Qi Men Star of Destiny Assistant

Qi Men Star Of Destiny Assistant
Qi Men Star Of Destiny Assistant

For those who are born with the Qi Men Star of Destiny Assistant under Qi Men Destiny system, you are studious, academician, researcher, work best with given information and opportunity to learn and analyze data to form new invention and innovation.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here to understand the importance of discovering this layer of your destiny to uncover your spiritual cultivation, your guardian of destiny / guardian angel, your life path and cultivation to connect with your higher self.

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

You can plot your Qi Men Destiny chart at : https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx

Qi Men Star of Destiny

The Qi Men Star of Destiny has the ability to reveal your mindset, thought processes, actions, behavior, and thinking patterns. By grasping this aspect, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you function and identify activities, careers, and roles that align better with your natural energy.

Qi Men Star of Destiny Assistant Star

In Qi Men Star of Destiny Assistant, 天輔星 or in some school known as the Assist Star, Advisor or Consultant Star is one of the most studious among the 8 other stars. Origin from the South-East palace which is also the Xun Gua which is same as Flying Star 4 denote studious, academic, learning, culture, arts, scale-up and etc.


Those who born under this star of Assistant star are studious, constantly driven with curiosity and seeker of what, why, when where, how, who and more more question mark lingering in their head. To certain extend they will ponder and wonder why they exist in this planet and seek for more knowledge and data to understand everything to the root cause.

They are kind in nature, studious, curious, helpful and calm in nature make them easy to approach. And if anyone have any question then these Assistant star people can easily answer you many thing from different perspective (they are basically a walking Mr or Ms Google).

They are also very logical, intellectual, book-smart with tonnes of theory into wonder why and how this planet work. They can be hoarder of information, accumulated tonnes of knowledge, information but may not really put them into use (especially those with Delusion door in Destiny Palace).


They are very good in doing research, data-analysis, studious, academic related activities. They thrive with handling data, performing deep research and dissecting information, solving quiz, puzzle, problem. They are very dependable in term of providing advise, analysis, logic-deduction and providing insights into helping others in making better decision (or well-informed decision).

They had a highly adaptable and distinctive logical thinking ability, which enabled them to effectively observe, analyze, and solve problems with the aim of improving the functionality of things. This make them a very dependable and reliable solution provider.


They frequently exhibit negative qualities related to introversion, becoming overly absorbed in their own thoughts and needing to gather all information before making a decision, which can lead to procrastination and wasting time in pursuit of their curiosity or investigative nature.

When their efforts, research, and analysis are not valued or seriously considered, they can become temperamental. Their contemplative mindset often leads them to question everything, including doubting themselves, which can result in self-inflicted harm like keep comparing themselves to others.


They excel at understanding how things work, see everything in big picture in organized and structured manner. They are the idealistic one to go to when you are in needs of information, insights, patterns, or any intellectual data.

They have a natural talent for innovation and invention, constantly seeking ways to enhance and optimize various aspects of life. Whether it’s in teaching, software development, or improving overall experiences, they are driven to add value and simplify processes to make life more effective.

  • Known as the Wizard, the know-it-all person
  • Scholarly, academician, researcher,
  • Intellectual, knowledge-seeker, intelligent, innovative
  • Supportive, knowledgeable, good analyst
  • Knowledge are crucial in life
  • Hoarder of information and data
  • Seeking for external validation or affirmation from others
  • Emotional insecurities
  • Idealistic
  • Inventor, entrepreneur
  • Fact-finding, logic driven
  • Can be a social-butterfly, just need time to break the ice
  • Best to become teacher, educator, analyst, content creator and etc.

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