7 Star Path of your QiMen Destiny

For those who are in the midst spiritual pursuit, discovering the other side of life that were not taught in mainstream education, I will be explaining the 7 Star Path of your QiMen Destiny a sub system of Qi Men Dun Jia where we use this complex system to discover your inborn soul and spirit energy pattern, karmic ties, life lesson, life path, your subconscious inborn spiritual guardian, theme of life and various other information which may not be found in Bazi Destiny system.

—- UPDATE JULY 7th, 2021 —-

Here I have share the 7 Star Path of Qi Men Destiny in Vish Channel, follow this channel to learn more about Qi Men and Bazi.


Some readers asked if we can change the star level of our 7 Star Path life cultivation. Generally speaking you can’t change the level of your life star path as it is what you were born with. Some may wanted to upgrade, some may wanted to downgrade, but after all these are just the theme of your life cultivation.

There are method to shift or change the star path but it is not something easy nor can be undo. Which is why I’m not covering nor explain the method. These Star Path can be read together combing with your Qi Men Guardian Spirit.


7 Star Path of Your QiMen Destiny

The 7 Star Path of your QiMen Destiny would explain different level of life path cultivation, from fetus, teenagers, man to awakened higher self being, this would help you figure out why certain experience in life pushing you to certain direction. So through this article, you’ll discover the answer.

I normally uses these two system side by side, especially when it comes to discovering spiritual or higher level of life cultivation, life purpose, karmic ties, and life lesson.

Life Path Star Level 1 : Strive to Survive

If you’re born with the Life Path Star Level 1, you are just a little fetus or baby, born into an unknown world of darkness, filled with uncertainties and basically it feels like the underworld. Your motivation is to stay alive in this unknown world. Where everywhere you look you, hear, smell, and sensed were filled with tremble of fear. This is where you felt your life is filled with uncertainties, fear of what can go wrong, fear of taking or making the wrong decision which may kills you.

Your ANT (Automated Negative Thoughts) is actively running all the time. This is also what we call the little devil’s voice. Whatever miracles landed upon you, somehow this little devil would first come in to tell you the negative sides behind these. Your senses of pessimistic is at it’s strongest power which amplifies fear in everything you think, plan, do, and etc.

You will always think what can go wrong, how it would go wrong, always think from the most negative side of thinking while deep inside you crave for the good thing happen instead. You would hold tight to food, belonging, collecting, protecting your resources in fear of the worst time (despite you already have more than enough).

Life Lesson : Embrace the unknown by experience it

Your lesson in this life is to overcome your fear, allow yourself to take on new challenges, move to new places, explore new territory and venture into the unknown.

Life Path Star Level 2 – Desire and Adventure

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 2, your life path is in the teenagers realm where you crave to explore, adventure and desires to experience everything. You would hunger to gain more, make more money, competitive, wanting to show off, going to the easiest way out to gain anything you wanted in life.

In this state you also would crave for affection, sex, lust, emotion, feelings, and many other addictive pleasure. Make sure you holds yourself clear of what you want as there are consequences and responsibilities in everything you do.

Your sense of curiosity drives your creativity, expressive and seeing things in complete different perspective holds you tight into going against the norm.

Life Lesson : Gain full control over your mind, body, and soul

As you may have the tendency falling into mesmerizing experience through new discovery, this would make you easily addicted and unable to stay focus, your mind filled with these desires would have no space for important things in life. Therefore you have to learn how to use time as constraint, goal oriented, workflow, daily routine and time management.

Life Path Star Level 3 – Power

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 3, your life path is in the adulthood where you crave for power, your wants, becoming the authority, strive for great success. Your theme of life is all about taking action, taking things into your hands to dominate anywhere you go.

However you are quite stubborn, living in your own thoughts or living in the past, fixated mind. If not well trained you may fall into becoming triads, creating your own gang to spread your control by conquering territories.

You don’t care about others, you don’t care about community, society, while you mostly care about you yourself, lack of empathy and think of other people’s needs and wants.

