Rat Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

RAT Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

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Rat zodiac sign forecast in 2021, let’ dig deeper into career, personal growth, relationship, network, investment and what to look out for personal growth. Discover what boost you will be receiving, threats and weakness surrounding you.

Rat Performance in 2020

After going through it’s own cycle year of Geng Zi (Metal Rat) in 2020. The Rat Zodiac would have up their game by taking more responsibilities and charge.

With the heavy load as the Grand-Duke with the General star, massive pressure may have taken a toll on you. Fighting a lonely, restless battle, being positioned into take important decision. Despite potential to save some money, but the sense of loneliness being seen in different level hierarchy in life.

The more issue they hide, the more it easily leaked out, thus be aware that you shall stop hide the past issue, year 2020 is the time to face it, deal with it, end it for good. Because by doing this, you have level up yourself, gained more experience and wiser in dealing with issue.

Rat zodiac sign forecast in 2021

For the year 2021 or Xin Chou (Metal Ox) in Chinese Astrology terminology, this year brings a brand new energy for those who have Rat in their Bazi Destiny chart.

This year you would be passing the throne to the Ox zodiac sign, your best buddy who will grant you it’s huge high-ranking of network. It’s time for you to widen your networth from new connection, partnership and collaboration. Perhaps start a online summit, invite guest into your project and others.

Meanwhile slow down your pace, take your time to study, learn and gaining new insights into your personal growth from your career, relationship and overall life spectrum. It’s time to learn new set of skill, ability, knowledge and your wisdom.

With both Study Hall and Intelligence stars, this is a great year for you to learn something new or upgrade your existing skillset. This is one of the best star boosting your academic and personal growth.

With Jade Hall star denote accumulation wealth, asset value increased. Good for business owners and for those who are working for others then this would bring salary increment.

While you may be haunted down by few negative stars which mainly affecting your health, driving you lost of focus, instability and worst it may lead you feeling insecure and unease. But these are not major influence as you would be spending more time in upgrading yourself.

Bazi chart
Please refer back to your Bazi Destiny Chart to define the influence of particular animal sign respectively

Network / Peers

  • Increase your network, contacts
  • Connection to important / influential people
  • Join new studious group of people


  • Immunity low
  • Mental stress feeling unease
  • Avoid morgues, cemeteries, funeral parlor, unhygienic places
  • Pro-actively solve your long-delayed health issue


  • Need connection (good for singles)
  • For those in relationship, this year is a good year to tight the knots.
  • For married couples, take more time to reconnect and refresh your journey
  • beware of 3rd party or external temptation

Wealth / Monetary

  • Learn new way on wealth generation
  • Create your own Intellectual property
  • New way to increase your income
  • No speculative or high-risk investment
  • Study your investment decision

Career & Business

  • Potential of partnership, alliance
  • Level up yourself with brand new skill
  • Business partnership, collaboration
  • Business owner shall expand market reach
  • Employee shall go out networking with industrial players / collaborate project together


  • Great academic pursuit this year
  • Increase your ability in understand complex info

Rat animal sign could potentially appear in different pillar of your Bazi. Plot your Bazi anywhere online or directly order a Personalized Bazi Report so you could focus on your plan instead of tedious study.

Rat sign in your chart

Rat Year

1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Rat Month

Dec 7 - Jan 5

Rat Hour

11pm until 1am

Chapter : Gamify Your Life




For Innerwork users, we’ll be focusing helping you discover your inborn character, and design your character’s growth path. Attributes below is the explanation in term of self gamification;


+ Connect/Partnership

This year you will gain Emperor’s Alliance where you have the opportunity to gain new connection/partnership/affiliates depend on where the animal sign appear. Widen your network, market and industry to expand your reach. Collaboration, engagement and others would be beneficial for your personal growth.

+ Learn and Grow

This year is the best to learn, study, improve, gain more insights in particular pillar. Your ability to understand particular subject increased, great for you to create new skills, or upgrade your skills or even branch out your existing skills.

+ Trade Value Increased

Value star blessing you this year, increasing the value of your asset, value, treasure or including your creation. Ensure yourself have the know how skill to increase the value of your trade and how to sell it at higher price.


With all the boost, here are some negative influence such as Easy Target, Hunter’s list where you will be easily targeted if you show up too much or high profile.

Your tendency to move towards your own lane this year, venture into your own path. During this process may lead you towards feeling instability, lonely, insecure. Remember, these are just your own emotion, focus on activate the Boost.


Here are some of the weakness which may be surrounding your physical health such as lower immunity, vitality, defense which could highly affect your overall performance. Overwork in the solo lane would cost more effort, which is normal.

For those who married, take note if you were born in Rat days, beware of wrong attraction or temptation which could lead towards adultery.

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