Chinese Zodiac Forecast for July 2023

Chinese Zodiac Forecast for July 2023
Chinese Zodiac Forecast for July 2023

All 12 Chinese zodiac forecast for July 2023, between July 7th until August 7th is the month of Earth Goat (己未 Ji Wei). This month’s hexagram is Rising Hexagram which brings breakthrough after gathering all the strength, resources, it is the right time to make this major breakthrough in preparing for the second half of the year.

Chinese zodiac forecast for July 2023

Here are all the 12 zodiacs forecast, you can use each forecast aspect or pillar in your Bazi Destiny Chart. Check out how to read your own zodiac via this video or this page for more.

Rat zodiac in July 2023

Rat animal zodiac sign
Rat animal zodiac sign

The Rat zodiac in July 2023 will be experiencing the Harm in Goat month which brings stress, tension, discomfort due to unmet expectation which may affect your progress. But things will turn-out to be easier to handle when you just give them direction, providing your sets of suggestion in term of what are the best way of doing things then the rest just leave it to others.

Additional note : Be willing to compromise for a bigger gain, don’t let these minor disruption take away your reward. Solve problem immediately then move on to the next one FAST!

Ox zodiac in July 2023

renerqi Ox sign

The Ox zodiac in July 2023 would be experiencing some obstacles and challenges ahead. Prep yourself with a backup plan for all your major endeavour, and be willing to switch your path in order to reach your destination. Refrain yourself from falling into short term temptation or small gain which may affect your big goal or your big plan.

Additional note : There are always a solution for any challenges, the issue lies within your ego whether you are willing to ask for help to get things sorted out. Once in a while, people around you deserved to be acknowledge and a little praise.

Tiger zodiac in July 2023

Tiger zodiac

The Tiger zodiac in July 2023 may see some gain in term of value or long term trust building. Take this opportunity spread positive vibes, be on the lookout to help those who are in need. There are some positive bonding in term of relationship matter, go out for celebrations, meetups, gathering would further amplify your virtue as well.

Additional note : When you are on high spirit, you are happy, positive, hype up with optimism to do more, this is your power of the Tiger. Your growth mindset keep people around you mesmerize with your constant improvement and becoming the nobleman to many.

Rabbit zodiac in July 2023

Rabbit zodiac

The Rabbit zodiac in July will form partial of the Three Harmony with Pig zodiac, therefore it is a good time for you to go out for food gathering, solve any miscommunication or mend broken relationship with FOOD!

There are also solution provider appear in this month, so take this opportunity to go out and ask for help, bring your problem to the table, then let the rest help you get it solved then lastly celebrate with great food.

Additional Note : Being the Grand-duke of the year brings more tension and stress, this is the month to reward yourself, savor and savior while building meaningful relationship through.

Dragon zodiac in July 2023

Dragon zodiac

The Dragon zodiac in July 2023 need to pay more attention with your competitor and keep all your leads with tight follow-up call. There are tendency of changing pattern in term of what your clients/customers or target audience were seeking for and somehow they may be able to find a replacement.

Stay focus with your core values and offerings, be consistent in serving and playing your role. Do not let the market or too much feedback sway away your core value.

Additional note : Try to delay any major project to the next month as this month disaster are prone to disrupt your plan and expectation.

Snake zodiac in July 2023

snake zodiac

The Snake zodiac in July 2023 will experience additional boost into their fire element due to the 3 seasonal combination with Horse and Goat. This boost your fire energy which is good to empower transformation towards upcoming Period 9 however please do tune down a little on your overly “passionate” energy which may causes entanglement, disagreement, dispute as you may easily offending others. Worst this could cause legal which causes you being locked-up.

Additional note : Your passion could enlighten and helpful to others in their transformation, turn the knowledge you’ve learnt or experience you’ve gained so far and share to help enlighten others. No need to push your believe onto others, just share joyfully and let others decide what to take from your sharing.

Horse zodiac in July 2023

Horse animal zodiac sign
Horse animal zodiac sign

The Horse zodiac in July 2023 will form the 6 combination with the Goat zodiac which brings some boost into building relationship, networking. With the strong boost of fire energy this month you need to pay attention to your temper, heart, lung or eye issue may be giving you some tough time.

Additional note : Time to put an end into the past lingering issue, there are good opportunity to learn how to teach, share your knowledge, there will be helpful nobleman to help you to level up. Just keep running and share your journey with others so far and don’t let the past issue chasing up.

Goat zodiac in July 2023

Goat zodiac

The Goat zodiac in July 2023 will gain the additional boost of your own energy, suddenly your charisma sky-rocketed where your attraction also increased. For those who are seeking for a relationship then you know what to do. This is a good time to further up your career growth, strengthen your network, your relationship and keep your energy high to attract positive opportunities.

Additional note : Your overall self energy increased, time to use this energy to go get what you want be it your career, professional identity or even more presence in both online and offline.

Monkey zodiac in July 2023

monkey zodiac

The Monkey zodiac in July 2023 will be required to redirect your attention towards resolving urgent matters, particularly in relation to rules, regulations, policies, asset and financial affairs. What you initially believed to be secure now demands greater attention from you in order to maintain control over everything.

Additional note : Allocate some time to build your relationship and focus more on maintaining harmonious.

Rooster zodiac in July 2023

Rooster zodiac

The Rooster zodiac in July 2023 need to enhance their concentration to carefully examine every detail, as there is a tendency to overlook them, leading to unnecessary problems. Maintain a high level of curiosity and seek answers for anything you are pursuing. There is a possibility of acquiring new items, so make sure you are aware of what you are purchasing.

Additional note : You need to spend more time more on broaden your perspective this month, stay curious and open-minded to look-out for new insights coming for you.

Dog zodiac in July 2023

monkey zodiac

The Dog zodiac in July 2023 may see some past issue suddenly come back to haunt you. You may be feeling oppressed as you have forced to take on something against your will. Your opinion, intention somehow didn’t get to connected with everyone.

Additional note : When faced with a challenging situation, it is important to manage your expectations and take a step-by-step approach. Breaking down the problem into smaller chunks allows for a more manageable and methodical handling of each issue individually.

Pig zodiac in July 2023

Pig zodiac

The Pig zodiac in July 2023 is one of your 3 Harmony month which brings more connection, networking, gathering, parties and meetups. Take this opportunity to build more interaction, volunteer yourself to be part of a contribution. Get yourself out there to participate more to use your physical energy for meaningful activities.

Additional note : You will be more physique this month, more physical energy boost which be best to channel out to physical activities. Use this to physical energy for sports, charity or any physical activities for the best.

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