Life Lesson : Your battles are more meaningful when it meant for others

Your strength, strong-will, endurance are always strong, but fighting for your own self eventually would landed you in an empty world. You may win the battle, but you may lost the world. Every battles brings different meaning and the more awareness you have, the better clarity for you to be able to connect all these meaningful events to form a bigger picture with life fulfillment, remember to have a purpose to fight for.

Life Path Star Level 4 – Connection

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 4, your life path is in the stage of man in earth realm. You’ll realized you have been fighting all alone throughout your life, the feeling of loneliness, lack of support, your thoughts and knowledge just linger within your own self.

You may have neglected your emotional needs. This is the moment you start to learn how to connect with other people, build relationship, increase bonding and ability to take care of other people.

You no longer feel lonely, the feeling of love, would empower you to increase your ability to grow above your own capacity, ability to overcome bigger problem / obstacles in life.

Life Lesson : Extend yourself through others

Open up yourself to build deeper connection with other people. Throughout this process you’ll learn how to love, forgive, empathy, respect, extend your reach through other people. Craft a bigger memorable life experience together.

This is the stage of separation between heaven and earth. Life Path Star Level 5 on-wards leads towards more spiritual growth. I will normally asses your current life palace to evaluate the 7 Star Cross Path cultivation, to help you find out why you may sensed certain calling but lack of clear sign in your spiritual pursuit.

Life Path Star Level 5 – Spiritual Growth

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 5, your life path is in the stage of spiritual growth where you experience awakening and discover the living above your own needs. This is where you pursue to learn more new stuff, non-conventional wisdom to find the way to reconnect with your higher self and discovering the true meaning of life.

In this stage there are many ideas, thoughts, wisdom, expression were suppressed within you to a stage where you struggle to hold everything within you, just to make yourself able to blend in with normal society. This is due to your fear of expressing such a thoughts would stirs those who are still running in the rat race.

You crave to attain higher level of wisdom in order to awaken others, share with others, enlightening others, in a nutshell you are here to serve others to a higher purpose.

Life Lesson : Awakening truth worth to be express

Learn how to communicate, speak, allow yourself to share your perspective, find your own like minded target audiences, start to share your finding, express your thoughts and wisdom with clarity. Learn how to express your ideas with clarity in simple, organized and influential tone that connects deeper with other people.

Life Path Star Level 6 – Intuition

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 6, your life path is in the stage of spiritual connection where you can easily connect with your higher self, retrieve information, message, feedback intuitively. In this realm you began to gain better connection and synchronicity with the universe.

Those who experienced spiritual awakening in this stage would experience certain level of miracles or unexplainable moments. From ability to sense answer, feel what other wanting to talk, taking action based on gut feeling, gain insights, visuals, dejavu, and you’ll be mesmerize with these incidence.

You’ll began to detach away from mainly making money alone, monetary gain is no longer your goal. Your pursuit to rediscover the connection with your higher self will draw you away from purely just making money alone. You may experience a lot of failure if not cultivated properly.

Life Lesson : Surrender your logic, embrace your intuition

If you’re the kind of person who head strong with logic, and wanting to prove everything to be logically making sense then you’ll be in a big struggle as there are many thing doesn’t meant to make sense when it comes to in flow with intuition and synchronicity with the universe.

Life Path Star Level 7 – Soul

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 7, your life path is in the stage of detachment. You no longer crave for materialistic wealth, money no longer inspire you as a matter of fact you’ll discover many people need to detach or exit from the rat race in order to see the bigger meaning of life.

You’ll gain stronger connection with your higher self and began to transcendence to higher level above human realm. This is a state of serving and enlightenment others, relieve the pain by understand the ultimate truth in pursuing the ultimate meaning of life. Your life is not about yourself, your life is about others, your love is not for one, your love is for the many.

If you aligned well with your higher self, your manifestation does grow stronger and faster as long as it is aligned with the higher self’s purpose.

Life Lesson :Your live is not about you, your life is about the others

The moment you discover your life purpose is to enlighten others, your painful past became your asset, your mistake became the lesson to others, your lost became the gain to others, you no longer worry nor stressed as you discover all the past failure in life were meant to teach and enlighten others.

