Chinese Zodiac Forecast for August 2023

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Chinese Zodiac Forecast for August 2023.jpg

All 12 Chinese zodiac forecast for August 2023, between August 8th until September 7th is the month of Metal Monkey (庚申 Geng Shen) is the month of execution, taking action, problem solving and movement or travel. Therefore this is the month for everyone to focus more on action taking, planning their tactic and schedule their execution to grab as much opportunities they can before the month of changes in September.

All Bazi 10 Daymasters forecast for August 2023

For a more precise usage of Chinese Astrology, you first need to plot your Bazi destiny chart then follow the free guideline here to discover who YOU are and how to gain better insights from the guide below;

Jia : Yang Wood

This will be your solid 7-Killing star which intensify energy influence you. You need to be more careful, watch out of potential of injury, accidents, mishap. You may potentially face massive stress, loads of high-risk or urgent task keep taking away your focus.

Focus on problem solving skillset, there is no time for you to rest or stay put. You may need to reduce your sense of perfection, prioritize getting problem solved as the top priority because now it is all about speed.

Yi: Yin Wood

This will be your solid Direct-Officer, Yi combine with Geng will increase more opportunity for you to learn how to build your self-discipline, crafting certain policy or rules & regulation to keep you on track of the journey which you have envisioned for yourself(if not long term vision then just set a monthly goal then follow it through first).

Consistency are part of long term success or rapport building, despite this is slightly uncomfortable for Yin Wood person, this month if the time for you to instill consistency into yourself while building your rapport and reputation.

Bing: Yang Fire

This will be your pure Indirect Wealth month, time to get busy in building your new sets of business opportunity, invest into crafting your side gig or launch your new project or sales.

Learn how to leverage on resources from your connection and build something meaningful together since the Monkey month brings various opportunities around, you just need to set a laser sharp focus to make it happen.

Ding: Yin Fire

This will be your pure Direct Wealth month, being part of your busy year this month will further amplify your workload in stabilize your career and overall life aspect. You really need to keep your time-table align with your clients and all contacts keep ensure everyone know your schedule.

By now you would have build or enhance your way of doing things(if not please find way to ease out the efficiency of your deliverables). This is the time to turn your ideas into execution in minimizing workload and increase efficiency.

Wu : Yang Earth

This will be your pure Eating God month, time for you to turn all your observation & research from the past into your new creation. However refrain from over-perfectionism which may hinder you from taking action.

Split your execution plan to weekly goal with a checklist, don’t forget to ask the feedback from your target audience to keep your creation are well-aligned to what they are seeking for.

Ji : Yin Earth

This will be your Hurting Officer, which is good for presentation, communication, initiate conversation, presenting your new ideas or perhaps this is a good time for you to share your ideas and gather like-minded people then spread this energy to make waves into the market.

Do take note that this star may causes arguments, disputes or disagreement with superior or tendency wanting to go overboard just because you felt your superior/boss/ or even husband are not making much excitement nor progress that YOU wanted.

Geng : Yang Metal

This will be your Self companion energy month, good news is this month your self energy intensify and feeling pumped-up, time to go out to attack or do some meaningful activities together with your friends or peers such as charity, feeding pets can also be considered as your sense of righteousness increased as well.

Do take note over your self of pride or ego which may causes you to be way over-protective or defensive in your own way which may make others felt difficult to get in-line with you.

Xin : Yin Metal

This is your Rob Wealth month which can either bring increased competition or lead to unnecessary reckless spending caused by a sense of emptiness within. It is important for you to stay aware of your peers and their actions, while also focusing on staying ahead by initiating meaningful conversations and leading your group.

Remember that there may be individuals who are more accomplished or capable than you, so make sure to lead with mindfulness and avoid disregarding their contributions, learn how to acknowledge and give credit to build a meaningful group.

Ren : Yang Water

This is your Indirect Resource month which prompt you into reconnecting with your inner-self, increase your sense of awareness over what truly resonance and matters to you in your life.

Activities such as meditation, mindfulness thinking will help you to filter out options or temptation which got you stuck due to your own nature on over-analyzing thing until you can’t move forward in life.

Gui : Yin Water

This is your Direct Resource month which boost your learning, recreation and also rejuvenation period or better, time to explore new study subjects, or equip yourself with new skillset.

This is also a good time for you to grow your connection through the channel of education such as joining some workshop, courses or etc. to expand how your ideas can be turned into reality or inspire you into creating something which is more meaningful.

All 12 Chinese zodiac forecast for August 2023

Rat animal zodiac sign

Rat zodiac in August 2023

This is your Direct Resource month which boost your learning, recreation and also rejuvenation period or better, time to explore new study subjects, or equip yourself with new skillset.

This is also a good time for you to grow your connection through the channel of education such as joining some workshop, courses or etc. to expand how your ideas can be turned into reality or inspire you into creating something which is more meaningful.

