Qi Men Star of Destiny Ambassador

Qi Men Star Of Destiny Ambassador
Qi Men Star Of Destiny Ambassador

For those who are born with the Qi Men Star of Destiny Ambassador under Qi Men Destiny system, the most ambitious one who work best around numbers, wealth, financial, building your own professional career.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here to understand the importance of discovering this layer of your destiny to uncover your spiritual cultivation, your guardian of destiny / guardian angel, your life path and cultivation to connect with your higher self.

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

You can plot your Qi Men Destiny chart at : https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx

Qi Men Star of Destiny

The Qi Men Star of Destiny has the ability to reveal your mindset, thought processes, actions, behavior, and thinking patterns. By grasping this aspect, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you function and identify activities, careers, and roles that align better with your natural energy.

Qi Men Star of Destiny Ambassador Star

In Qi Men Star of Destiny Ambassador, 天任星 or in some school known as the Ambassador, Officer, Official, Diplomat star may known as the wealth, finance, management, when it comes to Qi Men Forecasting or Divination. However when it comes to Qi Men Destiny reading, the Ambassador star is known as the ultimate work-horse which also govern wealth, financial matters.


Those who born under this star of Ambassador, are known to be very ambitious, driven by an insatiable desire to succeed in all aspects of life. Their unwavering commitment to their principles is truly admirable, as they firmly believe in upholding ethical values and maintaining a strong moral compass. Preferring stability over unpredictability, they often find solace in following conventional paths and adhering to established norms.

Adept at handling finances and asset accumulation, these individuals possess an innate talent for working with numbers. Loyalty runs through their veins, making them fiercely defensive and protective of those close to them. Their persistence knows no bounds, allowing them to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Highly reliable and dependable, they are the ones you can always count on in times of need. However, it’s important to note that their quest for professional success sometimes leads to a lifestyle that may appear monotonous, secretive or even boring to others.


They are highly ambitious, always striving for success in every endeavor they pursue. Their strong work ethic is evident in their unwavering commitment to completing tasks efficiently and effectively. With exceptional critical thinking skills, they work best at analyzing situations and finding optimal solutions.

Their well-organized approach ensures that no detail is overlooked, allowing for smooth execution of projects. They are pro-active in addressing challenges head-on, utilizing their resourcefulness to overcome obstacles. Known for being highly reliable and dependable, they consistently deliver on their promises and can be counted on without hesitation.

Their good judgment enables them to make sound decisions when faced with difficult choices. Loyalty runs deep within them, as they are fiercely defensive of those they care about. Persistence is a key trait that propels them forward, never giving up until the desired outcome is achieved. Furthermore, their self-awareness drives them to constantly review their actions and engage in self-reflection, leading to continuous self-improvement efforts.


Despite they are known as being conservative, they are perfectionists with high expectations, it is not easy to win their trust. Their mindset revolves around scarcity, always carefully weighing their options before making a decision. Being stubborn and inflexible, they shy away from taking risks and instead prefer the stability of proven methods.

Unfortunately, this cautious approach often leads to a lifestyle that can be perceived as boring and dull, as they rarely indulge in activities that bring them joy or allow them to fully express themselves. Concealing their true emotions from everyone, these individuals view emotional vulnerability as a weakness rather than a strength.


  • Resourceful, devoted, dependable and reliable
  • Principled, firm, grounded, stable, predictable
  • Conservative, traditionalist, book-safe
  • Accumulate wealth, asset,
  • Great working with numbers,
  • Loyal, persistent, defensive
  • Cannot be offended, else volcano eruption
  • Things need to be in orderly, structurize, organized
  • Solid operator (the best work-horse)
  • Not a risk-taker, prefer stability, consistency
  • Calculative, perfectionist, orderly
  • High tolerance, obliged to perform, reducing risk
  • Can be upright, defensive & troublesome when not align
  • Difficulties in expressing self, trust issue,
  • Dull, boring, workaholic, robot, unapproachable
  • Not vulnerable, secretive, suppressive, emotional distancing
  • The most ambitious, devoted, driven to accomplishment
  • Excellent work ethics, critical thinking skilled,
  • Work great with numbers, evaluation, intelligent decision
  • Conservative, protective
  • Willing to explore new approach to grow
  • Work best with financial, resource, funds management
  • Compelled to work, show results & value
  • Need monetary and material security

They have more than just being an accumulator or great work-horse role, if you would like to discover more about your subconscious layer in your birth chart or Qi Men Destiny including your sexual or intimate pattern, your erogenous zone, sex life, how to understand your life partner’s more in term of intimate life and more. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with me;

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