Life Path Star Level 8 – The Void / The Dao

If you’re born with Life Path Star Level 8, your life path has just transcendence above soul level, you are in the spirit level where you are formless. You are everything and you can be nothing. In this state you are not bound by any realm, you would experience confusing journey. As you wandering around thinking if you should move forward to unite as one with the creator or turn back to the soul path or reborn as level 1 again.

Life Lesson : There aren’t any life lesson

This is since you are  not bound by any realm, it is up to you to decide where you wanted to go

I hope this article could shed some light into discovering your life path discovery and the answer of why you’re stuck in certain level of life pursuit.

Above are the life path cultivation in life, this is just merely one of layer of life cultivation by just explaining the star level, each level shall combine with your guardian spirit, palaces, formation and many other elemental interaction. But at least this article has sufficiently explain to you the meaning of each life path cultivation.

What is Qi Men Destiny / QiMen Destiny?

Qi Men Destiny is one of the layer to discover your;

  1. Your inborn nature, characteristic
  2. You Guardian Spirit and your Special Power
    1. Which is my meditation direction?
    2. How to awaken my hidden super power?
  3. How do I seek for my spiritual pursuit?
    1. How to unblock my chakras’ energy?
    2. What is my own mantra?
  4. Your thoughts pattern
  5. Your life lesson such as
    1. Why is my relationship always stuck, what is the karmic lesson?
    2. Why the world always take away everything I have created/ build/ established?
  6. What is karmic lesson? What is my biggest life obstacles?
  7. Life path
    1. Your theme of life
    2. How your subconscious thinking pattern
  8. Your inner child / inner voice
    1. Am I guided in my life? How to listen to my inner guidance?
    2. What is my mantra
  9. and many other layers

If you would like to discover your Spiritual Path, feel free to contact me to book a session to discover your Qi Men Destiny or perhaps to even get yourself a complete detailed Qi Men Destiny Chart.


Disclaimer: Some of the terminologies in this free sharing are copyrighted materials belonging to Dato’ Joey Yap and the JY Mastery Academy. To learn more about the JY Mastery Academy, please visit https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/ to plot your Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Chart.


17 thoughts on “7 Star Path of your QiMen Destiny

  1. Hello,

    I was looking for some information about the Life Path Star Level 9 but I couldn’t find it. Is it intentional or do you plan writing about it? I hope that I’m not making a mistake in terms of elements. Does The Life Path Star Level correspond to our Life Star?

    Thank you for your reply. 🙏

    1. Hi Amaia,

      There is no Star Path Level 9. I afraid you may have misunderstand Life Gua versus Qi Men Destiny Star Level Life Path.
      The Qi Men Destiny here refers to the 7 Star Path of Life Cultivation. While I suspect the Life Path Star Level 9 should be Life Star / Life Gua 9 Purple Star which is an 8 Mansion system.
      That one you need to check with 8 Mansion Life Gua.

  2. Hey Lexo!

    First of all, a big thank you to you for having replied to my question in such a short time. It’s deeply appreciated. Thank you 🙏.

    You are right on the spot. I’ve indeed mistakenly taken the Life Gua to 7 Star Path of Life Cultivation. I plotted my chart online and it gathers a quite big amount of information and the label of each section are shortened so I thought that your article was referring to the Life Star 🫣🫢🥴. Sometimes, those shorten labels get me confused as I’m not an expert at all in this field.

    Before replying to your message, I did read the description related to the number 8. So metaphysical whereas the other paths are more grounded into a certain reality, I mean, what they are requested to teach or to achieved in this lifetime is quite substantial and clear but the 8th tends to be rooted in a more metaphysical approach of life. I could almost say a kind of mystical approach. Not really easy to “embody” as one may feel left aside and lacking direction. I don’t know whether I make myself understand clearly here. The only thing I can say regarding the life I’ve had so far is a very solitary path I’ve not chosen the first 22 years of my life. All the contrary. It was tough. But after that period of time, as I could get my freedom, then, I’ve chosen what I wanted. I was wondering why I did not feel like belonging to anything tangible. I got the answer. In a way, it makes me feel less like an alien when I see the life of majority of the people.

