Dragon Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

dragon zodiac animal sign 2021

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Dragon Zodiac Sign Forecast in 2021

As most of you know, Dragon and Ox form destruction relationship which denote internal struggle, politics, hidden obstacles. Therefore do lookout for potential past unresolved issue which may haunt you down as there are Hook Spirit star together. You may experience past karmic issue which may slow down your progress, this would include legal ties, unresolved agreement or etc.

With The Moon star where you are blessed with female nobleman, be willing to ask for help and allow help to be given. Do your own homework to allow external guide or mentor-ship to help you, stop letting your ego to hold you back by the way especially since this year you’re going through destructive year.

Plus with the overall structure from The Moon plus Heavenly Horse star is great for learning, and crafting new ideas by changing environment, join new group of friends, surround yourself with change-makers, entrepreneurs and creative innovators to kickstart your near learning journey. And best of all is you can transform ideas into monetary, which is good if you wanted to start your side-gig this year.

This year is where you shall destroy your old bad habit, behaviour, working style depends on which pillar the dragon animal sign appear. It’s time to disrupt the old pattern with brand new habit and more lively energy.

While most of the negative stars as shown in the video may drag you down if you are a C-Player or even the Spectator level of player. With The Moon star, learn how to navigate obstacles, each obstacle will lift your capacity higher.

Bazi chart
Please refer back to your Bazi Destiny Chart to define the influence of particular animal sign respectively

Dragon animal sign could potentially appear in different pillar of your Bazi. Plot your Bazi anywhere online or directly order a Personalized Bazi Report so you could focus on your plan instead of tedious study.

Rabbit sign in your chart

Dragon Year

1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Dragon Month

Apr 5 - May 5

Dragon Hour

7am until 9am

Chapter : Gamify Your Life




For #innerwork framework users, we’ll be focusing helping you discover your inborn character, and design your character’s growth path. Attributes below is the explanation in term of self gamification;


+ Female Nobleman

With the moon star shining upon you, be sure to raise your conscious with people around you especially female. This year you may gain help, assistant, mentor-ship or guidance in overcome your obstacle.

+ Travel and Changing Environment

With Heavenly Horse star it’s great to venture into new territory, changing environment, market, or approaching new horizon to expand your market, and outreach.

+ Destruct and Reconstruct / Metamorphosis

This is the year where your old habit, karmic ties, past old habit which shall be destruct, and rebuild a brand new self. Installing brand new mindset (in particular pillar) to start becoming the future ideal you this year. It’s time to destroy the old and construct the future you today.

+ Monetize New Knowledge

Gain insights into turning your ideas into monetary gain, great to create intellectual property or transform your ideas, practise and delivery in respective pillar.


Obstacle Run : During destructive period you may experience various obstacles, setbacks, and uncontrollable circumstances which would slow you down. See this as just like a ninja warrior game, where every obstacles train you to level up for the next stage.

Weak Guard : Be conscious with your belonging, asset, opportunities, sales lead as you may easily prone to loss to others if not guarding it properly.

Pressured & Cornered: With Piercing Rope star you would experience pressured from external factor to perform, which may increase your mental stress and emotional. Do not become a guarantor nor money lender.


Low Immunity: As your immunity getting low this year, do take extra care when it come to your health, increase more nutrition.

With all the negative stars around, you may experience hidden lost of focus due to your internal instability, keep yourself well nutrition and healthy diet to compensate your overall health.

Injury Prone: With Flying Blade and Great Assembly together would increase your chances of injury, accidents, mishap especially handling machinery, equipment, driving and worst it would lead to disability.

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