Dog Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

Dog zodiac animal sign 2021

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Dog Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

As 2020 been a year for fame, popularity, being known and shine in the limelight, I hope you have gain sufficient traction in bring the moment to this year as you are blessed with great stars such as Fortune Virtue which increase your wealth generation and enhances other minor wealth star (if you have in other pillars) .

Having Heavenly Virtue with you it would boost your problem solving, flipping any circumstances into opportunities. If you have gain sufficient hard skill polishing last year then this year is where you shall maximise your skills to turn any obstacle into your advantage, and monetize your solutions or services.

Another good star of course is the Prosperity Star where it’s great to increase your connection, widen your network, communities and etc. You will enjoy happy connecting, collaboration, sharing.

However if you’re not pro-active enough to take lead then may activate negative stars such as lonesome, depressed, feeling ungrateful despite helped other people (Dog and Ox forms Ungrateful Punishment as well ya). There may even be karmic or past issue which may cause you mistreatment, arguments, gossips and other emotional circumstances.

For relationship wise, for those who are single don’t simply jump into a relationship in a rush. Take time to discover and understand each other especially when it comes to ultimate relationship goal.

For those who in relationship or married I would advise you to perform deep talk together, communication in rediscover your relationship goal, ensure both party have clear goal in term of direction, progress, and alignment. As you may easily swayed into single sided perspective. Toleration, readjustment and empathy are required more often this year.

Female may experience a gap, distance or even a long-distance relationship which may make you felt lonely, insecure, break of consistency lovey-dovey bonding.

Financial Wise : Great wealth star boost, however no speculative investment, do your homework properly in understand what’s you’re investing into.

No self-sabotage, no-self inflict victimised mindset, self-isolation. Live your life bigger than your own mean out there.

Bazi chart
Please refer back to your Bazi Destiny Chart to define the influence of particular animal sign respectively

Dog animal sign could potentially appear in different pillar of your Bazi. Plot your Bazi anywhere online or directly order a Personalized Bazi Report so you could focus on your plan instead of tedious study.

Dog sign in your chart

Dog Year

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

Dog Month

Oct 8 - Nov 6

Dog Hour

7pm until 9pm

Chapter : Gamify Your Life




For #innerwork framework users, we’ll be focusing helping you discover your inborn character, and design your character’s growth path. Attributes below is the explanation in term of self gamification;


+ Lucky Wealth Charm

Great wealth charm, more deal making for those who run own businesses, scale up or extend your offering like services, value added enhancement to treat your customer happier. For those who are employed you may expect increment in salary.

+ Flip Your Game

Every problem lies an opportunity, you’ll be able to dissolve problem, flip the problem into opportunities and if better, monetize on top of it.

+ Turbo Boost

This boost come in good and bad side depends how you use it, with clear goal and direction this NOS injection would speed up your charge ahead.

+ Prosperous Happy Connection

Go out and connect to all the happy vibes out there, stop staying inside your own space as opportunities and answers were all out there (plus there would be a lot of problems which can be flip into your opportunities).


Wrong Accelerator : This is the flip side of the Turbo Boost, if you’re lack of clarity you may step on the wrong accelerator heading to the wrong path for the wrong reason.

Leaking Bonding : Take more time to reconnect, communicate, deeptalk to rediscover and spice up your relationship goal, craft the spark to excite both moving towards the same goal. Female may suffer lonesomeness, may sway away.

Arguments & Gossip : Increase your calmness and detach emotionally towards any potential arguments, gossips, rumors and past issue may need you to rework on it. Do more, speak less, focus on results and activate the Flip Your Game more often.

Bad Deal Chained : Be extra careful when it comes to any agreement or document signing, do not become guarantor, 3rd party witness nor any middleman related.


Lonesome : Feel no one understands you, no support, connection not go through, true meaning of your ideas were not connected well, lead to lonesomeness.

Self-isolate & Self-doubts : You may feel everyone around you ungrateful with your contribution, no one would understand you, and feel alienated and this would lead you to zone out yourself and self-doubts with your self.

Victimized : If all the above auspicious stars didn’t get activated then you may fell into the victimized role, complainant, self doubt, self punishment, circumstances stands on your way, unable to complete whatever promised.

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