The Rat zodiac in August will form partial of Three Harmony with the Monkey and Dragon, this brings more opportunity for collaboration

renerqi Ox sign

Ox zodiac in August 2023

The Ox zodiac in August 2023 would be feeling a little drained, feeling the needs to slow down your pace to handle relationship issue. The good news is this is your Peach Blossom month where your likability and attraction increased, which mean you need to get out to get yourself connected with all the people you may have ignored.

You need keep up to date and relearn what your friends were doing recently, stop assuming what you used to know in their past will remain forever, time to refresh your connection with the latest endeavor.

For those who are single perhaps this is the month you need to go out to be seen and noticed.

Additional note : You need to learn how to express yourself, let others know what you truly needs or want. No one in the world can read your mind, thus be more communicative so you and people around you can gain better understanding as well as opportunity to gain more new experience.

Tiger zodiac

Tiger zodiac in August 2023

The Tiger zodiac in June 2023 will form partial of the Three Harmony with the Dog zodiac in Horse month, therefore if you have been seeking for a partner, resources, solution provider then this is the month to go out and ask for recommendation or suggestion, it will be easier.

All the things that you have been worrying need to find new help and suggestion, this is the best month to get your problem sorted out by other people who may have a better solution or seek advise from the expert to your problem.

Additional note : Sometime there are limitation in term of what we can do in order to solve certain problem, the best solution can start from asking for help and allow other people to share their network or solution provider to get your mind free.

Rabbit zodiac

Rabbit zodiac in August 2023

The Rabbit zodiac may discover there are opportunities for collaboration, more networking and deep conversation with like-minded individuals. Take this opportunity to find collaborators or those can help you spread your outreach in order to widen your network.

Additional note : Be more self-alert not to easily fall into any unhealthy activities such as alcohol nor sexual related issue which may causes unnecessary issue in upcoming month.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon zodiac in August 2023

The Dragon zodiac form partial of the Three Harmony with Monkey and the Rat zodiac. This brings more celebration, joyful events, gathering, travel together or even meetups. With this auspicious opportunity of course you shall schedule more time slot to take the advantage in discovering potential resources or inspiration to pump up your Pulling Saddle star this month.

Additional note : There are many resources available and this is the month for you to learn how to ask for help through conversation, be on the move to initiate conversation-based to slowly ask for help.

snake zodiac

Snake zodiac in August 2023

The Snake zodiac forms the 6 combination with Monkey zodiac which brings you more connection, powerful influence to work with others or perhaps meet more friends in discovering new solutions, or propose your solution or offerings to their network.

Additional note : Beware of potential legal, taxation, summonses issue which may takeaway some of your precious networking month.

Horse animal zodiac sign

Horse zodiac in August 2023

The Horse zodiac will be experiencing flows of money coming in and going out. There are some good deal or monetary gain coming in however you need to manage your expenses as there are tendency of over-spending unnecessary driven by emotion to seek for own freedom.

Additional note : Spending wise is investing yourself into the future, do not forget to plant positive seeds to whoever you meet this year, this is one crucial strategy for you.

Goat zodiac

Goat zodiac in August 2023

The Goat zodiac will easily attract more people into your life this month, after all the hardwork and effort you should by now already gathered an amount of experience in problem solving. Now you can turn your experience into methodological approach to help and attract more people to work with you.

Additional note : Turn your experience and how you use your resources into a methodological manner such as setting up workflow, operating procedure, checklist or etc to simplify your workload transfer to others.

monkey zodiac

Monkey zodiac in August 2023

The Monkey zodiac need to be seen out there this month, so schedule well your time so you can increase your social activities as you may easily meet potential like-minded people. Time to do your sharing in term of your experience, case studies, become the nobleman to share your knowledge, this will further amplify your brightness into attracting more helpful and aligned group of people.

Additional note : Become to nobleman to others as you are already more than what you thought you know enough. Time to increase your reputation and build your rapport well for the last quarter performance.

Rooster zodiac

Rooster zodiac in August 2023

The Rooster zodiac need to holding down their decision making especially when it involved financial, investment, sales related. Get a more reliable 3rd party to help you in assess and analyze your decision making to help you see the big picture prior jumping into any investment.

Additional note : Do not let your over-analytical mind screw you up emotionally. It’s been an unstable period for you which may causes you to make emotion-driven decision rather than rational which you will regret.

Dog zodiac in August 2023

The Dog zodiac may experience some changes in term of environment due to travel, or being invited to visit other places with more meaningful meetups or gatherings. Take this opportunity to increase your mobility, movement, or travel to breath in new fresh air of inspiration.

Additional note : Energy are shifting within you in preparing for a new change in upcoming period, time to clear your mind first before consuming a bigger chunks of evolution.

Pig zodiac

Pig zodiac in August 2023

The Pig zodiac would keep bringing the flow of meaningful connections into their life with more gathering and discussion. However refrain yourself from getting involved in gossiping or spreading rumors out of this close group. Gossip can be fun and inspiring us to learn from how others screw up their life. Just be reminded not to fall into these drama.

Additional note : Learning can be fun from anywhere, the moment you are more observant enough, then you may be able to learn through any discussion including rumors, gossiping, just refrain getting yourself into the drama.

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