    Anyways, again, thanks a lot for the time you’ve taken in replying and for the information provided. 😀👍

    1. Hi Amaia,

      I completely understand you as I’ve been through that stage before. To understand your Qi Men Destiny you can plot your chart : https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/
      then refer the 7 Star Path theme of life where the redbox of “destiny” is situated. 7 Star Path Level

      There are many layers of influence over one’s destiny chart, thus you have to find out which layer, and how to learn from that particular influence for what purpose it’s brought you to uncover.

      If there are still many layers of information confusing you, perhaps you can consider to schedule a discovery consult with me to help you decipher your chart then help you get started.

  3. Hi Lexo,

    I hope you are well 🙂. Thanks a lot for the link. Now, I got the info. You are awesome. Many thanks. When using other websites to plot your Qi men chart, they do not display the Life Path number.

    I’m a complete beginner. I was first directed to plot the Bazi but I’m far more interested by the Qimen as it is a more spiritual approach that fits more what I’m looking for. It’s interesting to observe the many differences one can see when using different systems and tools. Actually, my Life Path number in the Qimen equals my Heart Desire number in numerology.

    Thanks for your invite. I’ll consider it, for sure because one can literally drown himself into all these details and information and miss the point 👍.

    Again, thanks for your great help and replies.

    1. Hi Amaia,

      You’re welcome, when our Bazi chart seems not showing path which resonance with our situation, we’ll seek for subconscious or spiritual layer which can unleashed our spiritual side.
      Bazi = earthly realm + timing, Qi Men Destiny = body, soul, mind, spirit and universal vibrational layers. Find whichever layer address and solve your current state of mind is crucial.
      No need to force yourself to master everything, I’ve been the same path where I was confused and took me 2 years to find-out which astrology system answer my needs.
      Happy learning and discovery, may you found your path and start transforming your life sooner.

  4. Hi Lexo,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and for your support. The first time I’ve heard about the Bazi was when in was living in KL. 18 years ago. I don’t know whether you’ve heard about a lady called Marie-Pierre Dillenseger. She lives in the US and she is an expert and a practitioner in Chinese Arts and above all in the use of the Bazi and the Qi Men. I wanted to know more about the last one, hence, some research I’m doing on it. I like to know the structure and culture upon which a tool or an approach has been created and to see whether it resonates in me or not. So as you’ve been able to see it, I’m extremely far from mastering it. I’m just discovering it with a quite few information available here in France.

    Congratulations regarding your own path. It seems that you’ve been able to figure out what was meant for you and to act accordingly. Bravo! 👏👍.

    I wish you to keep discovering and exploring new layers about those tools as I think they are detailed enough to keep a person busy for years and years. 😉

    1. Hi Amaia,

      No rush into mastery, start with discover your own self. Sometime we just blurred and unsure our path, thus we seek to understand our inborn energy to get started. Qi Men Destiny brought me the additional layer to discover our subconscious and super conscious ability. Hope you’ll find these helpful in unlocking your inborn power and craft your unique path.

      Happy discovery to you too, hope to hear your progress.

  5. Hi, do you have othe links or videos for more sharing regarding life lessons? Do u mean that the doors / stars / level of all dif deities inclusive of health / career / karma written in dif palace is a life lesson that we need go thru? Or we need to utilise them to complete what each palace gave us? Thank u

    1. Hi Leona,

      So far I haven’t create a complete guide on the 7 Star with each deities and respective aspect as it would be very complex and lengthy.
      As there are too many layers overlapping each other, engaging for a consult would be easier to get the answer.

  6. Hi,
    very informative. Is level 8 (tiger) prone to mental health problems? I am worried about a family member’s future.
    Thank you again. (I’m turtle, level 4!)


    1. Hi Tim,

      It’s hard to say, having level 8 The Dao for White Tiger may cause them feeling the sense of achieving something big but fluctuates among competition.
      It is more like an internal calling, awaiting for the right time to work on those.

  7. Hi!
    Very interesting, thanks a lot.
    Maybe you can tell me what means in a Qimen chart (Joey Yap), a triangle with a hyphen instead of a number, is it the 8th star? it’s not in my personal chart but in my nephew.
    Thanks so much for your reply.

    1. Hi, yes the Triangle icon in Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny chart is the Dao, the 0 level. Not the 8th star.

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