscope in 2023

Overall for those who have the OX zodiac horoscope in 2023 in their chart, this year is all about scheduling your routine to visit people around you, observe their health condition while setting your mind focusing in self-mastery, ultimately be the authority or the expert in your field.

Despite there are many negative star but remember you still have your best pal the Rat Zodiac who you can ask for help and support.

Guide for the 5 Element of Ox in 2023

Bazi Daymaster structure
Bazi Chart : Look for the Day pillar to find your Daymaster

Below is your guide for all 5 different type of Ox zodiac with different personality, for this you need to plot your Bazi Astrology Chart to find out the Daymaster (normally highlighted with dark colored background) then refer to the guide as below;

Wood Ox (Yi Chou) 乙丑

For those who are born with the Wood Ox, this is your Resource on Friend star which brings you opportunity to learn, gaining new experience and grow your network. This is also a good year for you to plan on establish and connect multi-stream of resources with your peers, perhaps this is also a good time to joint-venture in cross sharing resources as well.

Fire Ox (Ding Chou) 丁丑

For the Fire Ox, this is your 7K on Resource year which will bring some challenge which lies hidden lesson, wisdom behind. Therefore this is the year you shall heighten your spirit to embrace any challenges to gain the wisdom you need in life and subsequently master the ability to navigate any bully and react swiftly with your bright answer.

Earth Ox (Ji Chou) 己丑

For the Earth Ox, this is your Indirect Wealth on 7 Killing which brings massive opportunity which of course come with hidden risk. Remember the word, High-Risk High Reward which also required you to set better policy, and increase your flexibility to solve any potential of crisis arises. More problem bring more money(as long as you know how to ask for money). Haters gonna hate, but you can turn them into your fans being someone who know how are responsible in handling any shit better than others.

Metal Ox (Xin Chou) 辛丑

For the Metal Ox, this is your Eating God on Indirect Wealth year which mean it is time to revamp, or re-innovate your offering in term of products, or services. Find way to set your main featured products/services and while also indirectly re-innovate your old, outdated products to give it a fresh new air.

Water Ox (Gui Chou) 癸丑

For the Water Ox person this is your Friend star on Eating God which mean this is a good year to grow your network, join new mental-stimulating or creative group of people to increase your creative juice. It is also a good time for you to consider on participate in creative and innovative to expand your creative mind, be it for brainstorming, ideation, basically this is the year you need to pump up your creative mind.

For an accurate and detailed reading, you need to refer to your Daymaster and overall Bazi Chinese Astrology chart to get the big picture which truly resonance with you.

Ox Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions

Every month brings different energy to each zodiac, therefore I will be releasing Ox Zodiac 2023 Monthly Predictions periodically to help you in planning your monthly activities ahead.

Ox in January 2023

The Ox in January is the month where you shall connect with your like minded group of people. It is a good timing to kickstart your year 2023 with people who are pursuing the path of expertise or study group where you can easily tap find new resources (human and educator as resources).

March 2023 – Ox zodiac monthly forecast

The Ox zodiac in March will experience higher workload as you experience a lot of issue erupted which required you to stay upfront solving all these urgent problem. There are potential risk affecting your conscious decision making ability, therefore you need to take a step back and delay certain crucial decision making especially when it involved monetary, investment, sounds-to-be-lucky opportunities which may turned out to be a scam.

April 2023 – Ox zodiac monthly forecast

The Ox zodiac in April (Fire Dragon month) will be meeting robbery or competitive condition. If you are fighting, competing, or tendering projects then this month you have to further intensify your follow up, gain the upper-hand insights to win the game. There are potential of robbery, wealth or opportunity losses if you are not mindful enough.

Ox zodiac 2023 monthly predictions will be updated from time to time. You may checkout our monthly forecast in Vish Channel Live Videos here.

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